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  1. I think the 'assumption' on taking it on was that it was brand spanking... anything we spotted immediately wrong we emailed to the agents on the first day. When I say furniture marks, i mean a few marks where they have touched the wall, nothing major tho... having looked round other rented properties lately, this is palacial.. but you never know I suppose... in my experience the deposit is never 100% secure as they will always look for something to have you on
  2. No, its unfurnished and was a brand new, never lived in house. Everything is as it was except for a few furniture marks on walls... will they bother with that or is that wear and tear? Should I attempt to patch them up?
  3. Thanks for all your help MrShed! The above is what I thought. As there is no damage, is there any way I can obtain evidence to confirm this in case they try it on?
  4. Following on from my thread yesterday We have decided to leave the house, but pay the outstanding 2 months rent in one go as we realise our reasons for leaving were rather trivial. 1) We have offered 1 months rent plus our deposit for them to keep as there is no damage to the property at all... is this reasonable? 2) We are moving out and handing the keys back on the 27th Feb. From this point, do we become no longer responsible for council tax, gas, electric etc apart from obviously what we used up til that date? ta in advance
  5. There are no damages The house we have gone for elsewhere has required us to put a deposit down. We stand to lose that if we stay here any longer and then have to find another place. I know it seems trivial but its the manner in which he approaches us and just thinks he can come over when he likes... its not on Contract states 4.3.10 Permit the landlord and or his agents or others, after giving 24 hours written notice and at reasonable hours of the daytime, to enter the property: to view the state and condition and to execute repairs and other works upon the property or other properties to show prospective purchasers the property at all times during the term and to erect a board to indicate that the property is for sale to show propective tenants the property, during the last month of the term and to erect a board to indicate the property is to let Our landlord came round on the 2nd occasion for no other reason than to demand we pay a gas bill that related to a period outside of our tenancy. We referred him to our agents as they act on our behalf
  6. Within our contract there is a clause that says the landlord needs to give us 24 hours written notice to come and visit the property, this can only be done under specific conditions and at reasonable times. This is why we feel so strongly about it. The letting agents have even stated on both occasions that he is breaching by turning up, as they know nothing about it either. In the situation that we just decided to pay off the last 2 months rent, would it be ok for us to pay them one months and tell them to keep the deposit as the other months?
  7. - When the landlord turned up, were you present in the property? Did you let him in? Did he let himself in? He turned up at 9pm on 4th November and at 8pm on 9th January. He rang the doorbell and banged on the door for 5 minutes each time, at which point we opened the door to him. We complained after the first occasion and were told he was breaching his terms and we were within our rights to refuse entry - When did you move in? October 28th 2006 - What is the fixed term of the contract? 6 months I know you will probably say just stay put, but in the meantime we have gone after another house to ensure we are not homeless come the end of the month. The only thing the letting agent appears to be holding us up on is the whole 'Court order' thing
  8. Im not argueing with you mate, so please dont take this the wrong way, but how can breach of a contract not constitute termination... If we were to breach a rule in our agreement, they would rid of us like a shot. I think its worth me saying at this stage that the agents have said nothing about breaches constituting termination, but should we wish to be released on the grounds of a breach, we would need a court order... surely this is false information?
  9. This is a big plea to anyone with any legal knowledge or experience. Long story short, our landlord has breached our tenancy agreement by turning up unannounced on our doorstep twice within the first 3 months of our tenancy. The rule states that he must provide 24hrs written notice to attend the property and also visit at an appropriate time. We have written to terminate our agreement on the basis of 2 breaches of the contract. The thing I need to know is, do we need a court order to terminate under this basis, or are we within our rights to do so as per our assured shorthold tenancy agreement. The property is managed by the agents. We have acknowledgement from our agents that the landlord has carried out these breaches and that they acted on an initial complaint from us by writing to him. ta in advance
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