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  1. Yes they have denied receiving it. I have thought of emailing someone higher up in the company but not sure if it would do any good.
  2. Hi I sent them a letter as I thought this was the best way to close it. Any help to what i should do next would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  3. Hi I was wondering if someone could help me. I paid off my capital one credit card in February and then in March asked them to close the account by letter. I kept checking back and it wasnt cancelled but i just thought it was taking a bit of time. I forgot all about it then and in October of this year received a late payment marker on my credit file, this was for an Annual charge and then a late payment fee of £12 as soon as I realised what had been going on I contacted Capital one and they refunded the late charge. I then emailed them several times explaining what had happened and they said they would pass it on to their credit control and I would hear back from them within 2 weeks, that passed and still heard nothing, this time they said they would write to me, I then received a letter this morning saying I am pleased to inform you that I have checked the credit agencies and yes we have registered a late payment on your file. My argument is Yes I did write to close the account they said they didnt receive it. I have not used the account at all since then and did not even activate the new card they sent me. I know it is only their word against mine but I know i sent to close the account and feel that yes I should have kept checking but just forgot after a while, but why should they be allowed to put another annual charge on and then report it as late. Please can anyone advise me who i can complain to now as I know I sent that letter and feel I am being penalised by them for something that should have not even gone on the account as it should have been closed. Any help from anyone would be really appreciated. Sorry if it is a bit long winded but I just wanted to explain fully.
  4. Hi I wander if anyone can advise me in 2007 i claimed for ppi on a first plus loan and it was settled but this was before all this about ppi mis selling hit the headline. I was paid out about 1/3rd of what was added on to my account. I was just wandering if i could reclaim the rest as when they paid out the letter said they did not think i was mis sold it so this was the amount as a gesture of goodwill they would be paying me. They also made me sign a form to say this was a final settlement. I feel quite cheated now by them but realise i probably would not be able to claim the remainder now but would just like someones opinion on this. Many thanks.
  5. I am trying to see if there is anyway i can get the default removed.
  6. I took this out in 2003 and only filled in one of those reply cards they did years ago .
  7. I have had a lot going on in my life and not followed through with the default removal from lowell i now intend to start the whole process again but just wandering are Monument still in business and if so does . any one know there address. Hope someone can help. Can anyone tell me which letters i need to send to get copies of default notice, credit agreement, and deed of assignment do i need to send them to both companies. Many thanks
  8. Hi just wandered if anyone knew if i have a legal right to get copies of phone calls i made to an insurance company, as i know they tape phone calls. Many thanks.
  9. Hi i am with payplan and everything seems to be going okay only been with them 2 months but Barclays who say they havent received my offer yet from payplan (but which did go out to them) keep ringing me. I dont mind them keep ringing me if they were calling the right no. but they are calling on an old mobile no. which i gave to someone else. I have contacted them on numerous occasions to say please ring this no. and not the old one. The person who has the no. now has been taking calls telling them i am not on that number and please dont ring again but still they keep ringing, i even rang them again must be about the 10th time to tell them again my new no, they would take the old no. off and no more calls would be received again as this is a work colleague who now has mine phone they rang again 3 times this morning, so i rang Barclays again and they said the old no. had been deleted, great i thought but then my colleague received a text off them saying as they had not been able to contact me they would be going through the courts for payment, i felt so embarrassed as my work mate up to this point did not know what it was all about. Surely is this not an infringement of my privacy rights. Sorry this is so long.
  10. Hi thanx for that much appreciated i will try him now.
  11. Hi sorry to but in on your thread but i am having the same problems with experian i dont suppose you have an email address for anyone a bit higher in the company than the customer services. Thanx
  12. Hi just a quick update after numerous emails to credit card and credit reference agency now had an email of credit card company to say they marked it as settled in March 2009 but still not showing on credit file as settled i have email reference agency now and sent copy of email received as when i tried to put a correction on I had paid it they said i had to put I believe i had paid it but that is written proof now. Just waiting to see if they will amend it now it is like banging your head against a brick wall trying to get it sorted. Still cant get a mortgage thanks to wrong information on credit file. I am so annoyed.
  13. Hi thanx for that cant get into see the MP until a week on friday. Does anyone have any ideas how is should word the letter before action letter i am determined they will not get away with this as i know i am in the right. God im fed up with it already. Spoke to the mortgage broker again today who said he could not get me a mortgage until this was sorted meantime i have to carry on renting at a very high cost compared with a mortgage. Just wandering what i would be able to claim for in court as this stress is killing me at the moment. Hope someone can help.
