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  1. It may be that they want you to go anyway without any agro. Maybe you could tell them that you had been offered another job and you would resign if they could give you a good reference.
  2. Everyone deserves a second chance. We all make mistakes. As the saying goes "he who is without sin cast the first stone". Good luck to you mate
  3. We have been through the Ombudsman as we had a claim for financial hardship. They would only help if we where still going through financial hardship - we where at the time but not now so they said they couldnt help. I think they are pretty toothless anyway. I'm really not going to worry about the Natwest Bank while I'm on a holiday of a life time. Maybe I'll read it when I get back. Martin Lewis should come up with some answers soon so I'll see what he says. Although the battle has been lost the war has not and I'm not giving up the fight - yet:D
  4. Could do - did start at the begining by going through a solicitor who was absolutly usless. Her answer was to just pay them! Do you think it may be worth finding someone better? If it saves money in the long run then its worth it. Trouble is I dont want a CCJ as in the long run it will cost a fortune in paying extra when needing to remortgage etc. It really sticks in my throat to think I might have to pay them. ALL the money they are claiming are their charges on top of their charges - so wrong.
  5. Thanks for the advice. They have given me 8 weeks to respond and as I am away in Australia for 4 weeks I'm not going to worry about it till I get back.
  6. Had a letter from Natwest today basically saying that they are going to now go ahead and pursue the debt as before. Any ideas what to do people??
  7. I'm not sure how to proceed now that the OFT have pulled out. Should I apply to the Court to get this stuck out?? Any help gratefully received.
  8. Hi No there was no settlement at all. The actually went to 2 courts to try and get their charges back off us, the last Judge nearly threw it out because he said he didnt think Shoosmiths knew what they where doing but unfortunately he gave them a second chance. Its still sitting in Court with a stay on it.
  9. Hi Gandolfi My case is fairly similar to yours although it is all personal and no business. I have just been asking, will we now have to pay the charges back to them? I am hoping that Martin Lewis will come up with something but I'm with you, I think they will try and stike our claims out.
  10. Well - long time no posts. What a suprsise that the banks won!!! So what do I do now? The Bank was claiming their charges back from me and I am counter claiming, does that mean that I have got to pay them back now??
  11. Thanks I will do
  12. Hi I have had a Cap one credit card for years without much problem. However about 3 months ago I made my usual monthly payment using the computer. When I got my next statement they had charged me a late payment and over the limit fee totalling £24. I wrote to them and said I couldnt understand why the payment had gone through late as I had paid the same time and same way each month for years. It took them 2 months to reply saying that they would refund the £24. However in the meantime they had charged another £12 for being over the limit because the £24 they had charged the previous month had put me over the limit and I had assumed that they would have used their common sense and taken the charges off as they said and adjust the next months account accordingly. I have now written to them again giving them 7 working days to respond and 3 weeks later they still have not replied. I have'nt used my card for months so the only monies going on are from Cap One charges. Has anyone any ideas the best way to treat them as I did have a very good Credit Rating and now I am being turned down for interest free credit cards as I would like to remove my account from Cap one to somthing else better. Many thanks
  13. Hi Out of the blue had a nasty demanding letter from Regal Credit saying I owed money. CCA'd them - as yet they havent supplied any info but I havent heard of the nice people before - just wondering of any of you guys have. Wally:)
  14. Hi there Your best option at the moment is to read up on the site FAQ's and to reclaim any charges applied your account. To do this you'll need your statements so if you don't have them, send a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) to Nat West to start the process off, you will need to enclose a cheque for £10 as well. Once you have them and you have worked out what they owe you, you can get a claim form from the courts (you will have to pay a fee). Although it will go on hold until the outcome of the court case at least it will be registered with the court. I also have one on hold at the moment. Hope this helps Wally:)
  15. Hi there Thought I would give you an update I have had a real fight with Westcot. After the last post I sent them a strong letter and told them that unless they got their act together I was going seek leagl advice they did back down a little and said that they would accept the £200 per month I had offered:confused: NO I DIDNT!! Anyway I have now written back and told them to stop making up stories and statements that where untrue and sent a cheque with the letter for £5 which is what I had originally offered. Told them I have copies and receipts of all letters I had sent them just incase they felt like arguing over the £200 offer. As yet I havent had a reply but will let you know when I do. I am really fed up with them. Wally:)
  16. Hi Spamhead Yes the CCA is deffinately the real thing. I like you idea of writing to Tesco direct as they sent a very nice letter to me. When Westcott originally contacted me after Moorcroft they must have contacted Tesco who then contacted me. I will send the letter tonight. Many thanks Wally
  17. Hi I had a debt originally with Moorcroft and paid an agreed £5 a month. I CCA'd them and they wrote back saying they couldnt provide me with the information and therefore closed the account. I then received a demand from Westcott so I CCA'd them. I received a letter with a copy of the original agreement from Tesco saying they hadnt sold the debt and could I make arrangements with Westcott to repay. Fine - wrote a letter to Westcott requesting a Standing order form so I could re start the £5 a month as previously agreed with Moorcroft. They sent a form requesting my monthly incomings and outgoings which I received on tuesday 8th April and then yesterday (weds 9th April) I got a final notice from them threatening court action on to which they have added a further £200 in legal fees!! How am I supposed to reply to the first letter before they sent the second ?? I really want to tell them what I think of them as I have already been in correspondence with them which clearly they dont seem to take any notice of:confused: - got any idea how I should reply - any help gratefully received. Wally:-)
  18. Just sent the statute barred letter and ended up in the last paragraph threatening them with solicitors and BBC Watchdog:D So I'll let you know what happens next.
  19. Hi I would like to subscribe to this thread. I too had a letter out of the blue stating I owed money etc - load of rubbish. Am in the process of sorting them out on my thread. Have already CCA'd them and am now sending the Time Barred Letter. These people are **** and they need to be sorted. I will support any action you want to take. Good luck Wally:D
  20. My current B/card is a normal working account which I use all the time.
  21. Hi 42 man The debt isnt in dispute as I have no knowledge of the debt and have never had any correspondence in the past about it. Should I send a time barred letter? Someone help plsxx
  22. Hi Out of the blue I received a letter from Lowells basically asking if I had lived at a previous address, seeing as it was 14/15 years since I lived there I ignored the letter. I then got another letter stating I owed Barclaycard money and that I needed to contact them so I CCA'd them. I have now had a letter back stating that they need to go through their archives so in the meantime I should pay £600 otherwise when they get the info I am asking for they will want the full amount immediately. I do actually have and use regularly a Barclaycard so I dont believe they have a leg to stand on plus it should be time barred anyway even if I did owe something (which am 99.9% sure I dont). Can anyone suggest a letter I should write to them telling them politley to p*** o**!! Many thanks Wallyx
  23. Unfortunately I dont have a scanner so I cant do that. The form is basically my personal and bank details.
  24. They have actually sent me a photocopy of my original agreement which I signed. Does this mean they can actually collect the money now from me?
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