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  1. Why not send a letter before action to the creditor and if they do not respond, proceed with your own county court claim?
  2. It is not the level of debt that is so important but whether or not the credit agreement has been broken - in other words, you have not paid. If you have taken a payment break under the CoVid relaxations you should not find yourself being pursued at the current time provided the break has been taken with the agreement of the card issuer (ie you did not just stop paying).
  3. The court will expect a claimant to act 'reasonably' and I cannot see that making a county court claim in a matter of days after the carrier took possession fo a parcel, without giving them a reasonable time to find it will be seen as such (although lets face it, they probably won't even look). As to the location - I have not made any assertion in a direct way - just pointed out that where a claimant is an individual - which this person probably is - not withstanding that they are also selling on ebay - the matter will usually go to their local court although of course anyone in
  4. Others may have views but I would suggest that as your contract is with Parcel2Go, that is who you need to make the claim against. Have you sent a final 'letter before action' in other words advised P2G what you intend to do? The county court will expect you to have made reasonable attempts to resolve the matter with the other party. As to the court itself - if you file your claim online then the County Court Bulk Centre in Northampton will initially handle it. Should the respondent dispute the claim it will probably be transferred to YOUR nearest County Court Centre. Generally, t
  5. Shawbrook is a bit of a 'challenger' bank but also provides quite a bit of consumer finance. I used then a couple of years ago when I bought replacement windows from Anglian. (Bizarrely paying upfront was more expensive that getting an interest free loan from Shawbrook). So it is quite possible that you may have had dealings with them, but without actually knowing the name of the bank?
  6. Hey Purple - Could I just remind you that First Direct and 1st Credit are not the same business? You mix the names up above and 1st Credit are the type of firm that would dispute you ever contact them if you put the wrong name on your letter.
  7. I guess you mean a CIFAS marking? That is a fraud marker (which will stop you getting a mortgage, yes) I cannot understand why you think you may have one though - getting declined for a credit card just means the bank didn't think they could make money out of you - thats all. If you said you were full time but are really part time the credit card company won't know unless they asked your employer which it very unlikely. (full time can be 16 hours + a week) If in doubt, check your file but I really think you are worrying about nothing
  8. What is the principal reason for not paying this loan back, aside from being in dispute over your job? Is it that you can't, or don't want to following your enforced departure?
  9. Actually it didn't. The customers affected had other cards in the same wallet and put them close to the readers when paying. Nobody in M&S had the data sucked out of their cards whilst walking through the store.
  10. I don't think they can take company money to pay personal debts as others have said - BUT even if the debt is statute barred, again as others say, that does not mean you do not OWE the money. SB means they cannot take legal action in court but I don't see why the right of offset would not still exist, if you put personal funds in the account. However - 1999/2000? I reckon they will have written it off and won't have any details on their records. Well, hopefully..
  11. Vanquis will probably accept you. I dont agree with the 'revolving pay day loan' comment I'm afraid. Firstly you can use the card and pay it off in full, like any any credit card and pay nothing. Secondly, the interest rates on Vanquis, whilst high are nowhere near those of Pay Day loans. The card will also report your conduct back to Experian and Equifax, which provided you pay it each month, is probably good for rebuilding a credit profile.
  12. Contactless cards only work when you put your card right next to the reader - I fail to see how a 'download' could be made as per this video.
  13. I don't think a default can be registered - not without a CCJ, but I am sure they can ask for the money back. My employer offers a similar scheme and if I were to leave, for whatever reason, I would expect to repay the loan in full. I haven't signed any credit agreement but the terms of the advance were made clear in our standing personnel guidance when I took it out. These loans are quite a good perk, especially if you work in London. My having an annual ticket that costs nearly £4k I save a lot on what I would otherwise pay for a monthly ticket.
  14. I don't think you MUST sign - on the other hand is there any harm? Well, there might be if the mortgage was sold to you on the basis that it would be ok as property price will just go up and up. If you took out the mortgage fully aware of the consequence it probably does not matter.
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