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  1. Thanks for the advice, I have returned a rejection of settlement offer letter and will see what comes of that. Like i say i'm in no rush at the moment so it's up to them. I will keep you all posted.
  2. Hi all, I had a non fault accident about three weeks ago now. The other driver immediately claimed liability and so the process started with direct line to get my car fixed. They have confirmed that my vehicle is damaged beyond economical repair and have offered me a pre accident value. I contested this on the phone and told them my car was worth more, as i have recently spent around £600 getting it though an mot three weeks prior to the accident. The girl on the phone told me there was no-one i could talk to as this needs to be looked over by another engineering member and if they decide to give me more then i will receive another cheque in the post to follow the one i have received today. I am under the impression that this is how these people are trained to operate and once that cheque is cashed that is the deal over and done with. I am in no rush to cash this cheque so i was wondering if i should return the cheque to them with a rejection to settlement letter (based on the ones we use to reclaim our bank charges!). I am unclear on my rights over this matter wether i can or cannot hold out and fight them for more. Also if i return this cheque will they demand back the courtesy car? Please help!!
  3. Hi all, I have sent off many SARS now all with quite immediate responses but i have had no reply over my business account. I am due to file a claim at the court on Friday 4th May but can't seem to find any help on this. I have Filled out a complaint form with the Office of the Information Commissioner and this is ready to send friday morning but i'm not clear on what form to fill out when i get to the court and also how i should approach it as i'm not really claiming for anything. Any help will be much appreciated Natwest Current - WON stage 2 £1667 Natwest Business - Refuse to send SARS Capital One - "we'll get back to you" - LBA Just sent Virgin - Offered £40 in reply to SARS - Refused HSBC - Offered £104 - Refused
  4. Hi i have sent my Subject Access Request: Data Protection to Natwest for my business account details dated 06/03/07. I also sent them a non compliance reminder on the 09/04/07 when they sent me SAR's for my Current account!! Now i am about to send them an LBA about this matter but i want to get my facts right. Is the Deadline 40 days which would mean it ended on the 15/04/07 Or is it 40 working days which would mean it ends 01/05/07 ???
  5. Hi all, Not sure where to post this question and didn't really want to start a new post so i thought i would plonk it here. I have already won a case against NatWest (current account) for £1667 (funnily enough they paid up on the third letter i sent) so i have started on the credit cards. I have sent the "Preliminary approach for repayment" letter to Capital One requesting an answer within 14 days and today i received a letter from them saying: "It is going to take us a little time to look into your situation and come back with a detailed response... Blah Blah Blah ...We'll do everything we can to get and answer to you within four weeks" Are they allowed to do this? Should i send another letter to them saying i want it resolved within 14 days or i will proceed with a court hearing? The thing i find the funniest is that i have a £200 credit card and they owe me £320 in charges!!!
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