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  1. Hi, What christinajeep says is right. I did exactly that and received the full amount in my account this week. Good luck
  2. I received the same letter a couple of weeks ago, took advice from this site and crossed out all the terms that I did not agree to, including those you mention, then signed and sent it back. Was then expecting [problem] to go all the way but received the full amount in to my account this week followed by a letter to tell me so and ask that I write to the court to close my claim. Good luck
  3. I too had a hearing date on the 14th August, sc&m have since refunded almost £2k in full and the money was in my account this week. Hope the same happens with you! GOOD LUCK!!
  4. Received full amount in my account a couple of days ago and received a letter from [problem] telling me so!!! Halifax, Natwest and now LTSB all refunded in full. Keep at it everyone, YOU WILL SUCCEED!!!!!!! Thanks for all your help!!
  5. Could anyone please advise. It is a matter of urgency as they have given a deadline. I have written my own deadline but would appreciate some thoughts Thanks
  6. Further to advice previously, I intend sending the following letter to SC&M with the revised lower figure than that offered. Dear Sir/Madam, Corsicanpine -v- Lloyds TSB Bank Claim No: ******** I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated */06/2007, received */07/2007, and your settlement offer of £*.***.**. I would accept your offer as full and final settlement, but I must point out that the offer seems to be incorrect in that you are offering more than I am claiming for. The actual amount for charges claimed is £*,***.00, the Court fees incurred to date are £***.00. Interest charged, at 8%, to date is £***.**. This amounts to a total claim of £*,***.** to date. Nevertheless, if additional court fees have been applied due to your Clients procrastination, I shall also seek recompense of these. I would therefore accept an amended offer of £*,***.**, only for this claim of bank charges made on my account between **/**/2002 and **/**/2007. However I will only accept an unconditional offer and will therefore not be signing your acceptance agreement. I accept this offer without prejudice and I reserve the right to make any further claims should you apply future charges that may be considered unlawful under common law or in violation of the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 or Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977. I will be prepared to withdraw my claim and will send a Notice of Discontinuance to the Court upon receipt of unconditional full settlement of my claim if within 10 days of this letter. I am also not prepared to agree to any confidentiality clauses you try to impose, unless of course your client wishes to make an offer of due consideration in addition to the amount of £*,***.**, in order to be afforded this privilege by myself. I trust that you will find this arrangement acceptable and look forward to hearing from you. Yours Sincerely Corsicanpine Anyone advise if this is OK please
  7. Cheers Barty, Marielise, I in fact only received the first letter last Saturday, although had no intention of responding. As my previous thread, away for a few days and what a welcome home, not far off £2k of an offer. I can only say that anyone with any doubts should hold out but also be prepared!! Since January thats halifax, natwest and now ltsb done!! Could not have done it without the advice and help off this site!! You will win, keep the faith!!. Thanks again for everyones support.
  8. Do not give up, I was beginning to lose faith too since the halifax and NatWest were brave enough to pay up whilst at acknowledged stage via MCOL. LTSB are a harder nut to crack, but with patience they seem to give in. Received a couple of letters over the weekend informing of court date and from SC&M requesting I get in touch with my local branch for a review. Today, I get back from a couple of days away at work and I have had a letter offering FULL refund of not far off £2,000. I have a thread going where I seek advice on whether or not I should take the offer. Please do not give in, that is what the they would like us to do. I think we all appreciate that a lot of people on here have other concerns going on in their families, some are fortunate enough that they have their health and perhaps their wealth, but still see that what the banks are doing is wrong. I do not mean to trivialise your situation, but you have come this far, surely you could go one further, especially with the support and advice from all the wonderful people on this website. Take care CP
  9. Just having double checked my schedule of charges against their offer, it looks like they have made a few mistakes other than the court fees in my favour. Do I accept and fall into the same category as them thieving gits or should I come clean??
