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  1. Hi Guys, Tomorrow in court, no stay on my claim hopefully they won't put one tomorrow. Any suggestions just in case? Did anybody go this far?
  2. I did already use that letter. I gave them until last saturday to answer. Ta
  3. Hi, Barclays sent me a letter with an offer I answer that i did not accept it. No answer yet. What shall I do now? Still wait or contact money claim? Thanks Andrea
  4. ill check the templates. carry on with the timetable you mean waiting until it goes in default their answer? Thanx for your prompt reply andrea
  5. Hi Paul, I am with Barclay and a have sent the form through moneyclaim because the bank was delaying. Now Barclays made an offer which is ridiculous. What shall i do next? I do not want accept this offer I want the full amount back! Should I reply back to the bank or to money claim? Thank you for your help Andrea
  6. Hi, that is just Barclay trying to make things difficult for you. I had received only statements for two years so I called them and i demanded all the statements for six years and to be sent in the next couple of days. (it is your right). I got them after two days all six. Sent letter with amount. HSBC paid off everything and no problem at all. Very good service. So do not worry.
  7. Hi thanks for reply, seriously i cannot find any paid referral fee or unpaid fees, plus they sent statements since 2003 and not 2001, do you think I should contact them or going to the bank?
  8. Hi, yes same thing, missing statements and i am struggling to find the charges. it seems they are trying to make it difficult... the are not even a copy they are just a list of numbers...
  9. Hi, I am new to the site and I just started to reclaim the bank charges. I sent the letter requesting the charges to Barclays and they sent me not a copy of the statements but their own copy which it is not easy to read. Do you have any suggestion of what to do? I cannot find in the forum any answer to this. Thank you
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