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  1. HI Tilly YEP. Sure does, cant remember having so much fun for ages LOL:D Not since I had to watch the paint dry on my front door.LOL
  2. Hi Dazzle93 By the sound of things youve had a really bad time and Id like to offer my condolences on the passing of your mother. I lost my mum 5yrs ago and I know how your feeling, The stress you must have been under is enough to take anyone down but to be put under more by the banks must be truly awful for you. I think perhaps you should waste no time in sending off a SAR's letter to the bank requesting all information on your account. Im not 100% sure but I think if it was shown that the account is in dispute then they would find it harder to try and collect any monies from you. Send the letter recorded delivery and then they have 40 days to comply with your request. I hope that someone else will be able to give you some advice also in case Im a bit off croc. Perhaps a site helper would come and look at your post for you. Someone like SSL would know more than myself . I wish you the very best of Luck . Any probs or questions please do not hesitate to yell on here and someone will be around. Regards.
  3. HI OP'S You can say that again. Dont know if it is unintentional though.LOL Got visions now of mini-Howards hiding behind corners armed with mobile cameras , or lurking in the shadows when the postman comes just to see the disappointment on our faces when we realise that there isnt a letter from the bank with a nice juicy cheque inside. Its not too bad though , not really . I mean I only started this claim rolling in Dec 2006:eek: . See well used to waiting around , Im a veteran at it now. LOL Tomorrow is another day and I will be checking the bank again. (of course) Regards
  4. Hi Wilkinss208 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6986-data-protection-act-non.html Dont know if this will help but have a read of this. IMHO if the bank can tell you exactly the dates when these loans began and when they finished then they must have some information on tem. Thay didnt just pick these dates off the cornflakes box , did they.LOL Keep on at them and more importantly keep to the timescale. Hope you might find this useful. If not then hopefully someone else with more knowledge than myself might be able to help. Good Luck. Regards.
  5. Hi Ja-De You must be the same as me then . Keeps sayin I must spread it around. LOL That would get me into no end of trouble though wouldnt it. Not done that for years.
  6. Hi Lammy See you joined the ranks of the Thumb Twiddlers. Good Luck and hope you get the response your looking for. Regards
  7. Hi Mcadden. I rang the court today but am a bit miffed to say the least . I wont go into it here take too long but if youve a spare couple of mins later perhaps you could have a gander at my thread. Youll see what I mean. Regards
  8. AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW Thank you Ja-De. My one consolation in all this is that I know Im not by myself in this. As we all know all too well there are a lot of people on here in more or less the same boat so Im not by myself in the waiting game. Unfortunately I wasnt the first and I sure as hell eont be the last. Regards
  9. Hi Ladyinred Not too sure to be honest but if you take a look at Stonedcroze thread you might find some inspiration there. Hes on hols at the mo but hes going to try to get stay lifted.
  10. HI Dursary. I bet they are frustrated ,LOL I mean what happened to their response for the letter they sent dated the 28 Aug Seems like the banks are a law unto themselves doesnt it.
  11. Hi Faminscott. Glad to hear your carrying on and taking no notice of the voice of doom ( banks) They will try anything to stop us in our tracks but we on here are made of stronger stuff. In the words of "QUEEN " "DONT STOP ME NOW" etc, etc, etc,
  12. HI Wilkinss208 Just been readin your thread. Can I ask what they said in their reply please. Regards
  13. Oh Tilly you say the funniest things. Youve just made my day. Thanks for cheering me up
  14. HI Desilverstein Just want to say WOW. This "game plan " of yours sounds very good to me. Seems like youve thought every thing out and got it all straight in your mind. No wonder your feeling positive, youve every right to. Ill be keeping my eye on here with anticipation , and wish you the very best of luck. Regards
  15. HI DK Still nothing for you then,? Me neither , and Im feelin right confused due to information I got off Court person today , but thats another story. Anyway look at you . Gone all "PLATINUM". About time too. CONGRATULATIONS
  16. HI AD Thats some consolation then isnt it . Now lets hope you have post at home and its good news. Will be watching and waiting LOL Regards
