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  1. Interesting. So far i've only sent a claim for charges on the personal a/c. This morning i've recieved a letter from Colin Langdale addressed to Me Limited Company Name Address Going to be a little difficult for him to do his "investigations" when he's looking at the wrong a/c. Though of course it's more a case of doing nothing.
  2. DON'T ADD the 8% straight away. It's only added if you go to court.
  3. Prelim letter on the personal account being sent today 776.50 + 109.46 interest on charges.
  4. The 25 pounds is charged for each "informal overdraft request" whether it's granted or not. So far i've had 6 of these this year none "granted" I'm treating it as a penalty. It's the same charge with a new name.
  5. The interest rate when they offered me one a week or so ago was 10.95%.
  6. Thanks for the MCA reference. Just read the banking code at The Banking Codes Standards Boards and can't find it mentioning that.
  7. I'd be interested definitately.
  8. Tried that last year when they arose without success so ended up paying them myself and closing the account.
  9. Spent the last day or so reading the site as i'm after charges from the HSBC on my behalf as well. Not found anything yet but i'll keep looking.
  10. I'm not. But which one of us needs to do the writing.. a
  11. My 14y/o (13 at the time) son got charged somewhere in excess of 100 pounds by natwest in o/d fees last year. I don't have the statements. We'll Ignore for the moment the fact that it's not supposed to be possible to have an O/d on the type of a/c he had and you're also not supposed to be able to setup d/d's on it. They let paypal and other companies set them up. Now does he have to be the person writing to them, taking them to small claims etc or do I have to do this due to his age.
  12. My ltd co. finally running out of cash mainly due to non-stop charges after a couple of credit card charge backs (mainly stolen cards) around christmas is almost dead (the charges are now greater than the original chargebacks) I've had to sack myself and go on income support. Great fun with 4 kids. Anyway been reading all day and then filling out the spreadsheets. On the personal account i've no real problems. About 650GBP since August 2001 about 130GBP interest. Waiting to get the parachute account open first before starting the ball rolling and also for the official notification of the 100+ the intend to charge me end feb. On the Ltd co account it's a little more difficult. I've all the bank statements but what I don't have it the monthly summary of charges, so I can easily list the dd recalls etc. What I can do it separate the daily overlimit fee from the the normal service charges. I could relatively easily work this out, providing I knew if the daily amount has always been 4GBP per day. As the DP Act SAR doesn't apply for Ltd Co.s any ideas where to go from here on this one?
  13. I've got exactly the same question as horace3. Account still open but unable to actually trade these last five weeks as buried in charges. Over 1000 GBP for 2006 alone (this excludes normal service charges) . Like horace3 also have statements.
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