  10. Guess what?? Been away on a training course fro a couple of days, got home this evening and a letter from SC&M offering the full refund as long as I sign their conditions. The pertinent points being, apart from expressly stating STRICTLY WITHOUT PREJUDICE and CONFIDENTIAL, The payment will be in full and final settlement of your claim. The terms of this agreement are confidential to the parties and their legal representatives. (OOOooops!) You agree to maintain your accounts with the bank within your agreed limits and in accordance with the terms that govern the account. You can avoid these fees in future if you agree an increase in your overdraft with the bank before you try and make payments that would take you over any previously agreed limits. If you do not do so, you will again incur these fees. You make contact with your local LTSB branch manager on 0845 3000000 to arrange a revies of your account. The bank wishes to avoid further situations which give rise to disputes. A review may be useful to consider whether your current banking arrangements are the most appropriate for your needs. You must notify the court immediately once payment has been made and provide a copy of your letter to the court for our records. They go on to say, Please let us know whether you are prepared to settle the matter on these terms. If so the bank will arrange to credit the above amount to your account. If you are willing to settle on this basis, please sign a copy of this letter as confirmation that you are bound by its terms, and return it to us as soon as possible. The other thing is that they have agreed to pay all cost plus court fees at £220. I have only so far paid £120 via MCOL. Is this an issue or should I grab the money, arrange a meeting and move my account elsewhere?? I am so pleased that this seems to have come to an end before court, but would be grateful if anyone could advise of their experiences with dealing with these (Edit) Regards
  11. Hi I received the same letter yesterday, as well as a date for directions hearing. I need advice too, see my thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/74007-corsicanpine-ltsb.html
  12. Yesterday I received 2 letters regarding my claim. One from the court stating that, 'directions will be given in this case by the Designated Civil Judge, His Honour Judge G Hickinbottom, on the 14th August 2007 at 10:30am at Cardiff Civil Justice centre' The other letter from SC&M states, 'We have been passed a copy of the proceedings that you have issued against our client in Swansea County Court. The Bank will be defending these proceedings on the following grounds: 1. The fees that you seek are properly incorporated into your contract with the bank 2. By making payments (whether by cheque, debit card or any other means) from your account where you have insufficient funds to cover them, you are making a request to the bank for an increased overdraft, which the bank may meet or decline. If it meets your request, you must pay the necessary charges. The issue of penalties only arises as a matter of law, where there has been a breach of contract, and there is no breach of contract here. Looking ahead, a situation which gives rise to a dispute is not one the bank wishes to continue. In view of this, you are requested, please, to make contact within the next 14 days with your local LTSB branch manager, on 0845 3 000 000, to review your account. A review may be useful to consider whether your current banking arrangements are the most appropriatefor your needs. We await confirmation from the bank that this action has been taken. Yours faithfully SC&M Has anybody received something similar and got in touch with the bank?? If I dont, will it go against me at court?? Can anyone post a link to the court bundle info. Any advice would be very much appreciated Thanks
  13. Thanks for that, I haven't received a date for court hearing yet. I assume I can claim for travel costs as well as wasted time when I win my case?? Regards
  14. No defence as yet, but received another notice of transfer of proceedings this morning which says, To all parties As a result of an order made on 13 June 2007, this claim has been transferred to the Cardiff County Court. Can anybody tell me why this is and who would have made the order. Swansea was 10 miles from where I live, Cardiff is 60 miles. Anyone advise??? Thanks
  15. Hi kate, Just to check. You haven't included any interest claim in your schedule as these can't be claimed for until you file at court (hope it doesn't get that far!!) GOOD LUCK, and don't forget to post it!!
  16. You'll probably find that they will arrive around day 40 or shortly after. I would give them another couple of days after that, then send the letter as above. It may well be worth phoning them also. Check this link out for template letters. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6986-data-protection-act-non.html GOOD LUCK!
  17. Hi katieandscott, This is only applicable if you have a default notice issued which you want removed. If you look at the bottom line on the template, it reads, 'Red - if you have a default notice issue as well - which has been caused by the charges. Otherwise to not include this part.' Regards
  18. Hi katieandscott, You should give them 14 days. Remember to post it by recorded or special delivery and keep your receipt Good luck
  19. Are you sure it is the acknowledgement you have received and not the notice of issue? the acknowledgement should have 2 pages with the address where to send the SOC's as well as sending one to the court.
  20. Hi, It depends on how you filed your claim, check this link out, should be of use. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/site-questions-suggestions/71369-getting-mcol-right.html Good luck
  21. Thanks Nic, Sorry if I am missing something here, but on an earlier thread I posted that I was pursuing lloyds tsb on my wifes behalf. I was informed that I could state this on the back of the AQ form. As they have dispensed with the AQ, how do I let them know that I am acting on my wifes behalf?? Once again, apologies if it seems I've lost the plot, but not sure. Regards
  22. GREAT NEWS - WELLDONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spend it well and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!! Take care:D
  23. Hi berty, Have you received lloyds defence yet and have you been transferred to your local court. I am at this stage, although I have a slight problem in that they have dispensed with the AQ, I have been informed on my own thread that as I will be going to court on my wifes behalf, I need to put this on the AQ. If I haven't got one, I can't! GuidoT has posted on my thread,(thx) but still confused. Any help would be appreciated Regards
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