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  1. Just thought I would share with you that today all my money has been credited back to my bank account that Halfax owe me. Did not take too long.
  2. Just an update. Went back to court and have given Halifax 7 days to reply or D day.................................
  3. Just an update, I went back to court today 22/2/07 as Halifax did not reply given 7 days for judgment. What happens next? It has gone very quiet from H!!!!
  4. Just wanted to get some fed back from you!! Halfix should of replied to the court by 18th (today is 21st) I will send the reply slip to the court to action within 7 days. Has anyone experienced this stage of the court proceedings
  5. I filed my papers in the court and the halifax plc acknowledge the papers through their solicitors acting for them. HBOS plc legal services Retail Division Trinity Rd, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX1 2RG. Is this the same address that your got a reply. Halifax have until the 16/2/07 keep you posted
  6. The HBOS Plc - Legal Services Retail Division Trinity Road Halifax West Yorkshire, HX1 2RG This is the address that the Halifax used for the defendant filed the adknowledgement was filed by the solicitors acting for the defendant who have given the following name and address for the servcies of documents. It is now a waiting game to see if the Halifax plc turn up in court on the 16th Feb the defendant has 28 dyas from the date of the claim which was on the 25th Jan
  7. Dear Josamolly, Many thanks for your warm words of encouragement. I am a little worried how do you know I will not be the one going to court? Just read all my paper work (2 copies) that I sent to the court it looks ok to me but I have noticted on this website that I have to prepare myself for court What should I do now? Many thanks for your support Regards, Holly - Essex
  8. Thank you for your support. however I am a little concerned that my case will be the one that they fight and attend court with thier legal team. The sum is for £5,500 which is over 6 years for 6 ac****s. please advise me as I am a little confused as to what to do next I have already given my paper work all 100 pages to court with an extra copy as I was advised. What do i do now??? once again this site is GREAT and lots of people that are supporting each other POWER TO THE PEOPLE. Look forward to hearing from you for my next move against Halfiax
  9. Hello This is the first time I have used this e-mail. I would like to share with you my story with the Halifax. After watching the progamme about bank charges in June 2006 I wrote to my bank to request for inforamtion about all the bank charges they have charged me over the past 6 years. I have got this inforamtion and I wrote to the Financial Ombusman who took my case up. Anway I did get one of many letter of a "Good well Gester offered money but not the fully amount when i asked how they came about offereing me £450.00 I never got a reply. So this year Jan I went to the small claims and I got a reply via the court that the bank has until 16th Feb to reply. The bank replied last week that they are goind to defind this case.# Has anyone got any advise on what I should do now or what I should accept from the banks. Any advise/support would be welcome. Regards, holly Essex
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