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  1. Thanks guys for the replys. I had another look over my contract and I think I am stuck. I have asked a solicitor friend to cast an eye but it looks like I am here for 6 months. On the positive side for some unknown reason they keep wanting me to play golf.....life can be funny. If I do have any success I will let you know.
  2. Thanks Vampiress, I am now in the office and will post the part from my current contract when I get home tonight. It is interesting as I have spoken to recruitment consultants who have never seen a 6 month notice period and the general feeling seems to be they are unfair contact conditions.
  3. I have a little problem (not consumer) and wondered if there is anyone who could provide a little guidance. I resigned from my position last week and have a six month notice period due to the senior nature of the job. My new employer are happy to wait but want me to start earlier if possible, however my current compamy are being stubborn (and not really talking to me) saying that they will not be flexible. Is there anything I can do?...any assistance welcome.
  4. Many thanks Crusher, letter has just been sent cklaiming a small but tidy sum. I have now convience my wife to do the same and will of course keep you posted on the progress of my claim. Thanks so much for your assistance so far. Yodaman
  5. I have now received in excess of 50 envelopes from HSBC and sort through and highlighed the charges and entered into the spreadsheet. I am preparing the Prelim. letter but have a small question. The part in the letter that states 'I calculate that you have taken £XXXXX plus £XXX which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken' in the overdraft interest is this the interest calculated on the spreadsheet. Many thanks.
  6. Update. Letter received yesterday from HSBC confirming that my statements will start to filter through to me soon and returning my cheque for £10 (bless 'em!).
  7. Thanks nettyg....will keep you posted on the progress.
  8. Data Protection Act request posted at the weekend, I am so hoping this all works out for more than financial reasons!
  9. I have finally sent the letter to HSBC with my £10 for copies of my statements....process now started, lets hope I can get some ££££££££ back.
  10. Just found this site and I gotta say very interesting. I was an HSBC customer for years, as was my wife, and think they have taken quite a sum from us. I take it you don't need to be a current customer to reclaim charges?.....we switched banks at the end of last year. Look forward to sharing experiences with you.
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