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  1. "Respectfully, I frankly think your energies would be better spent in finding a solution to the overheating problems and would probably cost less than trying to pursue legal action on what would seem to be a frivolous claim". Thanks for you reply, and athough i understand where you are coming from, this 'frivolous claim' at the moment is costing me nothing but a few minutes of my time. Having spoken to both Citizens advice and consumer direct, i have been advised to pursue this as far as possible under the 'Sale of goods act' 6-year rule. If and when it reaches the stage where it may start to cost me money, then i will re-think my strategy, but until then i have nothing left to lose, and everything to gain. It is not ok for these big retailers to continue to treat us little people anyway they like with bogus advertising such as this so called 114 point check. Even if i there is little chance of a win, i'm going to stand up and be counted by making as much noise as I can. As for the overheating problem, I think it is the 'K series' though i'm not sure how to go about identifying the type of engine it is. Having had several quotes from £300 upwards, not sure who to trust really. i am currently looking into a solution, but that doesn't mean that i'm also going to let this claim go.
  2. Thats quite a confusing, yet interesting story. Does'nt surprise me at all, sounds like cargiant practices to a T. I bet cargiant would be quaking in their boots if someone on their staff decided to dig deep and really blow the whistle. I'm acually now very curious to find our exactly what the 114 point check apparently entailed.
  3. No finance with the car, but i did take out a car loan to pay for it.
  4. Thank you for your replies. Heliosuk - You may be right about not having a hope, but right now i really have nothing left to lose by pursuing this. I can't use the car and can't afford the repairs. I was looking to part exchange it anyway because it was costing me in fortune in petrol as i use it to commute to work, but i won't let them get off scott free. the car is not even 5 years old, with 47000 on the clock. I can't only but try. Conniff - I will give them a few days to reply, and then decide on my next course of action. I'll also look into getting a second opinion from another garage, as the quote given seems a bit high to me, with 85% of it being the cost for labour. Many thanks.
  5. Hello, Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure about the 'skimming' and my local garage cannot tell me whether this was done without taking the engine apart. I have written to cargiant by email and i am just waiting for their response. Do i still need to send them a recorded letter, or should i wait for a response first?
  6. Hello, I am after some advice please. I bought a 2005 Rover 75 connoisseur from cargiant in March last year for £6,000. Within 6 weeks of getting the car, it started leaking and overheating. I ended up stuck on the M25 at 4am as it was undrivable. I contacted cargiant, who originally told me that they were not liable for any repairs to the car as they only give one months warranty. I contacted OFT who told me to contact them again in writing and demand for something to be done. Eventually they agreed to repair the car (if i had know that i could have rejected the car, i would have). They took the car away and bought it back within 5 days claiming to have fixed the repair. Two day later the car started leaking again, i contacted cargiant once again, absolutely livid, and they collected the car at the end of May 2008 and gave me a courtesy car. It took them just under 4 weeks to repair the car and return it to me. This is what they alledgedly repaired: Replaced head gasket set and head bolt replaced thermostat, thermostat housing and water pump replaced timing belt kit and auxiliary belts replaced oil filter replaced six hydraulic lifters and spark plugs Head pressure tested - ok replaced cooling fan motor All of this was done on the car that was sold to me having undergone the 114 point inspection (twice) prior to purchase. - How did they miss all these faults? Ok, back to September 2009. The car started leaking once again, originally i thought thet it may be the radiator, as I did not under any circumstances expect the new head gasket to go again after just 14 months of use. The car started over heating again, so i had to call the AA (this morning), the engineer took one look at the engine and said that it was the head gasket, again. water was pouring out of three places from the engine and my local garage has given me a worse case scenario quote for abut £2,000. I have contacted cargiant again, as everyone tells me that a new head gasket (supposedly) should last a hell of a lot longer than this one has. How is it possible for two head gaskets to develop a fault in under 18 months..............So frustrated. I have been advised by consumer direct that i may have a case against cargiant under the sale of good act, but i need to start a dialogue with them first. In the meantime i have no car as i cannot afford to get it fixed. I work 25 miles from home, whic will cost me a a fortune in train fares. Cargiant are trying to wash their hands of this, and there is no way on earth i'm going to roll over and let them get away with this. I bought a relatively new car to avoid having all these problems, but instead it has been nothing but grief. Please help. Yours extremely angry Paige:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x
  7. Thanks for the link and the support! I have fired off an email to watchdog, hopefully i will hear something from them very soon! I'm still hoping to get some help with my letters to Cabot etc. Thanks again Bea
  8. I received the following letter this morning Dear ....... Further to previous communications regarding the above referenced account. You have requested copies of all correspondence and information we hold on our records in relation to your (NOT MY ACCOUNT - i wish they would stop refering to this as my account!!!!!) such requests are known as S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) ans carry a £10.00 fee. Upon receipt of this payment we would be happy to supply you with the information that you requested. We look forward to receiving your cheque made payable to Cabot Financial (Europe) Limited if you wish to proceed. Please ensure your payment is claerly marked 'subject access fee' Sincerely Emma Robertson. Surely, they have to supply me with the CCA, regardless? Do i have to pay this money (though, i am very reluctant to pay another single dime to these people for a debt that does not even belong to me!) before they can send me the original CCA? I want to write a reply to this letter and the previous one's received. I want them to know that this time they have chosen to miss with the wrong person. Another thing, they said that Barclaycard put the default notice on in August, even though cabot bought the loan back in May/June. Could this be possible? or are they just trying to fob me off? If I do put in a request for a SAR, it will not difinitely not be to cabot. I would go directly to the source of this mess, and that would be Barclaycard. and i would request to see the information on all three accounts that are currently under investigation. Bunch of nomarks!. Both Barclaycard and Cabot have a lot to answer for! I going to see that someone pays for all this distress i am experiencing! If Barclaycard had done simple checks at the time of the initial aplications, then i would not be going through all this cr*p i am going through now. Obviously, they were more interested in how much money they can make! I think an email to watchdog or someone is due.
