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  1. Funny you should say that - my last letter to DG (sent yesterday) told them they were making a mockery of their client's social ethos to create a 'greener world' by making me print out multiple copies of the court bundle and how embarrassing this would be to HSBC. Different tact, see if it gets me noticed!
  2. Noddy and I both have August 24th at Bromley but so far, DG have failed to respond to anything. I'm hoping that in the next few weeks, they may swing into action
  3. Hi Noddy - hopefully we won't be going anywhere near the court but if so, looking forward to seeing you!
  4. Isn't that just nice of them - contributing to the felling of millions of trees to make the paper which will just go straight in the bin once they make an offer. Clearly have no social responsibility either. Thanks for the info Pete.
  5. I've been off the forum for a couple of months - my court date is looming and my court bundle needs to be submitted by Aug 10th at the latest. What's the latest trend (if there is such a thing) with regards to DG making offers? Is there any point me trying to contact them (considering they haven't responded to any of my letters)? Do they tend to wait until the bundle has been submitted (I would obviously prefer not to get to this stage)? What's the latest?
  6. It was 0121 455 2701 - the same number.
  7. I called them yesterday (my first try) to ask them whether they had received my breakdown of charges. I left a voicemail message for Kate Eaves using them number written on the acknowledgement of service (but that actually belonged to Rachel). Anyway - Shocker!! I received a voicemail message in response only about 3 hours later which is far more than I expected.
  8. I've just had a court date through of August 24th at my local court, despite being told it was being transferred to Mercantile. I called the court and was told it might be bacuse my local court was closer to where I live!! I politely said that most people's local courts were closer to where they live than one of the few Mercantile courts in the country. I was then told that they don't know why it was been given a hearing date there because it should have definitely gone to Mercantile. They've had to raise a query with the listings department. I don't mind where it is but firstly I want to get my info correct when dealing with DG (already told them it's likely to go to Mercantile) and secondly - August 24th?? That's 3 months away!! I know that I would get a faster hearing date at the Mercantile court. 3 months?? I have been patient up to now but my patience is wavering today. Must be the heat.
  9. You sound like my mum who has just said exactly the same thing . Thanks Lat, perhaps the end of the world isn't nigh after all!
  10. Querky - we keep posting the same links on our threads! I think this is very unfair & certainly harsh. I hope this doesn't open the floodgates and set a precidence for the banks to win. I still don't understand why Lloyds won.
  11. BBC NEWS | Business | Bank's overdraft charges upheld Lloyds have won a case. Gutted.
  12. Oh, I see. Perhaps call them? The Customer Help Desk can be contacted for support between 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday on: Tel : 0845-601 5935 Fax : 0845-601 5889 I don't know if the staff have any knowledge about the technical status of the website but they might be aware of the problems and how long it may take to fix.
  13. I've just logged on to MCOL to test for you and it seems to be fine. It sometimes takes ages to open a page or log in (must be the amount of traffic on the site these days). Keep trying!
  14. Not yet - I haven't even had any correspondace telling me the case has been transferred to Mercantile - I was told this when I called my local court to find out whether the AQ fee wsa payable. I phoned the Mercantile Court this morning and was told that they now had a bocklog of 180 bank charge claims which they are trying to get through so it could be a little while before I hear from them. Judge David Mackie is in charge there and I guess him and his staff are sick of these claims, as most courts are. I'm glad he's spoken up in the media.
  15. This is where my case has ended up - go Judge Mackie BBC NEWS | Business | Judge warns 'unreasonable' banks
  16. I would phone the court and explain that it's been 6 weeks and ask what the status is. I know that most courts have a backlog of bank charge cases so things are taking longer than usual. Give them a call - they're usually very helpful.
  17. That does sound very suspicious, what a pain. Art least you may be able to use this as 'evidence' of the banks apparent & alledged time wasting and stalling tactics if you ever get to the point where you need to submit the court bundle (unlikely). I have just spoken to someone at my local court and she seemed to know exactly what's happening in terms of proceedures for penatly charge claims, knew it off the top of her head. I'm sure there isn't a court in the country that is not overrun with such claims and know exatly what the banks are like. Time for something to change! Good luck!
  18. I sent: DG Solicitors 12 Calthorpe Road Edgbaston Birmingham B15 1QZ ??th May 2007 Re: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx - v - HSBC account no: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx claim no: xxxxxxx, It has come to my attention that the filing of an allocated questionnaire is not required in this case. I am aware that you have a vast number of claims with which you are currently dealing with, and in order to resolve this matter more quickly, I am willing to accept the sum of £?????? in full and final settlement. Please note that I do not agree to waive my rights in respect of any other actions, nor do I agree to a clause of confidentiality. I hope to hear from you very soon so that a reasonable conclusion to this claim might be achieved. I am sure that the courts would approve of our settling this matter in a timely manner and without their further intervention. I have again enclosed a copy of the schedule of charges. This schedule also shows the total of my claim to date, being the original claim amount (£xxxx), the daily interest total to date (xxxx) and the court fee (£xxxx).
  19. Well I only got the Notice of Transer to local court a couple of days ago so I sent my first nudge letter this morning. I will continue to do this every 10 days or so, as others have done.
  20. MM - mine's now going to Mercantile Court too. If I find any further info, I'll let you know.
  21. I have just phoned my local county court (Bromley) and been hold that AQ fees are now not payable in any bank cases, nationwide, if the AQ has been dispensed with. Also, my case has been referred to the judge for directions but they are referring all bank charge cases to the Mercantile court at the Royal Courts of Justice, so I should be hearing from them next! The lovely lady also gave me the phone number of the Mercantile court in case I had any queries.
  22. Really?! It makes them sound so stupid though!
  23. Thank you! So far it's been fairly straightforward and when I need it, people are quick to help. Now that I've resigned myself to the long waits between anything happening, I actually find myself wishing I could get these people into a courtroom. Can you imagine it?! I want one of those letters from DG that tells me they're confident they could win in court but here's my money anyway - they always make me laugh
  24. Lol - I read this forum like a demon!! I hate not being prepared and your advice & experience (and, of course, that of other members) is priceless.
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