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  1. In 2004 my hubby and I bought a sofa on HP, at the time he was self-employed through contracted to one company. We were sold PPI costing £9.78 a month. The sales agent in the store filled out the credit agreement whilst we gave the information. When asked about employment we said hubby was self-employed contracted to one company, so they filled in full-time employed with contracted company as employer. (Have only just noticed this when looking into PPI). Sales agent signed credit agreement with wrong date (actual date of sale 23/10/04 date signed by sales agent 23/10/03). Are we still able to claim back PPI? Hubby is not longer self-employed, went back into full-time employment 08/05. If we are able to claim back PPI, do we claim for the period of self-employment or for the life of the PPI? Thanks in advance. madhouse5:)
  2. I haven't been around lately, been into hospital for operation, now recovering well. One thing I didn't do before going into hospital was cancel court case as money hadn't cleared into my account, which I now need to do. Has anyone got a copy of letter to send to court to cancel claim please????
  3. Hey tori, Glad you had a good time, good to see you back. I had cheque in the post last week, full settlement so I won, court date wasn't until 31st July. Hope you get Dino dealing with your case, he's very helpful and doesn't keep you hanging around. Get on the phone to the court. Good luck. mad:)
  4. I received my cheque this morning but they paid full amount by cheque instead of paying off overdraft and sending remainder to me. So I've got to wait for cheque to clear, pay for phone call (0870 number) to pay off overdraft. Typical of barclays not to get it right, oh well got my money. Thank you to everyone. madhouse5:)
  5. Emailed Dino end of last week (court date 31st July), received letter of 100% settlement yesterday. Phoned him asked for some to be used to clear outstanding overdraft with barclays, didn't agree with confidential bit and letter to court would be sent when funds cleared in my account. He told me he doesn't agree with confidential bit as everyone knows about it (I wonder how!!!!!! lol) but is part of standard letter they have to send out. Cheque will be with me next week. Dino is a extremely nice chappie, very very helpful and easy to talk. So don't worry about phoning him.
  6. No, wish we were, it would cost too much for 5 kids and 2 adults. But we are paying off some debts, car needs some work done and we are going to save some as hubby is being made redundant end of next month. Boring stuff really.
  7. Hey KA, I got settlement letter this morning from Dino offering 100% of claim including court costs and 8% interest. My court date was 31st July.
  8. Thanks guys, I couldn't have done it without your help.
  9. I got a letter this morning from Dino offering 100% settlement, with usually requests for confidentiality (will cross out), a letter to court and copy to him by return post (will do when funds clear in my account. :D I WON:D:D
  10. I know what you mean. We've just been told my youngest has asthma but thankfully it's under control with a preventor inhaler.
  11. No news yet, I'll give him a nudge by email on Friday.
  12. Do you have microsoft works, if so it works just the same if you copy and paste it as saintly 1 says.
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