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  1. Hi Layla123 I was going to go that way but the 6-9 months put me off, so I went to court and this is where i'm at the offer stage, as of today. Started court action in Feb. TAKE THEM TO COURT IT'S THE QUICK WAY.
  2. Hi Cassie have you got her direct contact number. All i got was email with no telephone number. Cheers i think I'll make her sweat a bit
  3. Hi Cassie was it L Jacobs who made the offer. I think will go for the whole amount. Good luck to you if you go on.
  4. Hi Guys just got an email from Abbey and they are making me an offer less £400.00 because they say what they should have charged me. my claim is for 5 grand. Should I or not take it.
  5. Hi Everyone just an update, Just got a letter from the court Today and it appears that all County Courts are transferring the Bank charges claims to the Mercantile court the be heard. My claim is going to the Royal Courts of Justice in central London. Still no court date yet, hopefully it will come soon.
  6. Yeah I know that what I said to my friend who is also claiming from Abbey, so we are both being guided by this site. Sorry Pkea you told me the answer in your first post thanks
  7. Oh no their defence is something like 10 pages long. My personel details was for their lawers.
  8. Well guys it been a month now and Abbey has put in a defence and now I'm waiting for the court to get back to me. Abbey has asked for all the details of the claim and my personal details(which I think they have already or is that they are dumb or they don't talk to the complaints dept). Anyway can someone tell me how long do I have to wait for the court to get back to me.
  9. Thanks so I've got 14days then. Okay who got the latest court bundle
  10. Hi Guys just a update, Abbey has acknowledge on Friday so they have 28 days to put in a defence. So now I'm going to get my defence ready for the court date. Any idea on what to do until then.
  11. Thanks so I've got less than a month to wait, for them to pay me back £5,000. Have you heard that the banks will reduce the charges to £12 in April and then only pay the difference. I think thats wrong because if they have taken the money then they should give it all back.
  12. Hi, I've just done my court claim online. Does anyone know if I should send Abbey a copy, so that they are awake when the court contact them. How long does this take, after the 14days they have to reply with their defense
  13. thanks Louis wu and Jonni for the info, my boss is going to pay the cost for me to go to court, in pay of helping him to do the same for his five bank accounts. so everything has worked out fine for now. I will keep you all infomed.
  14. I'm not on benefits I'm just a single parent and working
  15. Well if I had the money I would be at the court stage now.
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