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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww Thanks Very Much For Support.
  2. Hi SSL. Thank you for coming to my rescue. Both you and Tilly are angels, always there in times of need. I wish I could give you both a hundred clicks. LOL . Ill go take a look now . Thank you both.
  3. Hi Tilly, I know Im panicing but I dont know if those links would apply to me. What Ive recieved today is. NOTICE of HEARING of APPLICATION The hearing of the Defendants application for the Judgement To Be Set Aside will take place at 11:40 on 19th December . It doesnt tell me that Ive got to attend at all, no directions on what to take or anything. This is why Im so confused, dont know if Ill need to take bundle or even if I have to send anything to tthe Court or to the Bank in reply:eek: . Honestly Tilly I havent a clue:???:
  4. Oh Tilly , Thank you so much for replying, Im really panicing now. Going to read the threads youve given me , just hope they sink in.:o
  5. Now Im going to sound really , really thick but can someone in the know tell me if there is any difference between "set aside" and " a stay" please? Do they both mean the same thing? Regards
  6. Hi Guys. I rang the bailiffs up this a.m. and spoke to the manager who informed me that the bank has asked for the claim to be stayed, set aside,(which I had been told last week). He said that most of the banks were asking for this now , but, he also said that nearly all the DJ's were dismissing them so my claim will probably go back to him anyway. Told me that I could ring the Court up to find out more, so I did . They said that a date had been set for the 19th Dec.:o . Ive been out all day but when I got home about 1/2 hr ago there waiting for me was a BIG thick envelope from the Court. Its the Banks application to the court and its like 45 pages thick. . Now I'm really worried as I tried to read it and I honestly cant make head nor tails of it. I may as well be reading chinese. OMG. I'm sitting here wishing that I'd never started this, I just know I'm gonna lose, although it doesnt say I have to go to the hearing Ive been told that it is advisable. EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK. Panic button time folks. Do I need to take anything to the Court and will I have to speak. OH Lawd! I know Ill make a complete and utter ass out of myself. Person going loopy here, ANY advice welcome PLEASE.!!!! Regards Overflowing and drowning. HELP!
  7. Thank you Tilly. Sometimes it helps though doesnt it.
  8. Thanks so much for all your kind words and support. I shouldnt moan I know. Not with a great bunch like you all on here behind me. Regards
  9. HI Dk Know what you mean when you say it doesnt look good. I thought that if I got mine set aside that Id go in all guns blazin, but, on thinkin about some of the advice Ive had now Im not sure. Ive still had nothing off the Court to say that its been set aside and stayed, I rang on Tuesday so they have had time to get a letter off to me, unless they have sent one, second class. Maybe get one tomorrow though, hopefully anyway. Part of me wants to do somethin but then I just dont know anymore. I hope that doesnt come across as being defeatist, after all the spouting Ive done to other ppl to not give up and carry on regardless. I dont seem to have the heart for it anymore if Im honest. Its so soul destroying knowing that the Great British Justice (that I thought it was) is not really worth a carrott. I suppose there must be others on here that feel the same so Ill not grumble too much. Keep us updated with what your going to do. Good luck with whatever your decision. Regards
  10. HI Stone & Miz Thanks for support Miz, nice to see your still keeping an interest on here. Stone, unfortunately I put request in on 24-07 and had it granted on 29-08. Remember they said I'd filled in the wrong form , (when I rang them up to find info a lady said she was glad I'd rang as she had been sitting on it for 2 wks,) so sent me another one out and by the time they got it back it took over a month from the original date . Just gonna wait and see what the letter from the Court says and go from there. Dont know if I could go with the hardship now, although only on widows pension, no other income as nobody seems to want to employ me now Im knocking on a bit:lol: . (Ive got to laugh or Id cry). No, dont mean Ive reached retirement age but not far off. Said it before you did Stone. LOL. Ah well, not to worry life goes on and there are ppl far worse off than myself. Regards
  11. Hi Guys Just rang the bailiffs office up to see whats going on. Iwas told that they have just had a phone call off the Court to say the bank has applied for it to be set aside. The lady said that I should get a letter off them within the week. Said that it would now need to go before the judge for a court date. Does this mean that Ill have to go to the Court now as well? Like I said Ill just leave it now till the OFT case is over, hopefully in January. Well there it is so much for the british justice Im thinkin. How can the banks have the final say over the judges, they make a mockery of the system, but the judges seem to be ok with it. I cant make it out, who's in charge, who has the most power. Once the judge has made a decision then surely that should stand, not be pulled to peices by the banks. There you go Ive had my moan now. Time to sit on thumbs good style. Btw , SSL yes , you got it in one, thanks for the click and also Ja-De thank you too. Talk to you later. Regards.
  12. Hi Tilly. It is a shame but Ill know more news tomorrow, I hope. Ive not had any notification yet off the Courts so you never know , the bank could be blowing hot air. Best to wait till I know for certain isnt it. Im cheesed off about it ,of course but, if thats the way it goes then thats the way it goes. Im not giving up but after all whats the point of throwing good money after bad, especially when I cant afford it.
