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  1. Adam Call James on the number on the top right of the letters he has sent you. You may have to try and catch him at this desk, so it might take half a dozen attempts but, in my experience and others it appears, if you get to talk to him, you can do the deal with him on the phone, he's no mug and understand's Abbey's position but another one settled is another one off his desk. By the way, he will not answer voicemails left on that number, but he will answer the phone eventually. Be polite and he will do the same with you. Good luck and keep us informed.
  2. Well, I phoned James at Abbey and he said he hadn't received my emails - an obvious stalling tactic. So I sent it again, with a pdf of the charges I am reclaiming, whilst he was on the phone and he received it there and then. So the lesson is - if you send an email or fax or letter which is time critical, phone them to ensure they have received it (never assume). James asked me to get the court to suspend the date for AQ - I phoned the court and they wouldn't do that but they noted on my case file that I wouldn't be sending it in on time and why, then they said I will get a reminder
  3. Do not worry. You do not have to provide your supporting documentation until you get to the stage of providing a 'bundle' for court which is some way away for you. Some may suggest sending a copy of your schedule of charges to both Abbey and the court at this time - if it settles your nerves then go ahead and do it. The court will keep the schedule with your claim papers but it won't change anything about how the case will proceed. You are not expected to send this in with the MCOL process. In fact, most people on here find they get a letter frm Abbey saying they haven't provided a
  4. Ok, decided to talk to Abbey before submitting my Allocation Questionnaire and we agreed a settlement figure. That was over a week ago now. James Arrandale stated he would send a letter confirming the settlement the same day and I would have settlement cheque within 7 working days. I agreed that once I received the settlement offer from them I would contact the court to extend the deadline for the AQ submission whilst waiting for the cheque to arrive. So here I am with my AQ deadline tomorrow (13th) and 8 days passed with no letter confirming the settlement from Abbey and no respons
  5. When talking to Wescot today, no problems with them for me, they asked if I would like to speak to a company called Pankhursts that they recommend as potentially being able to help me. I mentioned that they had written to me yesterday recommending I speak to a company called Think Money Ltd and they weren't sure who they were. Has anyone heard or dealt with either of these? Are both of these debt management companies and should I speak to them on wescot's recommendation or just stick with the CCCS?
  6. Ok, I am becoming more desperate and confused as teh time goes by. I phone Northern Rock (my original Creditor) who have said they sold my debt to 1st Credit. So now I have 3 companies who supposedly want paying for this debt and all I know is the CCCS have told me that the statutory demand that will be served next Tuesday will give me 21 days until I'm bankrupt and they can;t help or advise me. So who do I talk to about this? Any ideas, please ......
  7. The third question is, should I contact this 'process server' on his mobile number which is the only contact at the top of the letter? The fourth question is, would they really petition for my bankruptcy when it would mean they get little of the money in percentage terms compared with the fact that I continue to make payments (when they go to the right compant) and will eventually be completely fit and be able to move from part-time work to full-time work? The fifth question is, who do I actually owe any money to and how do I know who is the 'current' debt collector?
  8. I have, this morning, received a letter from an unknown person, on unheaded paper with just a mobile number (signed: Process Server) saying they wish to serve a Statutory Demand on me on 6th March. I have been through and telephoned all my creditors (whom I have been paying token payments to for 3 years) as I wrote to them all in January arranging to increase my monthly payments and they all replied and I have set up standing orders to them all except Connaught Collections. Everyone was fine, but Connaught said I have not paid them since April last year and so they were proceeding wi
  9. You know there must be some way of making the court aware of the fact that they are using this as a stalling tactic only, with no intention of attending a court hearing or declaring the actual cost of the charge they refer to. IMHO, the request to the court to strike out the Abbey defence as it is ot a genuine defence just an abvuse of the court system in order to stall repaying money they have illegally taken. Has there been any success along this route? With any bank?
  10. Have today received Abbey's defence and an offer of half of everything claimed. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/53962-cunnington-abbey-startred-14-a.html
  11. Have received Abbey's defence this morning, which is identical (except personal details) with Tinkerbell's and many others. They offered me 50% of my total claim (charges+interest+court fees). I am going to compile a letter to James Arrandale rejecting the offer and giving them a further chance to settle before any additional court fees and personal expenses are incurred. In my cynical way, I have calculated that it will cost them significantly more (in solicitor's time, additional court fees, my costs, interest etc.), if they do not settle now, than they will make by investing
  12. Hi Although mine is a bank account, it will be interesting to compare the way they deal with our cases which are virtually running sided by side through MCOL. At least we ought to be able to gauge their frame of mind/current tactics between us. Phil (kilmeedyman)
  13. I am cloes to you 121o121, timing-wise, as I am going through MCOl and they have until 28th February to enter their defence. Being so close, in time, we should compare notes as we will be subject to the 'strategy of the moment' from Abbey. My thread is Cunnington vs Abbey
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