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  1. So, I got a letter yesterday from Halifax. A covering letter saying 'please find enclosed your statements'......... Unfortunately someone had forgotten to enclose said statements! So just the letter so far.
  2. Thanks for that TezViper. I haven't heard a dickybird from them yet, but will do as you suggest and hang fire for a few more days. will definitely read your success stories too, thanks for links.
  3. Still waiting. Will give them a ring on Monday I think and point out that the 40 days is nearly over.
  4. I'm busy putting my claim together and am charging for both. But I thought I could charge interest too.... *slightly confused*
  5. Finally got the statements today, I thought I was going to have to chase them. Had my highlighter pen out and there's at least £500 worth of charges (not counting interest).
  6. Hi OB, I'm not at home at the minute so can't check but the address 'Staley Avenue' seems to come to mind... does that make any sense?! I will check for defo either tonight or tomorrow. BTW, although I've had the letter and statements from Littlewoods I've heard sweet b*gger all from their other arm Kays
  7. hi Dolly, and good luck. I've jumped into this thread hoping someone could straighten my addled brain out here - I too am claiming from FD and am hoping to recoup debit interest as well, but how far after the charges (that put my in the red) can I claim debit interest for? I continued paying off the overdraft etc for years after the account was fully active, but have worked out they charged me over £500 in charges whilst it was active. Would it be far to say 'this is how long it took me to repay £500', and charge them the debit interest charges for the same period? ta.
  8. Well, that's what I would have thought as well, but I definitely read that on one of the other threads! Doesn't seem right to me.
  9. I think someone said on one of the other threads that when there is a big bundle of post to be signed for that the bank only has to sign the first one.
  10. My statements came today (24.207)00, surprisingly quickly. They're not the easiest to work through but there is a summary attached which details about £170 of admin charges. But I'm sure I was charged for other thing too so I'll have to trawl through the statements. I'm guessing I could try to claim contractual interest on this amount, at the rate that the catalogue would've charged me.
  11. Good luck Tezviper. Keep us informed as I'm watching and learning whilst I lie in wait for my crap1 statements to arrive....
  12. we just got a joint one with alliance and leicester - went for their adversited one (something like Premier or Premium...) they knocked us back for that but offered us a current account with cards and cheques. (did it all online and got a response within a few mins)
  13. I'll look further into that thanks, it's no great loss if I can't claim it as it is a small amount. BTW, another question: I am looking to reclaim the debited interest on my account - I'm assuming that claiming this whilst the charges were being incurred if fairly straightforward, but then my account was suspended, no charges from then on were incurred but I was still in debt to them and having to pay around £10 per month interest, I'm wondering if I could claim this and how long for? I did think that as their charges add up to around £500 and once the account was suspended I was paying the debt at £30 p.m. I could claim debit interest for around a year after the account was suspended, arguing that if they had not charged that amount I would not have had that level of debt and effectively offset their charges against my payments....... Hope that ramble makes sense to someone!
  14. Hi Steve, thanks for the response.... I have five of these tariff fees which seem to appear over a year without any pattern or reason! mind you the whole account looked to be in utter chaos, the overdraft fees and excess overdraft fees varied in sum from £15 to £25 to £30 to £45 and again were not applied consistently; two overdraft plus one excess overdraft in the space of three days and then a few months later, no charges for three months. Then when I got back in credit, about three months in I had an overdraft charge applied again! This was four years ago, I am so pleased I've got more savvy since then! I think I am going to try to claim for the interest they were charging me too. Anyhow, good luck. I'll be watching your progress!
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