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  1. hi i used word but could not copy the index page so i just typed my own. going to send my bundle tomorrow just hope its ok. Anybody else in court in Liverpool on the 9th May at 10am as its a block booking apparantly and says it should only take 10 minutes. Good luck anybody who is going through this process. Liverbird9
  2. Hi can any one help i thought i had completed my court bundle but do i need to down load UTCCR 1999, UCTA 1977, SOGA 1982, and if so where do i get them from? as in Bookworms Undex it says the above but gives no information where to get them from. thanks if any one can help. Liverbird9
  3. Hi all I am in court on 9th May and I am trying to get my court bundle together i just don't know which bits to add in the additional McNamara Interview, Competitions Communion Report or none or more any suggestions and do I put it all in and number each page. This is real scary stuff Liverbird9
  4. Hi all, received my Notice of Allocation to the Smaill Claims Track (Hearing) at Liverpool County Courtcourt on the 9th May 2007 at 10am. it says that it will only take 10 minutes. i have looked at a lot of threads & book worms court bundle but i am really stressed and a bit lost. Can anybody help? Do i include all the case law studies and the web pages they direct to do i include all the pages of that also. Liverbird :confused:
  5. Hi I made my court on line claim and Abbey are defending in full i can no longer use the on line claim process so what happens now do i wait for the questionairre and court date to come through via post or do i have to write to the Abbey? Any help would be appreciated Liverbird9
  6. Hi Robhughes thanks for your quick reply. i know i sound a bit stupid but when i filled in the money claim on line form it did not ask me to send a schedule of charges i just put the figures in is this right or do i have to send the excel sheet to the court or wait until i get a court date. sorry for all the questions i am just freaked out by the whole experience but do not want Abbey to get away with it.
  7. hi all, i sent a schedule of charges to the Abbey without interest i have now applied to the small claims court and am awaiting a date. do i now have to send a further statement of charges with the added 8% interest to the Abbey? and if so what letter do i enclose with it?
  8. well done all do not know what i would do without this site it is fab. i filled in the form for the samll claims court yesterday so the nerves have started, but i am determined to go all the way.
  9. thanks for the advice much appreciated
  10. Hi I am new to this so forgive me if I appear not to know what I am doing you are probably right. I have sent all my letters with charges included on a spread sheet. I also included interest debit is this correct? Abbey have basically told me to get lost so I am now preparing to apply to the small claims court. When I am filling in the interest calculator at 8% do i also charge 8% on the £0.88 interest debit. Thanks to anybody who replies Liverbird
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