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  1. Hi Pat Once i'd refused for them to manually copy my card they simply put it back in the terminal and refunded the £6.99, for which I signed for. When i mentioned to them I had used the card in store before without having it copied, I was told that they hadn't followed the procedures. I wonder what their policy is for Data Protection in having a manual copy of my card, and what would happen if another member of staff didn't follow procedures.
  2. Hi & thanks As i thought. To clarify the tranaction never failed. It printed the signature slip for me to sign. Everything was normal.
  3. Hi Just tried to buy some CD-RW £6.99 from comet. I used my Cip & Signature card as I have done for many years in many stores including comet without any problems. Just the odd bit of confusion as they don't expect a signature request. However, on this occassion the Comet staff said that as it was a signature they would need to take a manual copy of my card. I told them I wasn't happy about this, so they refunded the card. I asked a few questions and they told me it was Comets and or their clearing agents policy to manually copy the card. Surely this would leave my card open for abuse and fraud. Does anyone know the legal position for copying peoples card information. Till receipts now show card numbers as **** **** **** 1111 to protect the information. I am going to write to their head office to ask them to confirm their policy. Thanks in advance for an comments
  4. Hi Just thought i'd say that barclaycard have done the same to me, paid 70 of a 250 claim. I sent the LBA for the rest. They wrote back with the usual ... tough! I have today filed through MCOL for the rest, fingers crossed. I have so far been successful in all other claims, Barclaycard are playing a tough game Unobeano
  5. Hi I'm asking on behalf of a friend because I don't know what to suggest. He's asking for £1,020 Prelim went off and they offered £909 - March He decided to reject and go for the whole amount. He heard nothing back He decided that actually £909 was quite good, so changed his mind and sent off the acceptance form - May Although delivered (recorded Delivery) NatWest are denying they have it, and said they would send another form out. June That was 2 weeks ago. He has telephoned them 3 times and each tome they say it's been sent. But still nothing. Should he go straight to N1 and file in the courts or send an LBA letter Not sure whats best Thanks in advance for any help
  6. Hi I never had a thread here for my Halifax claim which I started in Feb 07, but I thought I'd post the following. After 3 letters and 2 telephone calls to the Halifax, they flatly refused to pay me anything. I was claiming £1,800 So on Friday 22nd June I filed my N1 at the county courts. Yesterday the 27th June i received a letter with an offer of £900. I telephoned them today 28th June and said that I have given them plenty of opportunities to make an offer, but they didn't and as I have started court proceedings I decline their offer and will carry on to court. She then said .... Ok to save you the time and hassle of going to court I will agree to repay your charges in FULL. YES! Just thyought I write this to offer encouragement to those about to throw in the towel. DON'T - Carry on, stick to your guns. They will Pay Onto Barclaycard now....
  7. Just a final up date After delivering yet another faulty suite, LOL agreed to compensate £300. Waited 3 months for the cheque and they've managed to make it payable to somebody else ..... GRRRRRRRRR Should be able to pick up another cheque on Monday. The regional manager Steven Smith has been very helpful, you have to contact him in writing via head office. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT LOL AGAIN. EVER.
  8. Another quick up date, and my god my blood is boiling Land of Leather have replace my faulty suit, with a new faulty suit!! ! scuff mark in the leather, 1 hole through the leather and the left and side looks like is about to collapse, my very own leaning sofa! Telephoned them, they will send an upholsterer out to repair. What are my rights bearing in mind this is a new suite, delivered two days ago?
  9. Hi Cougar Not sure this will help, but in their contract it states that if you pay earlier there is a reduction in the PPI, which is calculated automatically when a settlement figure is produced. I ended up paying £1700 for a £999 suit. When I asked how they got to the figure they were unable to tell me, I have to write in, which of course I've done but no response yet. I paid really to be free of their clutches, I for one will not buy anything finance by open & direct again, or even creation financial services who now own them. It does become personal and frustrating when companies act like this, they don't have an ounce of integrity or compassion between them, which in turn makes us angry. It does however, seem they have us over the proverbial barrel as although I perceive their business as shady the law says they’re in the right. Good luck though with any future claim.
