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  1. Hi all, Well today i accepted their offer of £3,920.00 as basically it was what they owed! I would just like to send my THANKS to Willowb Susanne007 Pugsley drowningfast(my sister) DaringDon & Stacymason Who all helped me to continue & fight for what is mine!!!!!! I WON GUYS, I WON
  2. Hi all, Just to update, received a letter off Mr Mclean this morning for £3,920.00 as full & final. Problem is at the moment i thought they owed somewhere in the region of £4,700.00 BUT in going through my statements again i realised they have already refunded to me £803.38 which brings total to £3,896.62 I'm stuffed aren't I?????? Can i request payment by cheque? Any advice anyone S
  3. All i can say is well done to both Willow & Big Col CONGRADULATIONS! YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  4. Hi Willow, Yes, thanks i'm feeling better, not quite 100% yet but got a bottle of "medicinal" wine tonight to make me feel MUCH better!!!!! Yes, it was very tempting but resist i have:grin: Sending rejection letter off tomorrow. Do i need to send off another schedule of charges as obviously more have been added since 1st letter? Hope you hear something soon, can't even begin to imagine how you must be feeling seeing all us "NEWBIES" getting quick responces! I know how i would feel! Just can't understand why you, Big Col etc are still waiting after so long:( Will keep my fi
  5. Good morning all, Well i got another letter off RBS this morning, offering £2123.00 as full & final settlement! As it stands at the moment my total charges are at £4646.00:o so as you can guess i'm just about to send them MY FOB OFF LETTER:grin: Will keep you all posted on outcome Any words of advice greatly welcomed at this stage! Thanks S
  6. Hi Stacy, Can't believe you don't want my 2! can't even give them away now! Don't need a hand at the mo, just a new nose will do! Where abouts in Withington do you work? up that way next week taking my friend to hospital for a check up. If i'm still full of cold they may put me in quarantine HOPEFULLY! S
  7. Mr Tommy Mclean Customer Relations Unit Retail Support The Forthstone 56, South Gyle Crescent Edinburgh EH12 9LE Hope this helps S
  8. Hi T.D I used template LBA from library on site & again enclosed schedule of charges, sent 1 copy to my branch & 1 to Edinburgh. As did my sister as we both use same branch. Wish i was feeling better, but at least i can't feel any worse! I HOPE! S
  9. Cheers babe, Don't fancy adopting my 2 girls do you? both very generous at sharing things S
  10. Hi T.D Thats the reply both me & my sister got i know that much, Standard "Fob Off" iirc. Just keep going/smiling. Good luck S
  11. Thanks Stacey, Half alive! at the moment i would just settle for being able to walk without legs/whole body aching! oh that & getting to sleep, staying asleep without waking up with snot pouring out of my nose. Yeah i'm on benefits, so will take a wonder into Sale at some point & sort out court. Will have a look at templates today, if nothing else the pretty patterns of all the words may lull me to sleep! Thanks S
  12. Thanks Willow, So its moneyclaim then court? Virus from hell! Made worse i feel as i'm now a single parent so not allowed to get ill till next Friday! Wish i knew where all the snot came from? my poor nose is so red i could freelance for Father Christmas at the moment!!!! Next question is do i phone woman from rbs that wrote above letter & ask which letter shes replying to as in prelim or lba? and let her know that MY deadline is up on 17th October or give her a chance to look at my account? Already had "Fob off!" letter off Mr Mclean from prelim letter! Thanks
  13. Anybody? Courts or money claim 1st? ???????????????????
  14. Postmans just been & delivered this:- Bolton Customer Service Centre PO Box 2027 Parklands de Havilland Way Bolton BL6 4YU Dear Miss ******** I refer to your concern regarding the charges applied to your account over the past six years. To progress the resolution of your concern i thought i would write to keep you up to date. Initially, let me thank you for bringing this to my attention, as it is important that we are made aware of any instance where our customers feel that we have fallen below the standards expected of us. As part of the Customer Enquiri
  15. Morning all, Need some advice & i know i will get shouted at for asking but valid excuse believe me. Sent my LBA 3rd October, do i now need to get forms from court or do i do money claim? Excuse for asking, my youngest daughter has given me her cold, my body has stopped functioning, my brain is full of snot & is thinking of moving out (just managed to drive them to school this morning, I THINK!) Any help will do, just don't get to technical as words look like pretty shapes at the moment & its just taken me 20 mins to type this! Thanks S
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