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  1. Hey people I am currently completing my calculation for court using the complex bank charges spreadsheet and am a bit stuck! The list of charges that Barclays (Woolwich) have sent me include all Returned cheque charges, unauthorised od charges etc, but there are also charges in amongst them entitled OD - Im not certain what they mean as the amounts vary. Would these be overdraft charges or interest charges on the overdraft? I have included them under the column O - Details of charges - and hope this is the correct place to put them. Can anyone enlighten me please? Thank you
  2. Hi All, I havent posted for a long time and its been well over a year since I first started taking action against the Woolwich for my bank charges (a whopping great amount totalling almost £10K!) I got as far as Letter Before Action and then, due to personal problems and the illness of my mom, I let it all slip and just hadnt got the time to follow it up. I know, I know, £10k is such a lot of money to let slip, but things were really difficult at the time and other things were taking priority. Anyway, Im back on track now and raring to go again. I will send another LBA to the Woolwich this weekend (but do I now send it to Barclays?) and if so, does anyone have the correct address please? All charges were made by Woolwich as since they transferred to Barclays Ive been a very good girl and not accrued any charges. I know that nothing will happen until the test case is done and dusted but do I still put this into court if no response to LBA? Can I still file court action knowing it will be stayed? I dont want to delay any longer due to the 6 year rule (I havent totalled up yet what I may have lost by delaying) Any advice would be much appreciated - Im off for a good old read now. Blue x
  3. Thanks for your quick response Rooster. Now, Im more of a mind to do this again, I will send the LBA off this weekend.
  4. Havent posted for such a long time :o Capital One finally coughed up the full amount £594. I simply put a complaint in to the FOS and finally, after about a 6 month delay, Capital One sent me a cheque for the full amount I was claiming. And the telephone calls stopped (which actually pleased me more than getting the money back!)
  5. Hi, I havent posted on this site for a long time but when I last did, I was in the process of taking action against Capital One (two claims), Barclaycard and the Woolwich. I have managed to win back ALL of my charges against Capital One and Barclaycard, simply by taking it through the Financial Ombudsman Service and they coughed up without the FOS having to do an official investigation. However, my bank charges with the Woolwich have become stuck at the threatening with court action stage before the OFT announced their test case. Due to personal problems and the illness of my mom, I have not pursued this beyond the Woolwich making me an offer last April which was way beyond what I was claiming. I refused their offer but have not yet filed for court. Then the OFT thing happened and I kind of kissed goodbye to getting any money back (and kicked myself for not accepting their original offer!) Due to the length of time and the fact that court cases are being "stayed", how do I start this claim up again? I am conscious now of the 6 year rule and really dont want to waste any more time on this but do I have to start all over again or can I simply file against them at court without notifying them. Im looking at a lot of money here (about £10k!!!) Many thanks for your advice (in advance) Blueloobylou
  6. Hi I have taken both my Barclaycard claim and my capital one claim through the FOS. FOS write to the companies involved first and only if the company and yourself cannot agree on a resolution, do the FOS then start an official investigation into the company. Barclaycard have just offered me the full amount plus 8% interest on my claim which I have accepted. They offered this rather than have the FOS make an official investigation into them. Capital One have offered me the amount of my claim but have not offered me the contractural interest I claimed, so I am going to refuse it and let the FOS do their investigation. I went this route as a) its free and there are no court charges to pay upfront and b) if I am not happy with the FOS result, I still have the option to take it to court. So far, I have no complaints about the FOS - it does take time, yes, but so will a court case. I made my initial complaints to FOS in July so all in all its taken around 3 months for Barclaycard to settle. Good luck. Lou
  7. Thank you Slick. Id almost forgotten about it until the letter from FOS dropped through the letterbox.
  8. Hi Guys, Im guilty of not updating my Barclaycard claim details since April Im afraid! :o Sorry! Anyway, having finally received all of my statements (but only after telling Barclaycard I would take them to court for an estimated £5000 claim!) I wrote to them and asked them for my charges back which amounted to approx £1050. Barclaycard wrote back in June and said "No. Go away" I then wrote to them again and sent them the letter before action in July, to which they automatically credited my account with £412.00 and said this was the difference between the £24.00 they HAD been charging and the £12.00 that they now charged for late payment, over limit fees, etc. They told me if I didnt agree with this, to write and let them know but this was their only offer and in full and final settlement. I refused this and therefore decided to take it down the Financial Ombudsman route and made an official complaint to them in July. Today, 19th october, I receive a letter from the FOS stating the following: Dear ..... As you know we wrote to barclaycard recently to pursue your complaint about its account charges. I asked the business to give me information that would be relevant to a formal investigation by the ombudsman into this complaint. I have now heard from the business. It says it does not accept its charges are unlawful or unfair. But following my intervention it has told me it would prefer to settle your complaint as an alternative to our formal investigation. It accepts no liability, but nonetheless says it will pay you £516.00 plus interest 8% of £74.24 to settle the dispute. This is in addition to the earlier funds of £412.00 already credited to your account and now seems to represent a refund of all the charges that you dispute in your complaint and meets your claim. I assume you will find this offer acceptable. Acceptance of the settlement the business has offered in respect of this complaint will not prevent you from bringing a new complaint should further disputed charges arise in the future. If you would like to accept this offer .... blah blah. Yours faithfully FOS *So results at last! (And without having to pay any court fees out) Its taken me since February of this year to get a full refund. I think the refund is about £20 short but hey, whos complaining! I am going to accept the offer but put a condition on that Barclaycard pay me by cheque (as my account is in credit now anyway) and that they remove any adverse entries they have made on my credit reference file. >>>Off to celebrate now with a nice glass of wine! Good luck to all you guys. Lou x
  9. Hi Al, I do have a name but its just someone who works in Customer Services who sent me the original letter with half the statements they owe me. It might be worth sending a Recorded delivery letter direct to her. Mind you, I did that last time and she didnt even reply. Blue
  10. Al, you are so chilled out. We can tell you're an old hand at this. Us Newbies are chomping at the bit and Im getting madder by the minute with Barclaycard.
  11. Tut! Typical! I swear they're just playing games with us. Oh well, you'll get them in the end, Amanda.
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