  9. Thanks v much for your replies! I will give cabot the statutory time limits for my cca request and if i do not hear from them, they will really be in the s&*t. in the meantime i will be looking very seriously into the 'defamation' angle, maybe i can get them to pay out for a change. I got a mortgage offer on the 15th august, mortgage provider did a search on the same day, saw the cabot default notice that was not there the previous day and immediately sent me another letter, dated 15th august saying that they were withdrawing the offer. Too much of a coincident for the withdrawal of that offer to not have been as a result of the entry made by cabot! I'm absolutely rubbish at letter writing so i would appreciate a point in the right direction. a) i want to send another letter regarding the cca request, and the statutory time limit, and the consequences to them if they fail to provide me with the documents b) I also want to send them a letter threatening them with possible legal action. I'm just not sure where to start. All help greatly appreciated. Bea
  10. Thanks again! so i basically have to wait for the cca regrdless of how long it takes for them to get it, before i plan my next move. As Cabot have returned my cheque, are they still obligated to send the cca within the statutory time limit?
  11. Thank you for your reply. I have done all of that already, but they are refusing to remove the default until they have completed their enquiries. In the meantime, the mortgage company is refusing to agree the loan until either a) the default is removed or b) Cabot give me a letter stating that the debt does not belong to me. I'm in a catch 22 situation, can't move forward or backward until Cabot, complete their enquiries. Surely there must be something i can do to speed things up. If I don't, i will lose this house. If that happens, then there will be hell to pay.
  12. Advise please as to what to do next - getting extremely p**sed off now. Someone has been using my details to obtain credit over the last 3 - 4 years. I started receiving letters from different DCA middle of last year. Having reported what i believe to be ID theft to the police, and subsequently writing to the DCA's with the crime ref no, and a letter denying all knowledge of these debts, most of them have backed off. I have even received some letters of apologies from some DCA's, whilst others are still investigating. I have a CIFA on my credit record, and someone has been even been caught trying to obtain even more credit in my name, as there are now 5 3rd party fraud entries relating to this person on my credit record. Ok, this is where Cabot comes in to the equation. I received a letter in June from Cabot stating that Barclaycard sold them a debt in my name for £851. Considering barclaycard are already investigating 2 others debts in my name totalling almost £40,000, this sort of surprised me a little. Apparently, the card was applied for in 2004, and defaulted in may 2005. without any correspondence to me at all, barclaycard sold this debt to Cabot 2 years later. Initially i ignored the letters because by now i was feeling thoroughly fed up with the whole thing, unfortunately Cabot took my silence to mean guilty, and subsequently placed a default notice on my credit record on the exact day i was offered a mortgage, sad to say my mortgage offer was immediately withdrawn. i am absolutely livid about this whole mess now, my life has been turned upside down simply because DCA cannot be bothered to conduct a little investigation to find out who the debt really belongs to. Anyway to cut a long story short, i sent 2 letters to Cabot on 17th aug. the first one basically informed them that i did not know anything about the debt and that the police were already aware of the ID fraud. the 2nd letter was the one i got off this site, requesting a copy of the agreement under CCA enclosing a cheque for £1.00. below is their response Letter 1 - Please find enclosed your chq for £1.00 fee required under section 77 and 78 as we do not accept this statutory fee. Cabot will always assist the customer and the creditor in providing information and therefore i can confirm that cabot has requested the relevant documentation from Barclaycard and on receipt of this will be forwarded to you accordingly, there may sometimes be a delay, blah , blah , blah, we appreciate you patience and co-operation etc Letter 2 - we can confirm that the above referenced account is in dispute and we are currently in the process of investigating the account as it appears fraudulent activity may have taken place. we have requested a copy of the original documentation blah, blah, blah etc etc from the other threads I have read about Cabot, they appear to be masters of delay tactics. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhggggggggggg I am so angry. I want to make a scapegoat of cabot. surely they have breached some sort of act, be it data protection, consumer credit, OFT, something! I am even prepared to go to court on this. I am fed of being violated by these DCA's. any help or advise would be appreciated as i am literally losing my mind! thanks in advance
  13. Update Thames Credit have apologised and backed down Wescot - are investigating..they have promised no further phone calls, letters or any other correspondence etc until outcome of investigation Hillesden/DLC - have not heard back yet. Will keep you posted Cheers B
  14. Hi Tashahol, I would not worry too much about this. I am almost sure that what they are doing is in breach of one act or the other. I am not an expert on this, so i cannot offer you any advice, however there are lots of members on this website who can. I am in my own spot of bother, for a lot more money, but after reading other threads on here and getting advice from some of the other members, i am feeling a lot better than i did a week ago. Goodluck B
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