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  1. Thank you for your sound advice, josamolly, but I'm starting to think that it was so long ago and, yes, I do feel like I've been shafted by HSBC, but I don't have the balls to go through with this. I'm broke already, so I couldn't afford legal advice if I needed it. I have three children now, so as you can imagine I'm also a little strapped for time. There's so much stuff to go through, and to be quite honest I'll probably be the one that gets told to get knotted. I'm too scared to go ahead with this after five and a half years of moaning about it. Thank you to everyone who read my post and to those who felt I needed a few kind words.
  2. Thank you Student. your support has made me feel alot better about doing this. What do i have to do next? will i need a solicitor? will it cost me alot?
  3. Hi people, thankfully people that will understand what i'm griping about!!!!! Imagine this. You've just had your 19th birthday. Your getting married in a couple of days, and you have a 2 month old baby. Then HSBC give the money for a Direct Debit 3 days earlier than it should have been asked for, then over the next few months land you with £400 worth of charges. Then send in the heavies threatening all sorts because you cant pay them back. What a way to go into married life!!!! thankfully we got through it. But it did take me 2 years to pay it back, via a debt collection company and a payment card. B******s!!!! Does anyone think that i could get this back?
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