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  1. In all honesty I cannot remember any of those details hance why I am disputing the bill. I think I will SAR and take it from there. Are companies like 3 controlled by the CCA?
  2. Hoping anyone out there can help me with my query, I have just received a bill from 3 saying I owe them £114 for a contract that was cancelled 3 years ago! To say I was not impressed is to put it lightly! I stress I cannot remember this account fully and if I had cancelled the contract I would have paid the bill at the time and not left it hanging over my head! My query is can they do this? They have passed my details to the lovley people at Lowell Finance and I am now concerned they have screwed with my credit rating. Is there anything that I can do? So far I have called 3 & Lowell and told them I am disputing the debt. I will back this up with a letter. I will also write off to the CRAs to make sure they have not put anything on my rating and will let them know it is in dispute should they have done so. My thoughts on how to proceed are along the lines of asking them for copies of my consumer credit agreement. Is this a sensible way to go and if so do they fall under the same guidelines as loans/credit cards etc??? Ie if they cannot provide me a copy of this can I refuse to pay unless they provide me proof that an agreement was in place??? I am at a loss and would appreciate any advice as if I have ways to proceed or if I should just 'man up' and pay them??? Please help if you can.
  3. well I simply sent SC&M a 3 line letter saying ref judgement at xxx CC, if payment isnt receieved in 7 days then I would apply for a warrant for execution against their clients, 2 days later money in account!!! Gooders
  4. Well I got bored with waiting and as they have never responded to me I thought that I would go with the straight forward route of waiting for the judgement and THEN going for the jugular!!! Then I should let you know after a single letter of "pay up or I send the heavies in" they paid up with in a day!!!! Thank you LLoyds for over £5k......Mods please mark this as WON as I now have the money in the account! Please note I pledge to give 5% to this group because of all the help I have received!!!! Good luck to you all and now for me onto the next one!!!! Gooders
  5. Dolly, Thanks, youre a lifesaver! Gooders
  6. Right, I have been called away at Vshort notice by work and unfortunately I have not brought my contact details for SC&M with me! I have the opportunity to use a computer so would like to get a couple of letters of can anyone give me the general address for their offices??? Any help greatly appreciated Gooders
  7. PFS, Your right this is looks like you are getting the "we hope he goes away treatment"!!! You need to fill in the form available here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/681-4-particulars-claim-n1.html then pay the fee. I used the following as my POC http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/65486-gooders-ltsb-others.html?highlight=gooders but you will need to adjust this to suit your claim. Then sit back and wait for confirmation from the court and the relevant dates that you claim will follow. I got an 'Intention to defend' notice through but their lawyers missed the deadline by over 2 weeks so I won by default(another form from the court). I see no need to start your court bundle now unless you want to be hyper-efficent, it may follow the same route as mine. However if you are sent an AQ I would start then and use this forum for any other questions that may pop up!! Hope this calms the nerves Gooders
  8. This has happened before and I think the most important thing is to keep to your timescales. It does not matter a jot if you have accepted their offer, if they haven't paid they haven't completed their side of the agreement. So if you are at the point that you can apply for judgement then DO IT! It will give you a legal judgement (yes by default which could then be stayed) but will give you further options eg Warrant for Execution. As long as you give a reasonable amount of time for them to forfill their obligations no court will reproach you for doing so. If they still give you a stiff ignoring to then send in the bailiffs it will cost them more and focus their attention! Oh and it will give you a very persuasive argument for costs! Gooders
  9. Guss0973, In the same boat!! But I dont agree with Titch28, nothing wrong with what they said just Im taking a different angle. What I am planning on doing is giving them 14 days in total (and not working days!) to give me the money. However, if after 7 days they haven't shown me the money then I will be writing to **** with a detailed letter of what they can expect..........see below Dear ****, I refer to judgement dated xxxx 2007 (enclosed) by XXXXXXXX County Courts. If I have not received full settlement by xxxx 2007 (7 days), I will apply for a Warrant of execution. Gooders As originally advised by Guido on this thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloydstsb-successes/47207-guido-t-lloyds-tsb-7.html#post921936 . I wholeheartedly agree and we should work to our timeframes NOT theirs!! Short, sharp and to the point, completley fair and they will know that this means (a) the Bailliffs are coming and (b) its going to cost them more! I will then apply for costs once it is settled! Hope this helps Gooders
  10. Thats what I did (except I handed it in) and the default judgement was issued on 26 July! Hmmm just in time me thinks! Anyway, Im giving them 14 days to get in touch then its the warrant for execution and the balliffs!!! Gooders
  11. Well here we go.......... Judgement by Default received and it was dated 26 July 2007!!!! I was thinking of giving them the good old 14 days before sending the baliffs in.....what do you recon?? Gooders
  12. Ian, Keen to get anything I can........where can I get info on the wasted costs? Gooders
  13. Well another update. **** had until 7 Jul 07 to lodge their defence and guess what, they havent so I gave it over 2 weeks and today I filed for judgement. WooHoo! I was getting concerned over the compound un-authorised interest thing but as they have decided to give me a damn good ignoring, the judgement is in the post!!! Oh yeah and as soon as that arrives on my doorstep warrant for execution is winging its way in!!!! Gooders
  14. Sorry all been away on holidays (thanks Halifax:p ) ok points in turn: 1)KENNY Info was a full SAR request and had all the data pertaining to me held by Halifax so it went back some 10 years 2)PPMAN - that was my thought and I will gladly pass on the information to anyone who is fighting Halifax but for me the war is over! 3)Dusary - Am I missing something, they provided me the information I requested so what would the Information Commissioner get involved with. The problem wasnt the supply of information but their utter contempt and hiding of the fact they are taking money from their clients without informing them!!!! I may send this into watchdog to see if I get any reaction! Gooders
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