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  1. I havent been on here for a while but like many ,many of the user's here I am truly saddened by this news..My heartfelt condolances to Martins family, . We here have lost a much respected member of our family ,,. Never to be forgotten..

  2. thanks you guys.

    scaniaman I got the car in 2006. Not got it back off garage yet as now they say the part is out of stock. Been without it since 16th Jan. I dont know how they came up with the quote of £800 yet . Hopefully I will know more on Monday when Im going to phone them and see if it is repaired yet. Ill let you know.

    Rebel11 ill google that now and thanks again both of you for help.



  3. Hi scaniaman,

    Long story really,but one dealership said that they had been in touch with Citroen and they had admitted that it should never have deployed with no obvious reason. That place gave me 24 hrs to remove my car from their property, which incidentally cost another £110.00 to get RAC out. Thats another story.

    Took car to another Citroen dealership and was told that they would look at the car.

    they did and have found no reason for the airbag to have deployed as no damage to car ,no impact, nothing at all . Just driving along and as I have said BANG. The second dealership ( they still have my car) said that they could fix it and have quoted me £800.00 .

    My problem is that I dont see why I should have to pay this as it was through no fault of mine the bag went off, also Citroen themselves have admitted that this should never happen.

    I am toying with the idea of getting some legal advice and just wanted some opinions off you guys on here .

    Hope this answers your query.



  4. has anyone had any problems with citroen dealership. I have a c3 52 reg and whilst driving along on friday 13 (lol) one of the airbags deployed. No accident no damage to car just driving along minding my own business when BANG.


    Id be interested to know if this has happened to anyone else, and what was the outcome.

  5. HI Kelvid


    Long time no speak. I think your idea might be worth a try although I did this myself about a month ago and just got the usual " We are awaiting the results of the test case" reply.

    You never know you might have better luck than I did.


    Only consolation for us is like you said the interest is piling up but then so are my bank chargesmlol.


    Mines been going for well over a year as well so know how you feel but try to stay positive.





    Regards overflow :)

  6. Hello Tilly


    Happy New Year

    Nice to see someone is around.

    Just thought Id pop in and see if there was any news on the bank front but cant seem to find anything.

    Im fine though xmas was hectic as was new year. I had to work on new years day but hey, whats new. lol


    Overflow x

  7. Hi and first let me wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR.


    Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them.


    I couldnt have stayed strong without the encouagement and the support of the people on this site. They gave me the strength to carry on.


    My case is no different than a lot of us on here. We all wait patiently for the day our cases are won.


    Im still confident that we will win no matter how long it takes.


    Well done to you though for winning your first claim.


    Im sure it will all come back to you when you go for the new claim.


    I wish you every success in doing so.


    Regards Overflow

  8. HI Tilly


    not been around for a while. just popping in now to see if there is any news.


    Ive been in wales for a few days to chill out after my ordeal the other week when i was held up at gunpoint at work and had to give the contents of the till to two little scumbags.


    not only robbed by the banks but by these two sicko's as well eh.

    at least this time it wasnt my money ha ha.

  9. Hi Stone.

    Good to hear from you . Thanks for that info.


    Im still kicking anyhow, looks like this is going to drag on and on . Stil the interest is piling up for us all so thats some small concellation I suppose.

    Our thumbs are going to be all wrinkly by the time we can actually pull them out and dont have to sit on them anymore.


    Huggy regards x

  10. hi guys.


    can anyone give me a bit of advice please.


    My daughter has today been to carcraft and bought a car on finance.


    It wasnt till she got the car home that she suddenly realised that there wasnt any tax on it.

    Has she any comebacks on them to supply her with at least 6 months tax and where they in the wrong to allow her to drive the car off the grounds when they knew it wasnt taxed. could she get out of the agreement , is there a cooling off period at all.


    i will be very gratefulfor any opinions on this asap.


    Regards overflow:confused:

  11. Hi Deadly,

    Nice to hear from you , hope your feeling much better now.


    I, like yourself , keep popping in every so often in the hope that I might discover on someones thread that they have won their case, and that this whole test case has been sorted. HA.


    We live in hope eh!

    Keep well , maybe we'll bump into each other going through the posts sometime.

    huggles from me and regards :)

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