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  1. hi all just a quicky to say that halicrap paid both me and my wifes claims,at last. got on the phone to them as our judgement had nearly runout against them and found them quite ok to talk too,and realised we,d actually over claimed by a year and a bit(we done jan 2000 instead of 2001!),so after some haggling got 2,365 and 2,845 paid into our accounts which we,re overjoyed with.will be donating asap to this site as some great advice can be found here. respects
  2. no luck on phone as they,re standing firm and both did,nt want to get into arguement with the idiots so decision time to accept or let it go to court. what do you think folks as stated only got till saturday?
  3. thanks for advice folks. will be both onto phone in the next hour or so.
  4. hi folks with only 7 days to go(out of 28 allowed) before filing judgements (as awaiting there defence as they promised)at northampton county courts against the halifax, me and my wife both received this saturday the 16th june, FINAL OFFERS letters from the banks. :o our claims was my wifes been for 4,513.16 inclusive of total charges,interest and court costs and mine for 2,740.97 all done on mcol,and acknowledged by bank on 25th may.they state in letter they cant recover costs etc if we go courts,yet contradict themseves by still not paying up-the fools:mad: final offer from halicrap for me was 2,357.71 and my wifes consideribally less than asked for at 2,872.15,which will be in our accounts this week,which is nice -but not right? problem been they say we,re NOT ENTITLED to 383.26(me) and 1,641.01(wife) from the above figures or 2 grand nearly?? unless we can provide evidence of our losses-cheeky bast.... ,they will file a defence for these amounts-really? with so little time left to do letters of declinig there offers,before this saturday (23/6) any advice whether to phone the number on letters 1st thing this monday and try and ask for full amount or very near offer or any other thoughts as all welcomed.been going on for nearly 4 months so just want to sort it all out now so dont want them taking there offer back but dont want to give in at this late stage. thanks for any replys stumpi
  5. :o hi folks some good news saturday. got 2 letters(me and wife) halifax offering me 2,357.71 but they wont pay further 383.26 which they reckon i,m not entitled to,or provide evidence they owe me it,or they,ll defend in court,which is a bit stupid as they have until saturday 23rd june to defend both claims in northampton county courts( they really contradict themselves?) and my wifes amounts to 2,872.15 and wont pay 1,641.01 as same reasons above? (basically they wont pay us interest owed) we both 1st thing monday are ringing halifax to request them to either pay us in full or haggle a decent compromise that we,re happy with. any advice of what to say so or do as we dont want to come across as too militant where they then withdraw there offers?? all help greatly appreciated and the second we get this sorted we will be donating to this great site of yours. thanks stumpi
  6. thank you parkvale for your speedy response. will wait to see what happens next week and in the mean time i was going to give the courts a ring to findout what/when they send dates for appearance out etc and any precedent they have for such cases etc. will keep you up dated.again thanks stumpi
  7. hi folks, a question if anyone can help? me and my wife have been all the way with letters,etc and done mcol(courts) at end of may,and acknowledged by halifax on the 25th may which they are defending. (i,m claiming back just over 2,700 and my wife about 4,500 which is a bit of money.) they(halifax) have until next friday the 22nd of june to put there defence in and i know a lot of users on this site have had payouts before closure dates with courts,but we want to be ready if it does go all the way into a court room,so any advice of what we need to be doing this week before fridays up? we have,nt rang the bank at anytime,as we,ve done our claims with all the templates letters,which we,ve compiled a folder of all communication(written) between us and bank. all help/advice gratefully welcomed. stumpi
  8. thanks trish will get on the case over the weekend reading up what info i can find
  9. hi all just a quicky.read a lot of posts here ,all good. me and my wife got acknowledgement from halifax on moneyclaim courts on the 25th may,hence giving them the 28 days for there defence. as we,re not getting too carried away of them paying us back(2620 and 4310),we want to be well ready for any court action,as we,ve got our little file ready to go,but need to make sure we,re well versed and prepared etc. any feedback/ideas etc would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance. stumpi
  10. hi all done my court bits,they acknowledged on 25th may,28days up on 22nd june. what do i need to organise if(when) i get court date as cant see them settling for me at2600 and wife at 4300. any help appreciated. stumpi
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