  10. Hi Just an update. Land of Leather responded well to the letter and have agreed to a replacement of the suit. Looks like they will exchange quickly as well. Open & Direct were not so helpful or understanding. Stuck to their guns and charged me £1760. I tried appealing to there better nature, but it appeared they didn't have one. Said as I had not informed them of the fault until after the deadline, they were going to charge me the full wack. Which they did. Oh hum, a lesson learned! - The silver lining however, is that as I found this site looking for Land of Leather, I have now started claiming charges from bank & Credit Cards. Bring it on Rob Halifax - SAR Sent 31st Jan Barclaycard - SAR Sent 31st Jan Goldfish - SAR Sent 31st Jan - Statements Rcvd 23rd Feb With Offer In Full - Accepted Creation - SAR Sent 31st Jan - Statements Rcvd 25th Feb - Prem Letter Sent 28th Feb RBS - SAR Sent 31st Jan A&L - SAR Sent 31st Jan SkyCard - SAR Sent 31st Jan
  11. Hi Hotdog I'm not sure about business accounts, I am sure someone will help you out with a bit of advise though. Good luck and keep us posted.
  12. Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post I have three reasons for posting, firstly I am currently having a few problems with Land of Leather, and after discovering this forum it was nice to know I am not alone in this mad world. (Although, that doesn’t make everything alright for everybody else). Secondly I hope my story can help someone else in dealing with their claim and thirdly for advice and support from what appears to be a great stand up and fight for your rights community, you should all be applauded. My problems are ongoing and I’ll try and post updates as I get them, it deals with faulty goods and stupidity on my part regarding the finance. I hope a lesson learned is a lesson shared, It started in January 06 when I purchased a buy now pay later suit from Land of Leather. £999 The excitement got the better of me and when the sales man said sign here, here & here I did. I didn’t read any of it to be fair, and if I did I thought it would all be paid off and sorted by the time the twelve months were up. I took delivery early March and everything was ok. Then 6 months later, I noticed the colouring on the suit was peeling like paint. I called Land of Leather, and they promptly got an upholstery company round to fix the problem. Great! 3 months later and the peeling was back, this time the upholstery company informed that the colouring on the suit did not have the correct plastics in it to stop it from peeling, again it was repaired. Repairing the peeling means they rub down the effected area with wet and dry sand paper, apply some more dye with a roller and seal. Having been rubbed down twice now with sandpaper has let my suit with a smooth patch, where the rest of the suit has a grain. I was no longer happy with the suit and started to complain to the local Land of Leather store. This is where it went horribly wrong. I made 8 telephone calls in three weeks, each time I was told that the Manager had to deal with complaints and that he was busy and would call me back. He didn’t. Then I contacted their Head office, who told me write to the regional manager about my complaint regarding the branch manger and the suit. I did. I tried another couple of calls to the Manager and eventually I got through to him. He said he couldn’t make a decision and that he would need to speak with his regional manager. He promised to call me back. He didn’t. While this was going on my due date for repaying the finance company interest free passed. Albeit to late I did send them a cheque for £999. I received a letter back thanking me for the cheque however, it was not the settlement figure on my account, and that I should telephone to get a settlement figure, I did and was told it was £1,750. That’s 29.8% for the twelve months and £350 PPP. (approx) I was astounded, but kind of expected it. I offered to pay the additional £750 with a credit card as to be free from their terms and conditions. I explained the situation the girl and she advised me not to pay anything until the dispute was raised as there maybe something that can be done to reduce the settlement figure. (Fingers crossed on that front) I did cancel the direct debit, thinking I would settle this rather than have them in my account again and again. I would pay by cheque or credit card. I guess my bank had informed them of the cancellation, as they have sent me a letter to say that because I have cancelled the direct debit I am in breach of contract and that a service fee of £30 would be added to my account and that I should pay the arrears immediately. The arrears shown on the letter is £0.00 Yep nothing! The Girl from the finance company did say she would wipe that off the account. Having got nowhere with the Branch or Regional Manager and feeling quite lonely I gave Trading Standards a call to ask them what I should do next. Two letters one to the MD of Land Of Leather headed “The Sale of Goods Act 1979 “ explaining the story so far, stating “I have given you reasonable opportunity to rectify this situation which you have failed to do.“ and what I want done, i.e. replacement or refund I went for either or. The other letter to be addressed to the MD of Open and Direct headed “The Consumer Credit Act 1974” again explaining the story so far and that “I am aware that under the above legislation, section 75 makes you jointly and severally liable for my purchase” Both these letters have been sent today recorded mail with a 7 working day deadline to reply. (again advice from Trading Standards) I then did a google search and found you guys, I have to say I was sorry to read some of your stories, but It did make me feel better knowing I wasn’t alone. That’s where we are so far. Your comments would be welcomed and I will post updates until it’s conclusion.
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