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  1. Just a quick question! I only need to send my AQ to the courts don't I? It is the court bundle that I send to both - going to send it recorded delivery today.
  2. I'm filling in my AQ this weekend so I may be on here asking for advice! I have been reading through other threads and the templates library so am not to worried at the moment - that will probably change when I start filling it out though!
  3. Well done Deb - I am feeling a bit like you were a few days ago and I have only just received my AQ!!! After reading your thread though, I know not to panic as much as I have been.
  4. Mazza I only ever sent my letters by first class and they got there - I am about to fill in my AQ so will probably start sending things by recorded from now on. Good luck with it though!
  5. Got home at dinner to find the AQ had dropped through my letterbox. I will probably be posting for help very soon because it sounds a bit difficult to me, from reading some of the other threads! :-| Bring on the Shabbey though!
  6. Well done you! I have received my AQ today so hopefully I will be posting some good news soon too.
  7. I will do - hopefully with good news:)
  8. Hi All This is the first time I have started my own thread so I hope I get it right!! I am in the process of claiming my money back from the Abbey and I am at the point now of returning the Abbey's kind offer of half of what they owe me so we don't have to fill out the AQ - the reply kindly says NO! I have received all the letters that most other people have received saying things like we are investigating and it will take 4 weeks etc but I have kept to my timescale and not let them bully me into anything. I will keep everyone informed of what happens next - I am hoping they pay up because the court bundle sounds like a nightmare! Nic
  9. Alexted We received the letter after we had sent our LBA - they put the money in our account about 2 days later! I had been sending letters to the Triton Square address and getting replies back giving the usual blurb about looking into it and taking up to 4 weeks so I was quite surprised to get the money so quickly - I'm not holding my breath for the same to happen with the rest of the money though!
  10. I received the same letter, but worded slightly different, on Saturday morning. I think they are hoping people will get scared by all the terminology used and will accept their 50% offer. I am only claiming £216 and they have refunded £100 into my account already (which I accepted as part payment only). I am waiting for the AQ to come through so I can send that off - I will reply to the Abbey letter saying I am not accepting their offer!
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