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  1. it was a s.a.r and fuuny it is 40 days today so i shall send a lba thank you
  2. hi all quick question sent my first letter to natwest over credit card charges but no reply and its been over three weeks what shall i do now.
  3. hi all need a small amount of help. i would like to claim my charges on my cc is the same as claiming form natwest bank as i have claimed and won last year. do i send to the same address also my account i has been closed for a 3 years now can i still claim
  4. hi all i need help with my credit account num i have rang both natwest bank and the credit card office but both say they can find it can any one recomend anything
  5. can you claim back charges from a credit card and if so is it the same as banks
  6. sorry but i cant find what you can and cant claim any idea`s
  7. hi all any one used the financial-ombudsman latley and how did you get on as i have gone down that route (1 march) but still no reply
  8. hi there i sent off two letters asking for my charges back one for each account. now i have recived an offer of £880 but my claim was for total 3500. but the £880 offer says it for the account that i claimed for £950 can i take this and still try for the other acount or will they say when i take the £880 that it is for both accounts
  9. but if i reject it does that mean i have to take it to the small claims court
  10. hi i am claiming for £3500 and i recived a letter for £880 today but i want at least half of my orginal offer so what do i do next
  11. hi there i am sending my claim to bishopsgate but who do i address it to
  12. they charged me £50 but does not say for wat it was recovering
  13. can any one tell me if i can claim for card recovery fee as i have looked every where on this site and no luck
  14. dan1508

    re fees

    dont worry i have found the answer but i do have one more question which i cant not find the answer for on this site which is on my statements it says charges then just date and a/c number can i claim for that
  15. dan1508

    re fees

    on my statements it comes up unarrgd borrow fee can i claim for that
  16. can anyone help me i have looked all over this site but i cant find anything about plp charges. i would like to know if i can claim for this charge
  17. dan1508

    re claim

    i am very new to this so sorry. i have recived my statements but what do i do know in terms of what charges can i add or cant add to be claimed and do they have to be over a certain ammount
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