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    hi to everyone

    Hi Jcor0611 Just wondered how this was going? Anything else yet? Lily
  2. A&L have closed my account but not my husbands as its overdrawn. Don't know if this will apply to you but we claimed on both accounts. They do however keep charging £5 for not funding the account with the amount we should have going in there on a monthly basis so maybe this is why they have not closed it. Going to pay this off soon so we'll see if they close it then.
  3. Hi, good luck, sorry i can't answer this for you as not sure where they stand with the £5 charge. Just thought i'd reply to bump this thread so someone else may be able to answer it for you.
  4. Hi Sosie, Just thought i'd pop in so i can keep an eye on how your doing. Looks like you have had lots of help already which is nice . Keep us updated. Lily xx
  5. Hi Andy, Here is the link to the letter you are after. Good luck http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/25716-rejection-settlement-offer.html
  6. If they have been automaticly putting the charges back in after its been taken out i would leave it and see what happens. If they do take the money and do not correct it then send the LBA. You might have got an advisor that was either having a bad day or did not like the fact you challenged the A&L and received your unlawful charges back. Try not to worry about it, if they don't close the account its their problem. You have paid your amount back and have already proved to them you do not agree with the charges so don't let them bully you
  7. Hi, I did a personal account and a joint account. Both had my husbands name on so i did everything in his name and he signed it all for me. When i asked for the data i put both accounts togeter and only sent £10 and they did not ask for any more. Also when i did the MCOL i again put them together. All i did was clearly show which account i was claiming what for when i sent the details to the courts. Hope this helps, any probs just ask (i also signed it so they did not have anything to come back to me with)
  8. WELL they have finally closed my account!! Bit late seeing as they said they were going to do this the 20th October!!! They won't close my husbands as there is a small overdraft on it so untill we pay that they can not close it (so the customer advisor said on the phone)
  9. CONGRATULATIONS & Well done. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO glad you went all the way, i bet you two are too. Take care Lily
  10. The time seems like forever waiting dosn't it when your at this stage!! I'm so glad you decided to go for this
  11. If they have given you bank charges then you can claim. I think its bad they kept charging you when you even called to tell them your sittuation. Have a good read of the frequently asked questions, they are really helpfull and keep posting on this thread with any questions and someone will try to answer as best they can. Also have a really good read of other peoples threads for help as well as you will often find your answers in them. And if you need more support everyone on here is very helpful
  12. Hi and welcome, Have you had a read through the FAQ's? here is a part from the step by step guide to help with your query; 'Under the Data Protection Act - the Data Controller has only 40 days to provide this information. If they refuse, or do not furnish you with the full information within 40 days, report them to the information commissioner - Information Commissioners Office – Information Commissioner's Office - for a breach of the Data Protection Act. We also have templated letters to force compliance through the courts - see the Templates Library.' Even if you have read the FAQ's keep going back and having a look as there is always something helpful you may miss!! This helped me loads when i was doing my claim, along with all the helpfull people on here. Hope this helps
  13. Hi Sozzer and welcome. The next letter will basicly say that the charges are fair and they don't agree that your charges are unfair, they will also go on to say how the oft were on about credit card charges. All of this will be to scare you off. Keep reading through the threads on this site and like George says the FAQ's. The Alliance and Leicester success story's gives really good encoragement and anything your really not sure about then post on this thread and someone will try their best to answer and point you in the right direction. You will need to open a parachute account as a&l will close your account after they have paid out which is usually just after the MCOL stage. Hope this helps.
  14. Congratulations, im really happy for you.
  15. CONGRATULATIONS, I'm so happy for you.
  16. Hi Kirsty This is really your choice, only you two can make it but personally they are offering you this as they know the majority of people will go the whole way, but every now and then they get away with only paying half. If you do accept the £400 it does not mean they will not close your account anyway as you do not accept the terms and conditions (which is what they say when they are closing the accounts!) £400 is a lot of money and it may be worth taking a look at the successful threads to give you a bit of a boost. After doing my MCOL i received a letter saying they intend to defend and was then paid out two weeks after this and i am still awaiting them to close my account, which they said would happen on 20th October!!! Please have a good think about this before you decide and keep us posted. I hope this has helped.
  17. Hi Caro Glad you have finally got round to this one!!!. (especially after helping so many of us with ours!!) All the best
  18. Wooh that is a LOT of money they have had off you. Good luck (not that you'll need it).
  19. Thats great news, keep an eye on it to make sure they do what they have said they will.
  20. They are getting desparate now!! They had their chance to offer all of this after the 1st letter you sent and chose not to so why should you stop now? I would go ahead untill i got the whole amount, go for it wardy,
  21. CONGRATULATIONS Really pleased for you!!!! Great feeling isnt it!!!!
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