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  1. Spoken to them this morning and its basically a "put in writing" scenario which I'm currently in the process of doing. I'm quite happy to accept that mistakes DO happen (nobody and no system is perfect at the end of the day) and if that is the case then so long as they refund that enforcement agent fee then result as far as I'm concerned
  2. As it happens, just got off the phone with them, advised them call was being recorded and queried why their agent was sent out. Basically, "put the complaint in writing" which I'm now in the process of doing.
  3. Good morning, apologies for not replying sooner. Was waiting on advice in all honesty from you lovely people before taking things further In answer to previous questions, the notice of enforcement was issued 18/04/2016 which gave until 02/05/2016 to either pay £255 (which I do NOT dispute), OR come to arrangement. That arrangement was made on 29/04/2016 and although initial payment failed (despite there being cleared funds in the account), Marston's themselves were the ones who quite clearly state in the telephone conversation to ring back on 09/05/2016 to attempt again initial payment a
  4. Background Got pulled over last year, unknowingly I had no insurance (premiums were coming out, but that's another story), and as it transpired my license had also been revoked 11 years previously (even I'm impressed by that.) Obviously it went to court etc, ended up with £180 fine and 6 points. Own fault, absolutely hold my hands up here, so no bashing please. for various reasons, it didn't get paid and got sent to Marston's who added their admin fee on top, bringing it to £225 total. Phoned them up (recorded the conversation), and entered into an a
  5. How's this look? On 28th December 2011 I ordered a tumble dryer from your online store using a debit card and a £50 voucher that had been given as a gift for Xmas. Total cost without voucher £269, cost with voucher £219. Everything went through smoothly after phoning your 0871 number due to the use of the voucher. Or so I thought. And yes, the money was there and available before you think to query that. The following day (29th), my bank account appeared to have no available balance, despite there being a substantial amount actually on balance, with more incoming the following day (3
  6. Ah my apologies, read your reply at completely the wrong time (being hassled by kids!) and mis interpreted it Have asked that HSBC refund or cancel the charges, awaiting their reply, going by past dealings with them, not holding out much hope
  7. So what you're in effect saying is that I should just say the hell with it and just accept what is now £45 of charges through no fault of my own??? Would you? Would anyone? They're both getting stiffly worded complaint letters threatening everything including hell and eternal damnation. No way am I prepared to just lie down and play ***ing dead for these cretins
  8. Afternoon all, have a small problem, somewhere between HSBC and Debenhams, not sure which, both refusing to take responsibility and getting royally ****ed off with both now!! Back Story Purchased a tumble dryer from Debenhams on 28th Dec. Lovely tumble dryer, nothing wrong with it, would happily buy it again. Used a £50 gift voucher as well. Total price normally was £269, price with gift voucher £219. No probs there, the maths is good. This, theoretically, leaves just shy of £300 available in the bank. Thats AVAILABLE, not balance. The balance was something like £350. Go forward a
  9. Okies, a bit more info: DMP with Debt Correct, letter done cancelling. I've listed the creditors below and also what I think should go out as first letters. Can someone just have a quick shufty and confirm for me please? None are being disputed as being owed, none are SB, what they're looking for is some breathing space to try and get things sorted. Same as me, they don't give a monkey's about CRF as they have zero intention of ever applying for credit in the near or distant future. Creditors: Metropolitan - Letter detailing how much they're getting Yorkshire Bank (Personal
  10. Evening all, been a while since I was last active on here. Nice to see most of the old un's still active and kicking A friend of mine has asked me for some help with sorting out a few issues, one of which they feel is a DMP where they're paying a silly amount for not a lot through Debt Correct I believe the name is. I feel the first thing to do as they're more than happy to deal with this themselves, is to get rid of the DMC. Was going to do them a nice "push off" letter, but can't seem to find a template. Assuming that a "we no longer require your services and the Direct Debit has
  11. as long as the battery holds up, and this puppy's on permanent charge
  12. So let me get my head round this, if you have made arrangements to pay, and ARE paying, not at the token rate of £1 pcm, but also less than what it would otherwise normally be, then there shouldn't be a default and it should show instead "arrangement" or similair?
  13. Well I happen to have located today an old mobile of mine that has voice recorder on it, so future phone calls will be thru the loudspeaker
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