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  1. Erm, I don't think so. SO far I have received 3 letters - 1 from the court ad 2 from their solicitors (Cobbetts). 1 from the court - - "Notice that a Defence and Counterclaim Has Been Filed" (27/05) 2 from Cobbetts - The "Defence and COunterclaim" (14/05) - Enclosed copy "of our client's Allocation Questionnaire" (15/06) So.. Sort of yeah.. I've received an "Allocation Questionnaire" - but it's from Cobbetts and not the Court...
  2. so if their stay is granted... i just sit and wait? do i need to fill out this questionnaire or just not do anything? i ask these questions because i assume the legal system is extremely pedantic..
  3. so what do i do with this questionnaire? do i fight them or what lol?
  4. Thanks Steven. Fresh update: Just (well, on the 16th June) received yet another bulky letter from Cobbets on behalf of Natwest, this time with their "ALLOCATION QUESTIONNAIRE", which was "filed at Court on 15th June 2009". Also in this pack is a letter/fax/copy from Cobbets, whre enclosed is an "Acknowledgement of Service for placing on the Court file". It goes on to say that they would be grateful if the letter be placed before the District Judge. Then it goes on to say that their client requests the claim be stayed until the outcome of the test case in the matter of OFT vs. Abbey National PLC and others. It then goes on to say that the sheer mass of complaints of posed a strain on the court system (ha ha lol!!) Then there are like another 3-4 pages of explanations about why the claim should be stayed. Pointers anyone? Way over my head now...
  5. Wow.. That long? In the mean time, I just received 13 page "Defendant's Defence and Counterclaim" from Cobbetts through the post. It basically justifies the charges.. Section 7.2.3 reads: Scary??
  6. any idea how long it will take for the test case to be up?
  7. yes, I have already sent my initial request and LBA to the bank, so the claim IS acknowledged. Unfortunately, on both occasions, the bank used the test case as an excuse not to pay up. Then I filed my N1 claim form at the CC. So keep my claim in?
  8. darn it lol! So if I reclaim my £30, will they withdraw my case/claim, thus lose me my place in the waiting line, post test case?
  9. well that sucks! why does everyone recommend to put pur claims through then? waste of £30, jheeeez .
  10. Thanks ^^. Right, so today I got a letter from Cobbetts, acting on behalf of Natwest. The letter just reiterates what natwest have been telling me in their two reply letters, about the test case etc. I attached general and edited screenshots of the front page and the last page of the letter that corresponds directly to me. The rest of the letter was a letter reply back to the courts urging them to stay the case. Doesn't look good. They're playing serious hard ball, the (Edit) lol! Appreciate your replies guys. Thanks!
  11. Just an update guys. received the "Notice of Issue" yesterday and over the top was a green slip, attached: http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i13/thedynamix/bankthing.jpg What exactly does it mean? Do I have to do anything now? As in, take action, send something back? Or just wait? Thanks guys.
  12. Thanks again Saintly. Will update you in due course!
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