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  1. Thanks its all just a bit mind boggling. Any ideas when they are paying up?
  2. What happens now, i have followed all the steps and the 28 days were up today. Nationwide today filed a defence and it says on MCOL that i will be sent a AQ now. Can someone explain the process from here onwards please, as i am petrified however i am not going to give up. Help
  3. Help, I am really scared now. I completed my MCOL claim on monday for £800 and nationwide acknowledged the claim yesterday. what should i expect now?
  4. I have just finished filling in and submitted my MCOL form, what to i do now? Do i have to send of my schedule of charges and if so who do i send it to? Please help me!
  5. Hi I have sent off my two letters got the first one back with the open and transparent stuff! Sent off the second one and have heard nothing. It is now 14 days. I know that the next step in MCOL but i am a bit confused. In my initial two letters i have claimed for contractual interste. Can i still claim this now as eerything seems to say you can only claim the 8 % now. Please help i am very confused
  6. Hi i have been looking at your site for the past few days, and it has been really helpful. My charges over the last five years add up to about £750. Do i add the 8 % interest or the 24.9% interest and should i put that in my 1st letter with my breakdown of charges. Dont want to get it wrong and to be honest i am terrified at the prospect of it going to court but at the time i incurred the charges i had some really crap problems, Nationwide were charging me wevery month sometimes £150+ and offered no help at all in terms of managing my account. Also i have three acounts that the charges apply to should i put the claims on all on one spreadsheet and expalin in the letter that they releate to three seperate accounts and give the account numbers? Thanks
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