  13. Hi SSL Thank you for replying. I appreciate it. I did ring the bailiffs office today but the lady told me to ring again tomorrow as its the Bailiff Manager who will be dealing with my case and he wasnt there today. I will ring again though tomorrow and also ring the court as you suggested, I wouldnt have thought to ring them at all, I thought that the bailiff had the final say now. See, I'm still learning all the time being on here:lol: . If they have asked for it to be set aside then I think I will put it to bed till the OFT case is over. Ive had some good advice from someone we both respect, I think you will know who I mean. If there is one thing Ive learnt on here its to listen to other peoples opinions and experiences, and take their advice on board. There are people on here that I really value getting advice from, yourself included. Thank you once again. I will post the result of my phone call tomorrow, so fingers crossed. Regards.
  14. Hi Guys. Thanks for the advice which of course I will follow. I will ring the bailiffs office first thing later on and see what they have to say. I thought that they would have written to me tbh, especially if the bank has asked for it to be set aside. Arent they supposed to keep people up to date with info like that? I guess they must be really busy then LOL. I did have a great time, the villa was fantastic. One drawback though, Ive developed muscles in my legs like POP-EYE. The ramp leading up to the villa was about a 1 in 3 and then there were 4 lots of steps to climb:eek: but the vista was absolutely breathtaking. Weather was great, 1st 3 days rain but warm then really hot. Ive come back looking like one big freckle. .Thats the only fault being a red head. Glad to be home though, Ive missed all you guys. Regards
  15. Hi Guys. Just to update, when I got home there was a letter waiting for me from the banks legal dept. They inform me that they have noted I have obtained a judgement in default , and that they will be applying to the court for an order to set aside the the judgement and for an order to stay any action on my judgement untill the resolution of the banks proceedings with the OFT. I am cheesed off to say the least. As this letter has come from their Legal Services does anyone think I should be worried? Im planning to phone the bailiffs office tomorrow and find out what is going on, so much for me coming back to a nice suprise eh! Any advice would be welcome thanks. Regards
  16. HI Guys Just popped in to say no news yet but then I wasnt expectin any. Update again in 2 weeks
  17. HI DK Know what you mean. Its so b****y quiet on here now as well. Everyone is waitin now I think, wonder who will be the first to post some good news for a change. Good to hear your settling into your job, I cant seem to get one. Nobody wants to know when you reach a certain age, , and yet I could give someone half my age a good run for their money. Its so frustrating, Ive still got to live but cant se to get anyone to take me on. Perhaps when I come back from hols luck will change, sick of beans LOL Regards
  18. AAAAWWWWWW Stone What are you tryin to say. You'll miss me when Im gone, whos gonna take the michael then.
  19. HI Stone WOW thats great. Didnt realise you had a custom made one , pity I cant borrow it, just the job for scuba diving in the pool.
  20. Hi Ripley Well you got a result and thats good even if it wasnt exactly the one you wanted but then we cant have everything can we. Seems your plan worked a wee bit. Regards
  21. HI Scott. Not too sure if there is any recent news to be honest but the general feeling on here is to just carry on with your claim as usual. There are a lot of courts putting stays oncases till the result of the OFT but not all. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/cases-stayed-pending-oft/109936-find-out-here-if.html If you look on here then you will be able to see if your local court is one of them or not. Its not down to the banks to stay claims its only the DJ who can make that decision and not all of them are staying cases. Whatever you feel is right for your circumstances , to go for it or to wait is your decision. If you have any questions or need help with anything then just give a shout on here , someone will always be around. Good Luck with your claim. Regards
  22. Hi Loulou. The decision to wait or not must be your own choice, just go with whatever feels right to you. If you are planning to keep the money already paid then have you sent them a letter telling them that you are willing to accept it in part-payment only and that you intend to carry on with your claim for full amount, if your not keeping it then you should send them the rejection letter. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/cases-stayed-pending-oft/109936-find-out-here-if.html This link will let you find out if the court you are planning to use is staying cases or not. Not all of them are, so this is very good thread. If you do decide to go ahead with the claim and it does happen to get stayed , then at least you'll know that when the outcome of the test case is known , your claim will already be in the system and hopfully get dealt with just that little bit quicker. Dont hesitate to shout on here if you need any help or advice, always some one about willing to help. Good Luck with whatever you decide to do. Regards
  23. HI Jade See you got the statements then and not printout. Bet your pleased about that. Time to "sit on thumbs" to quote Stone. Good Luck with it. Regards
  24. Hi John, Yep , thats the one. Go get em. Hope you enjoyed your hols and feeling fit and rearing to go. Regards
  25. Hi Stone Looks like we're all at it doesnt it. I fly out on Friday, looking forward to it now. Judging by the steps leading up to the villa I think i'll just be staying by the pool. Its situated half way up the only mountain on the island , not really recommended for the less mobile. Good job my zimmer has wheels on it. . Regards
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