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  1. I've been receiving letters from this company too, for a similar amount Originally I was receiving letters from a company called Robinson Way in early 2007 but after a few months of ignoring them they stopped and it's only recently that Intrum Justitia have got involved and added another £10 to the apparent debt. See my thread here: Robinson Way & Co pestering me for £48.26 - The Consumer Forums I found it quite difficult to get hold of someone at paypal to discuss this and never managed to establish if I owed the money or not. They said that I may have paid for something through paypal and the money was never claimed?? For the sake of less than £50 It's highly unlikely that they'll take it any further but I would send them a letter and ask for proof that any money is owed if it continues. Hope that helps
  2. Thanks people, your help and advice is greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks for your continued input. Would it be worth requesting all the information on the alledged debt, i.e. what payments have been made and when, so I can work out if the amount they are asking for is correct. I am sure that the amount they are asking for is too high. I stopped making payments to the original creditor due to unemployment in 2007 and the first payment of 48 (4 years) was made in 2003. I was planning to make re-payments to the DCA who took over the debt but found CAG and decided to CCA them. If I make a request for this information, does this put the debt in dispute again? If anyone can point me in the direction of a suitable letter it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks Pinky69. Assuming then that they have the right to collect the debt, I am thinking of offering them a lump sum lower than what they're asking for, to bring this matter to an end. Would this just be a waste of time? (i.e. they will just write back and say 'no, pay the full amount'! Failing that, I will write to them and offer to pay a monthly payment of £20. What's the official way to do this, do I need to fill in a means for etc?
  5. Thanks for your replies. Should I ask for proof that a debt is owed and that they have the right to collect on it? Also I though that they had 12 days to fulfill my CCA request and it took 5 weeks? I'm not sure who is actualy collecting the debt now as Arrow global/Transcom originally sent me letters then UK Debt and Legal started sending me letters too and have sent me the copy of the agreement. Thanks.
  6. Hi, here's a link to the larger versions: Side 1 - http://www.go-media.org/resources/MBNA1_large.jpg Side 2 - http://www.go-media.org/resources/MBNA2_large.jpg
  7. Hi, For the past few months I've been dealing with Transcom/Arrow Global (are they the same company?) and a door-to-door DCA called 'UK Debt and Legal Services' for an alledged outstanding balance on a loan I took out in 2003. The alledged amount isn't much but the 3 companies mentioned above have been very persistent so I did a CCA request to UK debt and Legal Services (who were the most persistent) on 01/08/08. I also did a CCA request to transcom this week as they have just started sending me letters too. Today I received another letter from UK Debt and Legal Services containing a copy of the agreement I signed in 2003 as per my CCA request and they say they're giving me another 7 days to pay. It's taken them 5 weeks or so to reply (letter was dated 19/09/08 but the agreement 'looks' valid in principal. I've scanned-in both sides of the A4 photocopy I received, in the hope that an experienced forum user can shed some more light on it... Thanks.
  8. Thanks for your time. That's given me some insight. I'm beginning to think that Moorcrap won't back down and are trying everything they can at the moment. I'm sure a certain percentage of people end up paying them for debts that have been settled just to stop them pestering!
  9. Priority one, I notice that you've got 'Moorcroft' in your list of "companies sent packing in the last 18 months". I take it you've had dealings with this lot too then? Can I ask what the circumstances/outcome was?
  10. I've just discovered another letter from moorcrap (sent in May) it was sent to my parent's address and was misplaced so I've only just read it now. Is this genuine or are they bluffing? I've definitely not received the document they refer to (I've been though everything which is why I discovered this). Has anyone else received a similar letter? Also, if they have obtained the document I requested, why have they not referred to this in any of their subsequent correspondence? They also sent my £1 postal order back to me.
  11. That made me chuckle, "oooh they've got a separate collections division!"... or maybe they've just used a different letterhead.
  12. Update: Received a letter today (to my old address!!! ) which says: Well to be honest I'm not suprised, I read a similar thread to mine and this was the exact chain of events. I think this letter was sent out just before they got mine so I think I'll wait for some further correspondence (if any). What's equally frustrating is the fact that I still have a letter from February clearly stating that the account had been 'put on hold' while the CCA request was being fulfilled (which was never done). Any input welcome as always...
  13. I sent them this for now. It clearly states that 'the account has been put on hold' in their letter to me in Feb so I hoping that coupled with this one, that will be the end of it. We'll see....
  14. Letter sent to Moorcrap today by recorded post, so we'll see what these dicks come back with. I'll post the result here...
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