  14. Hi thanks for that i have spoke to ico today and will be sending off my complaint tomorrow, i also spoke to another solicitor today who said i should get in touch with my local MP as well, so i am going to make an appointment to see him, i am going to tell him the law should be changed so that if they make a mistake and dont rectify it within a certain period of time they should be fined as this affects peoples lives i feel like setting up a campaign to try and get this through but doubt whether i could but i will let you know when i have been to my MP, then i will be sending a letter before action. I tried to put a notice on my credit file but they said i could only do it if i corrected it to say i believe that it was paid off in 2007 and not it was paid off in 2007 as this contradicts what it says on the credit file, feel like i am banging my head against a brick wall but i wont let it go as they are causing me much stress.
  15. Hi thanks for that i have requested copies of my credit file showing it was cleared in 2007 from experian. I spoke to someone on the phone there who said yes it was wrong and she would amend it within 3 weeks that was 7 weeks ago still nothing done. I rang the ICO who said they have had plenty of time to amend since the phone call. I also spoke to my solicitor who said they could send them a letter (at a cost of course) this is causing so many arguments now between me and my partner as we had seen a house we liked but could not go after it as the mortgage broker told us our score would be lowered because of this. We are paying more in rent now than we would in a mortgage, we got a mortgage on a house late last year not a problem but the house fell through but since then they have reported on the file again after not touching it for over 15th i feel like taking them to court for defamation of character with all the stress this is now causing. Please has anyone any ideas what i could do now. The ICO said they could look at it but it could take a while to sort out which we havent really got.
  16. sorry to jump on your thread but i am having same problem incorrect information on credit files got same replies off experian as you dont suppose you have an email to someone higher i can send to as getting know where and i know the information on my credit file is incorrect.Thank yu
  17. Asked credit ref agency to remove information on file they would not and they wrote to egg who basically told them to get us to ring which we did. They said yes it did need amending and would amend it within 3 weeks that was 5 weeks ago so contacted egg again to complain they said they would look into how long does it take for someone to look into it. Lost our house that we were going to buy, due to them starting reporting again even though it was wrong which put our credit score right down, I Need now to find out how to take them to court as obviously they are just dragging their heels. Sorry to write on someone elses forum but just wanted people to know how difficult it is to get something changed even though you have the paperwork and you know you are in the right.
  18. Hi had exactly same problems with Lowell and call credit would not remove information have twice asked for copy of default notice off both companies neither have supplied. Balance on account is nil, i wil be interested to see if you can do anything about this as i would do same.
  19. Hi iam going through exactly the same thing with egg wrong information on file, put a complaint in but they still not altered it looked like i had made payments late this year when in fact they were made in 2007. I will be interested to see if anyone knows what to do as i am getting nowhere. I did ring the Information Commissioners Office who have sent me The Date Protection Act 1998 complaint form to fill in, uou could ring them and get advice as they will look into it for you.
  20. Hi i was wandering if someone could help me, egg very nicely removed a default from my file after i paid the balance up in 2007 and said they would then close the account, which they didnt. Since then nothing happened with the account and then all of a sudden in 2209 they started reporting again to the credit reference agency as either paid on time or account not used. I got in touch with the reference agency who got in touch with egg and they said they could not remove the information. It now looks like i am behind in my payments over the last 12 months even though it was paid up in 2007 because they stopped reporting over 14 months ago the late payments i made in 2007 now look like they were made only 5 months ago and this account has never been used and i dont even have a card for it. What should i do now as i dont want them to put the default back on again but i did everything they said and paid it up so how can they do this. Hope someone can help.
  21. Hi thanks for that very useful, but not sure whether i take lowell or monument to court or both, please can anyone advise me. Thanks
  22. Hi how do i go about doing this where do i get the information from to issue court papers. Thanking you
  23. I also sent lowell at letter to ask them to remove the default under the data protection act as i had no copy of the default and therefore they should not be advising the credit reference agency but they also have ignored me and i have heard nothing back from them. Please can someone help. Thanks
  24. Hi already send this but they have ignored me and still no copy of default notice, please can someone help me where do i go from here. Thanks
  25. Hi i sent Monument a letter to supply a true copy of the default notice as i never received it in my sars, but the seven days is up and they still have not sent it does anyone no what i should do now. I email the credit amendments at lowell to ask them to remove it as i have not received a copy of the default notice but have not heard of them. HELP can anyone advise me as to what to do next regarding this, if you look further up i posted a copy of my deed of assignment off lowell and i dont think that looks right either, please could some one advise me as what to do next as i dont know what to do next. Thanking you
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