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  1. ok thanks think i will send copy of n30 and the letter give them a little extra time and see what happens. wish me luck this is really starting to drag
  2. Judgment received yesterday but now i am worried about what will happen any ideas???
  3. Sent halifax the rejection letter and got no reply at all so i went ahead and applied for judgment today. Does anyone have any idea what might happen? Will they pay me via chq like i asked?
  4. please can anyone advise on what i should do. Am considering sending letter tomorrow to reject the money that they say they will put into account can i do this???
  5. Hi I included the amount as they are the ones who have tried to rob me and i want it back. I received another letter from them saying: on a purely commercial basis, it will cost halifax money to defend my claim in terms of the legal costs(even if the bank wins) because my claim will probably be allocated to the small claims track, in which costs are not generally awarded. For this reason, but without admission of liability, halifax is willing to reimburse £904.00 in respect of bank charges incurred together with £122.12 respect of approx interest that halifax has calculated. Total of £1026.13 which they will credit to this so called debt. As yet no one has told me why my statements where altered when i called the lady that wrote this letter she still didnt have anything to say. I am so mad that they think they can get away with this. My question though is since they have still not bothered to submit a defence at court or send this stupid letter to the courts, can i still go for judgment and demand a chq and say that anything else is a diffenrent matter and should be dealt with on a different case as there are obvious problems with my statements?? So should i still do judgment and ask for a chq for the full amount? Will i get it or should i just forget about it now? Please help!!!
  6. Please does anyone have any advice??? I just dont know what to do now:mad: :mad:
  7. Basically i dont think they have any idea anymore themselves. The account closed (according to them) when i started this claim:p How what a coincidence. I have no idea why they have done that, i think they were unsure about the status of the account when i asked for the statements in the very beginning so they seemed to have constructed whatever they feel like. But the basic issue still stands that they owe the money, so if i am not incorrect i should continue through the courts? The halifax has not submitted their defence yet as far as i am aware, so if they forget to and i win by default do you think i will get a chq that way?
  8. Do you have any more information on why you have a £5k debit balance? If they wont respond you need to put as much info on your next post as possible for people to be able to respond accurately - eg what was the balance on your statement when the account was closed, was there a reason for the closure, did they give you any more info on the £5k, how much are you claiming etc. __________________ A chq was put into my account after we sold a car which was then returned after i had spent some of the money. So they said i owed the money back. They took all the money that i had in my account at the time and any money that went in after, and told me i was like £2000 overdrawn. I was finding out if there was anything i could do about this situation as i did not think it was fair. Anyway before the account was officially closed in 2005 tey continued to add charges even though i was not using the account and investigating the chq issue so i was advised to ask them to close it which they did. By tis time i think the charges were up to £3000. The amount i was trying to claim is £1971.07 inc court interest. I am in money problems at the moment which is why i would prefer if they gave me a chq and then investigate why the account is like that. If they can give me proper reason i will gladly arrange to pay of the money but for now i dont see why they shouldnt have to pay the money they stole from me. The address on all my "duplicate statements" is also incorrect and nobody seems to be able to tell me why. There are also differences in some of the transactions. Any thoughts? ???
  9. Hi Received a letter from halifax customer relations saying they regret that they cannot comply with my request because the account was closed in november 2006 and has a debit balance outstanding of £5000:eek: :eek: I called up this David Carr in customer relations and told him that he has no choice but to pay and i do not owe £5000 that is just something they constructed while altering my statements. He refused to do anything or confirm why my statements were like that and so i said well i will continue through the courts then. Can anyone help please???? As far as i am aware they acknowledge my claim on 27th Feb so what shall i do now? Should i carry on???
  10. Hi Received letter from court saying halifax filed defence on 27th Feb. What will happen now??? :( :mad:
  11. Got a call from halifax today saying that my case is being looked into haha well done to them what to they want a blue peter badge. Anyway i sent them a letter this morning recorded delivery giving them till the 12th march to pay up before i go for judgment. Lets see what they say to that then.
  12. Thinking of giving the bank 7 more days to pay up as they seem to think they have until 12th March anyway. Have got this letter which i will send tomorrow morning recorded delivery and also email to the lady that last wrote to me. Please can someone have a look at this and let me know if it is ok. Thanks Dear Claim Number 7XX00000 You have not filed a defence for claim number 7XX00000 at Lambeth County Court, and the time to file a defence has now passed and judgement in default will be granted. I am writing to give you one final opportunity to make full payment of £000.00 by cheque. If I have not received payment in full by 4pm on 12th March 2007 I will file for Judgment in Default. Also I am still awaiting a proper explanation as to why my “duplicate” statements have the wrong addresses on them, incorrect entries and why I was still being charged in 2006 when the account was closed in 2005. If I do not get this information with my cheque I will be taking the statements to the court with me as I see it as an illegal matter. Yours sincerely
  13. Hi all Well halifax had until tomorrow to reply to N1 which they have not done so i am about to fill in the judgement form but require a little help with it. Firstly i want my payment by chq so can i tick the part where it says i want payment immediately and just write by chq next to it? Although i did say chq on the N1 i dont want the halifax to try and be clever and put the money in my closed account. Then the interest part, where it says interest from the date of claim(if any) what do i put? Then it says period from - to, dont know what to write there Rate? Any help would be appreciated Thanks
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