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  1. Thanks Woody!! Just finished reading your thread actually! Hope youre enjoying the money!!! Molly
  2. Thanks guys! So happy! Its all thanks to this amazing website and everyones help though, i would have been clueless without it and everyone, so thank you one and all. Will defo be sending some on my money to the site.
  3. I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant beleive it, barclays have settled the full amount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo! Thank you boys for all your help, it was such a help, so excited now, have to have a few drinks to calm me down!! Spoke to deano at the Litigation Office and he said they are posting a cheque 1st class today. Won't totally relax till i get it but all good none the less!
  4. Thank you soooo much thats fab, have just tried but going to voicemail so will keep trying!! Arghhhhh!!!!
  5. Hello - Right, slightly nervous, i'm about to call barclays to see if they will settle out of court, they had until yesterday to get their documents to the court, any advice??? Shall I just ask if they are willing to do an out of court settlement?? Any advice very grateful received!!!
  6. Hi Paul - thanks for that, sorry didnt see it on the above post. Will let you know how i get on, fingers crossed!
  7. Hi, I am going to phone Barclays tomorrow tosee if they want to settle out of court, who should I ask to speak to? Do I just call my local bank? Thanks
  8. I am just about to send my AQ to the courts and a copy to Barclays, does anyone know which Barclays address I should send it to? Really desperate as want to post this afternoon! Thank you!!
  9. Hi, Just thought I would post an update on my claim. I went into the courts and handed my N1 form in in person, I have since heard that Barclays have acknowledged the claim and have an extra 14 days to file a defence. They have until Wednesday 28th March to respond. I fully expect that they will enter a defence so I am now waiting to hear from the courts and to get an Allocated Questionaire, and then I guess I will get a court hearing date. Best start looking into starting my court bundles. Fingers crossed! ps Whistleblower was amazing last night, Barclays make me sick, this has only made me more determined.
  10. Hello - me again! I've just had a sudden panic, whilst i was recalculating my interest I realised that I had actually entered a bank charge twice, therefore the amount i am claiming for on my N1 for is a little different from the amount i have been quoting the bank in previous correspondance (£30 less). Does this matter - I really don't want to have to start all over again! :-|
  11. Thank you both for all your help, massively appreciated!! Wish me luck!
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