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  1. Wondering whether anyone can help. We live in a semi with bay windows at the back. During the storms in January 2007, the roof off next doors bay blew off. It has not been fixed yet……The guy that owns the house is somewhat of a recluse, no electricity, no gas etc. As far as the utility companies are aware, the house is empty. Anyway, back to the window. The rain just rains into his back bedroom, this has not been a problem, except we now have damp coming through our party wall. I have asked him to repair it on a couple of occasions (the only times I have seen him out, he does not answer the door). Is there anything I can do? My wife is getting quite distressed now. Many thanks in advance James
  2. Thanks Chaps. I have actually received the money. I rang the court today, and they asked me to fax my letter over to them. Apparently that is enough. (I have the fax confirmation). Thanks again for the help J
  3. Another one here that went to the wire! But I have accepted a full settlement. It took over 6 months, but was well worth it. Thanks to everyone here! (which moderator am I meant to tell?)
  4. I have received a (nearly) full refund including statutory interest and court costs! I was £72 light because I hadn't seen that they had refunded a charge in 2003. Please can someone point me to the letter that I send to the court to cancel proceedings? I am meant to be in court at 10am tomorrow! Donation will be forthcoming very soon!
  5. I have just delivered my court bundle to Tameside Court. I saw a notice that the offices will be closed for a new computer system from the 3rd-13th July. I do not know whether they will have other means in place for the delivery of documents. I just thought I would give any affected parties a heads up. Many thanks James
  6. Well, court bundle delivered to the court today, and also sent to DG by recorded delivery. See what happens now, I suppose! J
  7. Thanks mate. Another quick question. Do I send my bundle to HSBC in London, or DG in Brum?
  8. Right, no joy from DG and I need to have the bundle sent in for Friday. I am sending the following : A statement of charges All statements that include charges for the period The following "Statement of Case" The few letters I have relating to this case. Please can someone read the following and let me know if you believe it to be ok? Also, do I still need to send all of the unabridged stuff from the claim bundle? Many thanks in advance. James
  9. If it is any help, I had a run in with Capital One in 2004 before any of the legal battles had started. I had a good conversation with them, informed them that the charges were excessive etc etc. They dropped my balance from £1200 to £200 on condition I paid it within 12 months. I am still a CO customer and have a very good relationship with them.
  10. Thanks again Lateralus, most helpful. I will be sending yet another letter to DG tomorrow.
  11. Well I have a court date of the 6th July. The letter says I have to submit all documentation (statements etc) 14 days before the court date, which is a bugger.
  12. Thanks Lateralus. I will get the letter sent to DG today, and wait to hear from the court. Will let you know how it progresses. J
  13. Just received the transfer notice and a sheet saying that no AQ is neccessary. The claim is for a total of over £1000, so is there an AQ fee payable? I am off to read in more depth regarding this new development.....hopefully, I am getting near the end of this! Thanks jgsmuzzy (brazed)
  14. thanks Netty, LBA will be sent out tonight. My wife has won against HSBC, so I think that they will know that I am serious, hopefully they will offer me the full amount.
  15. Hi, Quick question, I received an offer letter from HSBC before I sent out my LBA (offer is 1/2 of what I am claiming). Do I still need to send the LBa and wait 14 days, or can I launch straight into the filing of the claim online? Many thanks James
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