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  1. There is advice and 'good advice'. I think the initial statement 'Sorry, but I really don't understand why you're so livid.' is indicative of not reading or listening; the inspector did the same. I suspect if i was elderly and scatty, in the same situation, I would not have been put through the same ordeal.
  2. It was obvious from your first reply that you are in "the industry", as like the officer concerned, you overlooked certain parts of my initial post. So you are telling me you are paid a flat wage, and not measured on performance in any way? Hmmm...
  3. I've skimmed through pretty much all of it. One thing that is apparent is that I'm a lot better off and fortunate than many that have suffered the same thing, but it still does affect basic cognitive functions and is more or less invisible in conversation, apart from pauses between chunks of words. It's annoying as I was finding life much easier since the sun has come out, but silly little things like this really can sour you for days.
  4. Thanks all (mostly!). I did realise I had messed up the figures last night, and went back to edit, but unfortunately after the ten minute lock out. With regards to the 10p, it was the officer involved that gave me the figure... I've been trying to back calculate to work it out. I've highlighted the above from mikeymack2002 as its really relevant, and most unaffected people don't get it or understand it. I am in my forties, and I suspect that almost overnight in January the surgery has slightly affected my short term memory, which I'm told will take 1-2 years to return. It's a card I don't enjoy playing, as you just want to return to normality as quickly as possible. (I write history) I will appeal, as while I've read many spurious cases on this site, I do think I got treated poorly. As for claiming expenses, the surgery was NHS funded, but at a Harley St clinic within Barts, and I think I asked in January. The cost is not a killer for me, but a fine would be.
  5. Thinking about it overnight, the card would have tapped in correctly at Faringdon, but wouldn't know where I was getting off, so would not have double bleeped as the inspector suggested, so noise wouldn't have been a factor and in fact I was probably starting a legal journey according to the machine and from the sound I thought I had heard. As you are probably aware, if you use an Oystercard for not complex journeys in London, it tends to deduct parts in chunks up to a maximum of £12.50, which would be the full 1-6 Travelcard rate. Because I hadn't had the chance to tap out, I wasn't aware of what the single fare was for the journey from Faringdon to St Mary Cray. It turns out that fare is £3.90 rather than the £3.80 balance I had (with £1.50 overdraft thingy). Now to find out the actual single Oyster fare from Faringdon to St Mary Cray using Oyster is amazingly difficult. If you go to a ticket machine, it automatically defaults to £12.50 for any journey crossing zones. If you look at a fare finder website, the same happens. If you ask at the station ticket office, they advise you to use an Oyster card as it works out cheaper than buying a Travelcard. I last made this journey in January to actually undertake brain surgery, and yesterdays trip was to have a brain scan to check that there were no further complications. I was livid at the lack of firstly information as to the fare, and the lack of discretion applied by the officer, and the fact that the process took 20-25 minutes, at a time when it was important for me (for health reasons) to get home and eat. I was naturally livid as raised blood pressure leads to haemorrhaging, and on average a night or two in hospital. If I had been given the opportunity to tap out, the unbarriered machine then would have double bleeped, and I would have happily put 10p in the machine next to it to correct that. I also know an officer from one of the other London companies who regularly boasts about the amount of commission he's earned from hitting his generated revenue monthly targets. If you really think that such a position is exempt from targets with related bonuses (like the vast majority of businesses) then well that's odd. And to explain the breakdown of the £13 i had topped up the night before: -£1.50 for a bus fare that night. 2x£3.90 St Mary Cray to Faringdon and back = £7.80 2x£2.40 tube fares to get to Barts = £3.80 Therefore total of £11.60 (although the individual train fares on Oyster are impossible to find out beforehand, as stated before)
  6. I've calmed down a bit now, but raised blood pressure is not a good thing for me. I'd actually had a good day, and this certainly soured it as it ended....
  7. In the last hour I gave been issued with a penalty fare notice using my Oyster Card. The officer refused to give me his name, but his badge number is recorded on the ticket. I had topped up my oyster card by £13.00 the night before and used a bus once, believing I had enough to get to and from St Mary Cray to Liverpool Street via a tube from Faringdon, starting at 10.05am. I checked in on the platform (stand alone machine, no barrier) at Faringdon via Liverpool St tube for the last leg of the journey, and as far as I was concerned, it bleeped successfully. The actual machine said £2.30 (£2.40), and I assumed £2.40 was my balance (as I rarely get trains). According to the officer, it would have double bleeped because I was 10p short. The noise on the platform in rush hour at Liverpool Street was excessively loud, and the officer wouldn’t accept that I might not have heard the second bleep (and apparently they don’t keep records of failed check-ins, which I find very hard to believe) I explained to the officer concerned that I’ve had three brain haemorrhages in the last year, and had had major brain surgery in January, which makes me a bit scatty when it comes to figures. Other officers nearby were very sympathetic and were suggesting to the officer that they should leave it and move onto the next station. He insisted on giving me the notice still, rather than allowing me to top up by 10p. His disgust that I didn’t have £20 handy to pay him on the spot was quite abhorrent, and the whole procedure of giving him my name and address was quite humiliating and lengthy, and a potential trigger for my brain problem. I’m quite frankly disgusted at a) the officer concerned, and his apparent commission grabbing nature regardless of the circumstances, and b) the procedure where you are assumed to have committed an offence. The administration costs of this alone will far outweigh 10p, and I will fight this all the way to court out of principle, if my health allows. I did not have £20 on me at the time, (about 60p in my pocket) Advice please on what I should expect and what I should... Sorry If this is a bit abrupt, but I'm still livid!
  8. Apologies for asking again Stan. the SAR is likely to be what I owe Barclaycard or, what HFO paid for the debt?
  9. Not at all. Hence the SAR to check, i guess. I wasnt aware Barclaycard could sell their defaults on though, to the point of the the 'buyer' taking the debtor to court. My other concern is that the Claim Form doesnt even specify the nature of the debt and who i owe money to. Makes you wonder if Barclaycard could issue a similar claim later on.
  10. Final question Stan. If I do above actions (even though i dont personally dispute the charges really, cos i do owe Barclaycard, to be fair), what do you expect the response to those actions will be? And I'm assuming i should send all by recorded delivery.
  11. Yes its a full on Croydon County Court Claim Form. I was a bit surprised to have received it as i always thought the company i owed monies too should put in the claim. I'm not disputing the amount, just the claimant.
  12. ok. Cheers Stan. In the mean time, what do i do with the Court form? And the charges are not significant. perhaps £200 over the original debt.
  13. Hi All.... I owed about £2000 to Barclaycard approx 3 years ago and have been bounced between various agencies to the point i stopped communicating with them. Latest one is HFO Services Ltd, who have put in a Claim Form with Croydon Court through Turnbull Rutherford Solicitors for the amount plus interest. They use the terms 'The Claimants claim is for monies due under a Credit agreement', but do not say with whom. I'm assuming Barclaycard have sold the debt on? Is this legal? Advice please? I have about 9 days to reply.
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