  17. Hi Guys. Still nothing in my bank from the haliprats. GGGGRRRRR I just decided to ring the Courts up in Warrington to see if anything has been done about the warrant. Nice chappie told me that they had not had anything in from Runcorn (my local) Courts as yet could take a few days to get transferred. When I originally handed the Request for Warrant in to the court the man behind the desk told me it would need to go before a judge to see if he would grant it. Today I thought I would as this nice chappie the same question ! I asked if it needed to go before a judge and he said "NO".:o Mentioned something about it shouldnt take longer than 5 days , but because of the need for the transfer ----blah blah blah. OK so now Im totally confused, ( doesnt take much) . How can one person at one court tell me it does then another person at another court tell me it doesnt.? I thought that at least when two people are doing the same job that they should at least be reading off the same page ,so to speak, you know what I mean. Dont know what to think now , he also said that its pretty straight forward unless--- there is something goes wrong and the they would send it back to me with the fee. Ive got cramp in my fingers from keeping them crossed, no not crossed make that entwined. Playin that old game again then. Im still going to check every day though:lol: Regards
  18. HI Ja-De I hope that the injections do the trick. Will it be just the one or a course of them. Hope their not too painful for you. The idea of anyone wasting court time and trying to destroy lives is absolutely abhorrent to me. Like you here's hoping that she gets what she deserves and your lad can get his life back on track , must be an awful time for him. I cant believe Ive successfully sent it back to you. WOW! Thats got to be a first . must be getting better eh! LOL:D
  19. Hi Ja-De Im so sorry to hear about your health probs, had no idea. I dont know about you still wishing you were young as by the sounds of it I bet you could run rings round a few of these young 'uns. You come across as having so much energy, always doing this or that. Stop beating yourself up. You help loads of people on here, yet you still find the time and energy to get on with other things as well. Dont know how you do it. Its strange you mentioning about your son. My youngest daughter has been put through one of those . She had to take her son (6) for a DNA test on Monday. The father completely denies even knowing her. . They were together for about 4 yrs then she got pregnant and hey presto, he didnt want to know. I wouldnt mind but you'd think he had spat the son out of his mouth. He is the absoloute image of his dad. Hes never set eyes on him though and of course never paid a brass farthing towards his upkeep. I keep telling her shes better off without him and I know she thinks so too but shes hurt because of the fact that now hes completely denying her . Shes got photos and everything of when they were a couple. Beats me how anyone can be so downright cruel, I could never deny my own flesh and blood like that. Shes of the oponion that the dad, will try and send someoneelse for the test as thats the type of lowlife he is. He better not or he'll have me to contend with . GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I suppose its all sent to try us isnt it. Kids, wouldnt change them for the world though would you. Im glad your starting another claim anyhow as that means we'll be hearing more from you . I can torment you and moan at you again, LOL. Hope you get things sorted with your wrist soon. This typing must play havok with it, cause I know its very painful isnt it. You'll need to take more care of yourself. Catch you later I hope. Regards BTW thanks for the flower. did you get one back.
  20. HI Hd.ready Just want to wish you Good Luck with your claim. Dont forget you need to take 3 copies of everything to the courts. Hope all goes well. Regards
  21. Hi Ja-De How you doin? Seem to keep missin each other dont we. Your right there it would have been nice for the hols but Im not too bothered ( HONEST). LOL I was a bit confused though when the guy at Court told me the Warrant had to go before a judge again for his approval. I thought it was just a case of me takin it to court and then the bailiffs getting a letter off to the bank telling them they had 8 days to pay or they would go get 'em. Oh well, blimey whats a few more days or weeks or whatever it takes, (she says sittin in corner sobbin) Seriously though seems like I dont know too much then about court proceedure doesnt it. lol I keep checkin the bank like a demented thing, gawd knows what i'll do when the miney is finally put in(OOOPPS! MONEY even) Hope to catch you later if your around. I guess the other thread is keeping you really busy, dont know how you juggle it all. Regards.
  22. Hi Ops You sound as though you know exactly what your doing now. Im glad its coming together for you. Dont forget you need 3 copies of everything to take to Court. Good Luck and we are all looking out for you. Regards.
  23. HI Grant Just wondering if youve heard any good news yet. Has anything happened with your first claim, or are you still waiting for the 28 days to finish .? Not long to go now is there, am I right in saying it should be the 23rd of Sept they have to file and then if not are you going to go for Judgement by Default. Keep us updated would be nice to hear some good news for a change eh! Regards
  24. Hi Jesteruk Yep does sound like your one of the lucky ones and as for the reason the Judge says , I think it is just that . No one has requested stay so hes going ahead with it. Looks like youve got your work cut out for you then. You never know though the bank might just decide to pay up now rather than face court themselves. Hope you get good result. and Happy Reading. Good Luck Regards
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