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  1. Does ANYONE like the French! :grin: ((Apart from Bookworm, who we all love!))
  2. OK. so got a letter from Dino offering £1,370 towards a claim of £2,200. My response below:-
  3. Hi, I have been tracking my progress here --> http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/62298-boba-fett-barclays-bank.html However, I appear to have come to a point where no more info is available... is this peculiar to Northern Ireland or all of UK. I filled my small claim online, as per the normal procedure. I waited for a defence from Barclays, which never arrived. I then clicked on "Apply for Default Decree", and have now received a "Decree for Assessment" which is a hearing before a judge on the 28th August, to assess the amount of the unliquidated claim. It states that the Claimant MUST attend and bring all supporting evidence, and the defendant MAY attend, but must inform the court AND the claimant in writing if they wish to do so. So the claim is Won, but the hearing is to agree the amount of the claim. My claim started in Feb 07, and is for contractual compounded interest at the unauthorised O/D rate - an argument which I still feel is valid - however, I am a little concerned that I may have to present this case at court. My outline case is as below:- Is this the correct way to go about a hearing of this nature? I have a PDF copy of all the correspondance from the MCOL NI if any MODS want to see them. Thanks for any help or advice... Boba Fett
  4. Sorry again for Hi-Jaking the thread, but I just got the following email from Dino:- in response to my email below:- A very quick and pleasant response in about 1.5 minutes! Dino is "The Man!" I will update you all on how this progresses!
  5. Bump Bump Copy of letter from Court regarding the hearing:-
  6. OK Then... but am hoping they settle beforehand, saving me having to take the day off in the first place! Apparently the nice Mr Dino is going to contact me shortly?!? p.s. Sorry for going off tangent in this thread!
  7. OK... my argument for my bundle to the court... Comments?
  8. Yeah, IF I get awarded the interest! I am one of the early subscribers to the contractual interest argument, and am beginning to think that this is unlikely - specialy if it goes to court, the judge is unlikely to award 18.5% as per Barclays Unauth Rate. In the instance the judge says NO, I presume I revert to standard 8% from date of each individual charge? BTW. Got an email response from Sharon Daboul @ Barclays litigation, so I hope she will proceed with some kind of offer soon??
  9. thx guys... bugger is waiting till aug 28th for hearing...
  10. HELP!!!!! I have a barclays thread ongoing, and have done an on-line small claim, Barclays did not file a defence and I clicked for a judgement. The judgement has come through, and now I have a court date for assessing the value of the claim... Barclays have been copied on the court date and they have to advise me if they are going to attend, however, I HAVE to attend. It seems this hearing is just to assess the actual value of the claim... Is this the stage when I should be speaking to Barclays litigation for a settlement?????? p.s. My claim is in the Northern Ireland judicial system. Thanks for any help or advice. p.p.s The court date is 28th August (NI courts recess from July - August)
  11. Bump Help??? Mods??? Any experience of this??? I can't get hold of ANY barclays litigation team... do I just wait until August then?
  12. Congrats! Can you tell me what email address you used to contact Barclays? Thanks!
  13. Hi all, Quick update, Barclays did not file a defence, so I clicked on Default Decree. The Decree has been issued to me, and transferred to the local court for a hearing. I thought the amount would be enforceable directly after a decree has been issues, but this is not the case for Unliquidated claims... My hearing date is the 28th August at Newtownards County Court. Claim ref: 07/030944 Anyone any experience of this, as I was just expecting a decree shortly followed by payment
  14. Aaaargh! Just spoken to Northern Ireland courts service, and because Barclays is a London address, they get 6 weeks to respond to the claim!!! This gives them until the 15th May until I can ask for a Judgement Thats ages away, and I still haven't heard a peep from Barclays!!! Oh well...
  15. Well, seems the courts here in Northern Ireland are a bit slow... Today, I have seen confirmation that the claim details are accepted, here is the case summary as seen when I check the progress... How long does the "Defendant" have to respond to the claim? Will keep updated as case progresses. ANY MODS CAN YOU ADD THE DETAILS TO "LITIGATION IN PROGRESS"? Thanks Boba
  16. Boba Fett

    Daddy G v Smile

    Yes they are very pleasant to deal with throughout. They will take the full 28 days most likely, but be patient and remain civil and you will be couting your cash soon! p.s. All correspondance, including request for payment & LBA was done via "Secure Messages". This saves on postage, and you know 100% the info is received. When sending the Prelim via message, it took 3 messages to include the schedule of charges!
  17. Boba Fett

    Daddy G v Smile

    Weird! My charges came to £1,304 - do you think they are making up the charges?!?! p.s. I got all charges fully refunded after 28 days from Prelim - you will get the same!
  18. OK - Here is my letter back to the court:- What do you think???
  19. OK. Received confirmation that the claim has been processed. Then received the following warning as the claim is originating in Northern Ireland, but a judgement would need to be enforced in England... Now, I dont think things are as bad as this, and chances of a judgement are slim anyway! So I will draft a letter back to them, saying to charge on full steam ahead. Will also enclose my Schedule of Charges with my reponse letter...
  20. Just filed NI MCOL against Barclays!!! (Northern Ireland) https://www.courtsni.gov.uk/SmallClaimsOnline Feels very good! Doing major reading up now on what next... Have submitted the online claim, and from what I understand as soon as I receive a claim ref; I need to post 2 copies of the schedule of charges to the court. After which I wait until further instruction? Cheers & wish me luck!
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