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  1. Dylon It's the same as Krysta's but Robert.S[email protected] . Missed your messages over the past few days. Also waiting to here from Druids36. Let me know how you get on - I', going to help my Aunty with Lloyds (Ouch) - been banking with then for over 30 years!!!!!!. Lets hope it's victory all around. Tracy
  2. Just been out for a celebratery meal, just me my husban and my adourable daughter, thought sod it this is on Barclays/Woolwich happy to have starter,main and SWEET with a bottle of wine thrown in!!!!!!!!! . Also booked flights for out holiday in Turkey on the 9 July also on Barclays?Woolwich!! (and I mean massive grin). 1st proper family holiday since my daughter has been born - sod Brean give us some proper sun,sand and how''s your father!!!!!!! :p . You cannot comperhend how much this means to us all, we have already paid of some debt today, even though I have had to wait all day long, it was so satifying to just say "i'm phoning to pay of the arrears"!!!!!!. I really do want to leave this site, and I do not know if I have to, maybe some MOD who may be watching can guide me further?????. I still have a lot to give and a lot to maon about, I know my messages may be not the shortest of messages and I apoligise if I bore some people, I just feel I have alot to talk about and can only express it the way I know how to and that rabble on. we tansferred some money into out saving today £11,000.00, did I just say £11K, un bloody beleivable. I apoligise for mu lack of spelling but I have had a few vodka's since we came back from the resturant. I must say though from the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you all, I might never know you by your proper name, or where you come from, but you all have been my reason for carrying on for the past 6 months. If you have ever suffered any illness brought on by these charges like I have ( I am still on medication) you will know who and what really matters to you, and you all do, no matter how big or small your claims are. Tracy - Aged 37, Married for 17 years with one very important and adourable daughter. - WarrenTuff - (I know not if I am braking any CAG rules).
  3. richeralast you will be - trust me Tracy (so goood to be a real person at last) Ex warrentuff
  4. Dylon where have you been !!!!!!! Youv'e miss all the fun!!!! :D
  5. Thanks Richeratlast They originally told me that "THEY" would contact me 3 weeks before court date, but as you can see I did all the chasing. I'd start the beginning of July or even late next week. Go get em!!! Warrentuff By the way I thought I would be clean my name is not Warren nor am I Tuff. My real name is Tracy.
  6. After a very stressfull day!!!!!!!!! THE MONEY IS NOW SITTING PROUD IN MY ACCOUNT... Going out for a meal and a well deserved drink!!!!! Warrentuff
  7. Rober Saunders phoned back, he stated that he had spoken with the Woolwich and stated that it had all been sorted, apparently the money needs to go through a migration and it could take up to 3 days!!!!!!, however he assured me that the money would be transferred within a couple of minutes. That was over an hour ago and still no money. Phoned Rob again and he stated he will phone her back. When they orginally sent out the offer it does not mention the hassle you have to endure to get it!!!!!!. Let hope the next 1/2 hr is fruitful. I have had to keep calling Robert as no one on the main Barclays number has any idea what is going on, I do not have a number for Woolwich. I hope all you other potential winners do not have to endure this. Warrentuff. ( they say it aint over until the fat lady sings let me tell you, I aint singing).!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Just spoke with Rob Saunders who was as flabergasted as me, He stated what account was on the acceptance letter, I stated Barclays, He said it was standard wording and apoligised, Rob said he would personally sort it out, it would be the next thing he does!!!!! Lets hope. Will let you know Warrentuff
  9. I have just recieved a letter from the Woolwich (have no idea why) basically stated that they have recieved the signed acceptance from head office (barclays) and have credited the money in my Openplan current account. WHY!!!!!!!. That was transferred to Barclays back in May when the take over was finalised!!!!!!! Totally fed up, no money in my barclays a/c. Currently on hold with Barclays. I am not getting of this bloody phoned until they get their act together!!!!!!!!!! Why on earth would they pay it into a a/c that does not exsist. do they not understand the term transferred account, and new a/c number Barclays/Woolwich your a joke. Warrentuff
  10. Claire Your love it, we stay with a friend in Olu deniz (The blue lagoon), He owns a small hotel. It will be the first proper family holiday, the 1st time abroad for my daughter. a well deserved break for all of us. We fly out on the 9/7 that's if Barclays cough up!!!!!!! Happy days:D Warrentuff
  11. Claire Where abouts in Turkey will you be staying!
  12. warrentuff


    I would personnally go for the whole lot, it's all about how much you want to fight what is rightfully yours. The decision is yours and yours only, but you will have full backing no matter what path you choose to take. But you can take it form me "YOU WILL WIN" I did!!!!! Warrentuff
  13. Claire From 1 winner to another !!!!! Many Congratulations, enjoy it, you really deserve it. Warrentuff
  14. Just to update everyone!! When I got home from work, I phoned and spoke to Robert Saunders as no money had been credited. He said he will phone back the accounts and get back to me. 5 minutes laters he phoned - really sorry but the accounts manager is so busy and "is ready to commit suicide", however I was assured it would be in by end of business - As of 6:18 no money. Will phone 1st thing tomorrow to find out where the hell it is!!!!!!. Please Barclays don't let me down now!!!!!!! Warrentuff.
  15. Bankfodder I have been trying to send a private email as requested, but it state that is does not reconise your email address. Please advise. Warrentuff
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