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  1. Hi all and thank you sam78. I feel empowered now you'll know what I mean. Well today I posted off a LBA to Shabby.I've given them another 14 days to comply with the DPA, even though they've already had 106 days. I was going to send a letter of complaint to the Commisioner but want to get it right so after reading a few more posts I realised this was not the thing to do yet. So once again I sit and wait. Oh well it will be worth it in the end , wont it?
  2. Hi ok ok know I must seem thick but where computers are concerned I am. Please could somebody tell me how I start a thread . Ive posted a few times but I'm sure i'm doing it all wrong.Sorry to sound so stupid but I please could somebody take pity on me and HELP. The mind goes once you reach a certain age you know. Well thats my excuse and i'm sticking to it Thanks:oops:
  3. hi all could someone please help me fathom out if a claim could be maid against Welcome and if so what to claim. My daughter has finance for a car and cause they told her no PPI no finance ( shes considered a high risk) she took the loan out. on the Agreement it states Amount of credit for goods £6,900.00 Amount of credit for Insurances £2,165.89 Total amount of credit £9,065.89 Duration of Agreement 48 mths payable by £302.75 mth Total amount payable for the Goods £11,316.80 Total amount payable for the Insurances £3,415.20 total amount payable £14,732.00 Other Financial Information Cash Price of Goods £7,000.00 Total cash price of Insurances £2,165.89 Total cash price £9,165.89 Deposit cash £100 PX allowance £0.00 Total deposit £100.00 Acceptance Fee £150.00 Finance Charges for Goods £4,316.80 Option Fee £100.00 Charge for credit for Goods £4,316.80 Charge for credit for Insurances £1,249.31 Total charge for credit £5,566.11 Rate of interest on credit (per annum) 14.42% Sorry its so long but we are compltely confused. She has written to them requesting they take the PPI off as she thinks she was mis-sold it but they said they could not do that then they said they would but the repayments would not go down , just the years. Now would she need a new contract without the PPI or would the original one suffice. but then could they chase her for non payment of PPI later on ,as after all a contract is binding. She only started the Agreement in July 06 so shes not paid that much off the PPI but could she claim what she has paid back? Thanks to anyone who takes the time to look at this and perhaps can come back with an answer
  4. hi itsme just want to pick your brains a little bit, hope you dont mind. My daughter has a car with Welcome and she is thinking of trying to claim her PPI back as she thinks she toowas mis-sold it. i've been looking at her agreement and noticed in the T/C a clause that states "Ownership of the Goods and your option at the end of the Contract At the end of this agreement, provided you have paid all monies owing underthis Agreement and the Agreement has not been terminated,you may buy the goods. You may exercise your option to buy the goods by paying the Option Fee together and in addition to your final monthly payment. If you do not exercise your option to buy the Goods, you must return them in good condition no later than the day your final Payment is due." Can you shed any light on this for me . Am I missing something here , it sounds to me that after paying the 4 yrs on the car that it never really is yours to keep unless you pay this " FEE" can anyone enlighten me please I dont know if I am reading this right or am I just thick
  5. hi again everbody just checking in again to let you know i've still not had my statements back of "SHABBY" yet. This is the second time i've applied for them as I got the first time wrong,doh! Anyhoo they got my letter on 7th March and I had the standard reply back, you know the sort of thing, "Very sorry blah, blah, blah". Not heard a peep off them since. Funny thing is I sent a cheque for £10 but on checking it has still not been cashed but as they aknowledged my request I presume they have got it. The 40 days is up on 16th this month so if I dont hear I will pen a letter of complaint to the right person and wait for whatever to happen. Why, oh why cant they just accept defeat gracefully and do the right thing. Well all thanks for reading this and keep up the good work y'all p.s. I missed the Whistleblower but have since read all about it on this site . WOW! What an eyeopener.
  6. hi had letter back off shabby acknowledging my request for statements. well its something i suppose, i'll just have to wait it out now and see if they are forthcoming, which i doubt. i'm still a little dubious if im honest , is it just me or are there others like me who cant seem to get their heads round all this legal stuff? i must say i find it all a little confusing , and i've bought the recommended books too. well if i want my money back i'll just have to wade right in i suppose ,but, i'm sure i'll make a load of clangers and be the exeption to the rule and have to pay shabbey loads instead of them coughing up. Oer.
  7. Thanks for the advice hedgey .Ive actually sent another tenner and used that letter this time . Just hope I have better luck. Im going to post letter number 2 off to the halifax tomorrow requesting all my charges back. Has anybody heard how long we can reclaim before it is going to stop? A freind told me she'd heard this on the news. People will still be able to claim but not the six years. I'd better get a move on then eh
  8. hi again im a bit miffed, having been waiting for statements from shabby since 30th Dec ive still not got my hands on them all so ive posted the first letter now and paid out another tenner but this time i hope ive done it right. Ill have to be more patient and see. Good luck to everyone though
  9. hi everybody, i'm a new user and just want to say i think this site is amazing. I'm still waiting for my statements off my bank, its been nearly 40 days and i may need to give them a ring and gee them up.They are dragging thier heels i think I am going to read all i can now and hopefully i'll feel more confident about claiming back my charges. thanks overflow
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