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  1. This topic was closed on 11 March 2019.

    If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there.

    If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened.

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  2. This topic was closed on 11 March 2019.

    If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there.

    If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened.

    - Consumer Action Group

  3. i have tried doncaster court again, the automated line has changed, it now gives a contact number for the sheffield magistrates court. i have spoken to a lady in the "fines" dept and she has said i can write in asking the enforcement officer if they will accept a payment plan of some description.


    with winter looming, our gas bill is gonna rocket :( i honestly wish i could do a reginald perrin

  4. Did you tell the courts you couldn't pay so they could arrange a payment plan?


    You also really need to step away from pdls as they cost you a lot more than they lend.


    Have you sat down and worked out an I&e and checked what you can cut back on or exchange for cheaper?


    1. no, i have not been able to get through the automated telephone line at doncaster court to speak with someone, it cuts off if no one answers.

    2. i know, we are cutting back, but a months wage lasts less than a week after all bills. sky has gone, all mobiles are on payg, we have 1 car. all spare cash goes on electric, gas & food... we have 3 kids to feed.

    3. we will have to cut more.

  5. Why didnt you pay the fines originally?


    i simply did not have the money. i'm self employed & a dad, so i have to split my time with children & work. my wife is a nurse, we only have one income.. end's do not meet now.. gawd knows how i'm going to find £400.

    at the moment, payday loans are keeping us afloat but i don't know how long for :(


    i know i should have paid at the beginning, but it was not that simple.

  6. i was caught speeding 2 yrs ago, pleaded guilty & was fined.


    unsure how much original fines were, but i have a bill from marstons for £400.


    in the past i have spoken to them over the phone, they demanded £25pw which i cannot afford. i have tried to contact the doncaster court, but it's always press this , press that and always cuts off.


    the latest letter states they have the right to enter my home using a locksmith in my absence, is this true?


    also, if they do turn up with a locksmith do i have to let them in?


    i'm determined to defend my property , but don't wish to end up in a police cell or have them remove my belongings.


    any help would be appreciated, but these people are very unpleasant & very unhelpful, i'd rather arrange some sort of payment plan through the court, is this possible?



  7. so it's finally come to this..


    pay £60k or face my family home being repossessed.


    i dont have the money. my question is simply, it it worth fighting this in court & asking the judge to allow me to pay a fixed amount (would a judge consider that?) or just roll over and let the solicitors & lawyers feast themselves?


    i dont want to put all the figures here, but £22k of the above figure is costs. the amount i was bankrupted for was £850 in 2007


    i've tried cag, but the lines are always busy. i will make a visit in person.


    i hope someone has some useful advice

  8. just a quick update....


    after a couple of letters from Rachael Shiels gleefully claiming that the microfiche arguement is clearly in their favour, i had put this one on the back burner.


    in late july i decided to pay £3 for all the statements on my account for the last 6 years & ordered them online. rcd a reply stating they would be with me in 7 days!


    over a week passed, so i replied via email asking where the statements were. rcd a reply stating that it would take 35 days.


    oh well thought i, gonna have to wait 7 weeks!!


    whilst tidying the loft today, i came across all my statements from day one for Barclaycard & Capital one up to xmas 2005.


    i have worked out that they owe me £572 + interest.


    prelim on its way tomorrow, statements cancelled!




  9. a quick update..


    no letter as yet from the NW, but just checked my account online (still have access) and they took the 2x£30 penalties on the 3rd & then refunded both the same day.


    just shows thay are monitoring my account!


    they dont have long now....:razz:

  10. Just my opinion:


    "Do you think the banks are allowed to charge AT ALL for breaches?"


    "Why yes Sir, of course they are! They're allowed to recover the costs they incur as a result of my breach. Of course, if they'll be so kind as to show the Court what those costs are in detail, I'll be happy to accept a reduced payment taking into account those costs... however they have repeatedly refused ME this information leading up to court."




    Inspired stuff StoneLaughter!!!





    i'm with you all the way with your claim!!!!

  11. Ask them for a full breakdown of how they have calculated your charges, like you did on your spreadsheet. They never provide one and they messed mine up initially missing out 2 unpaid DD charges which I queried.


    Did you ask for the OD Interest Fees in your claim as I am pretty sure that they are not claimable?



    they said they would send a full breakdown of how they worked it all out.


    the account was a basic Flexaccount &didn't have an overdraft facility, so i never paid those kind of charges. I worked the charges out using the Excel spreadsheet.


    I fail to understand why they didn't respond to my 2 requests and then decide to have a go themselves ignoring my claim and now expecting me to accept what they pay. I'm not in the mood to be chasing them all over the place, if this goes to court, Mr Bacon will have to justify the charges, thus admitting them. Either way they lose.


    I will send an email to Mr Bacon later today.


    sizzle, sizzle....can you smell it?

  12. spoke to them & they claim what they have paid is correct, although this should have been confirmed in writing, which they will do.


    someone has gone through my account, worked out all charges & interest & then paid the court fee, somewhat less than i worked out!


    so, what will happen with the court then? will it go in my favour, or will they appeal?


    what annoys me the most is they totally ignored my prelim & lba & continued to add charges to my account!


    i'm still getting letters saying "sorry we have not been able to resolve your complaint". bunch of fools they are.



  13. I would ring them and ask why it is missing and say that you will not consider it closed until it is all paid in. Number for his office is on defence form from the courts.



    thankyou :)


    will do just that!

  14. Have you got the remaining balance yet?



    not as yet. seems a bit strange to me.


    i added £60 extra to my moneyclaim as there are £60 worth of charges to come out on 2nd/3rd August, so i expected them to either pay up £60 short & write charges off, or pay up in full.


    however they have paid £147 short as outlined above.


    not sure where to go from here, but the ball is in their court, they dont have long left either...



  15. good news...


    i have 2 cash deposits in my account dated 21st july, a total of £776.48, £147 short of my full claim. £60 of that are 2 charges i have not paid as yet, so the real outstanding figure is about £87, which is as near as damn it the interest.


    expecting letters soon!


    wont settle until i get whats owed...


    beers all round & a donation on the way!

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