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  1. Hang in their Dean - just over 2 weeks after sending the LBA, I got a full refund... Not long now...
  2. BTW - just been offered the FULL amount back I'm claiming (no interest) 4 weeks after I sent the prelim.....
  3. STOP PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'VE WON!! Received a letter the day I was due to file - usual gubbins blah blah, but they're giving me back all of it - every penny!!!! Thanks to all on here for your tremendous help and support, donation once I get the dosh.
  4. No offence mate - I just feel comfortable claiming what I understand, if you get my drift? I'm 100% confident of all the charges I've included, but when it comes to the interest charged on me going OD I just can't work out how it's worked out!!!
  5. To make me happy - would it matter if I filed my N1 but omitted the interest on the OD that I had claimed in the Prelim / LBA? I think I'd feel more comfortable...
  6. I'm all ready to file, but.... The only thing I'm a little nervous about is the interest I've charged on the charges (when I was O.D.) I had T4ff check my spreadsheet at the time and he said it looked ok - but I don't know, some of the sums don't seem right.
  7. That's great, but... WHERE'S MY OFFER RBS????????????
  8. a) so leave that out or just leave it as it is? b) yes c)ok - just seperate the two? I'm going to the court in person. Thanks
  9. Just be careful - if you have a Royalties account then there's a monthly charge. This MUST be deducted from the maintenance charge as you can't claim this back.
  10. would anyone else care to read through my N1 - I'd like to file the claim tomorrow?
  11. send it to Customer Relations Manager The Royal Bank of Scotland plc Freepost PO Box 1727 Edinburgh EH12 9JN remember to send it recorded delivery - you give them 14 daqys to respond (they probably won't) then you send the Letter Before Action.
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