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  1. Sorry, I should of mentioned there is no mention of any other creditors on my CRA file. This from Noddle: MBNA says ‘Satisfied’ with £0 balance and is the ‘Closed Accounts’ section updated 30/03/2013 HSBC says ‘Default’ and is the ‘Open Accounts’ section updated 28/02/2013 Barclaycard says ‘Late Payment’ and is the ‘Open Accounts’ section updated 28/02/2013
  2. Thanks for the replies. Is it worth ringing the OC to see where I stand as I have had letters saying the debt has been sold though.
  3. Hello, I need some advice before I go and commit to something I might regret. I've read a few posts on here with people in similar situations to me but I felt I needed my own thread to ask my own questions. I have 3 debts that have been bought/passed to DCAs: HSBC card - £10719.33 - now with Metropolitan Collection Services MBNA card - £7043.87 - now with Aktiv Kapital Barclaycard - £4004.64 - now with Risk Management Alternatives I'm in a position to set up monthly payments on all three based on my available money each month. However, before I do this I would really like some advice on how I should approach this with each DCA. I have been paying monthly amounts to each of these debts via existing payment details to each of the original creditors. Up to now I have not spoken to any of the DCA but I would like to get something sorted either way with them. Thanks
  4. Hi again, I haven't received a reply yet to my first letter. I just need to check with you all, is it 14 working days that I need to count from the date they received my LBA? Cheers, Matt
  5. Thnaks again, my prelim letter was sent yesterday.
  6. Also which address do I send it to, my branch or head office and is there a name I should use? Thanks, Matt
  7. Hi again, I'm still a bit unclear as to when I ask for 8%, do I ask for it on my prelim letter as well? Cheers, Matt
  8. Certainly is good that I posted it up. Ok I've now finished my new spreadsheet with 8% interest and I have another question. These are my totals for the last 6 years. The total penalty charge is £392 8% interest on penalties is £71.44 Interest on penalties is £3.34 8% interest on penalites is £1.16 Am I claiming for the £392 + the £3.34 as overdraft interest on my prelim letter?
  9. Thanks for the replies. The 31% was already in the spreadsheet that I downloaded so I just thought it was normal. I've had another read through some posts and I've decided I'm not going to claim for the contractual interest. I downloaded another spreadsheet off here last night, which is slightly different so I'm going to transfer my charges onto that one. Also realised that I didn't put my overdraft figure as a minus when I should on my original spreadsheet.
  10. Hi there, I've had a good read around and through some of the posts on here and I think I might be close to sending my letter off. However, I a question about the advanced spreadsheet I have used. I'm not sure which figure I actually put in the letter? I've copied the summary section from my spreadsheet below. CLAIM DATE: 12/03/07 COMPOUND ANNUAL INTEREST RATE: 31.00% TOTAL PENALTIES AND BANK INTEREST ON PENALTIES: 420.42 TOTAL INTEREST: 529.74 TOTAL CLAIM: 950.16 Is it the £420.42 ? Thanks.
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