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  1. I recently found a site called freebiejeebies, offering rewards such as free PS3's, Xboxes, Wii's and Amazon Vouchers. I was initially skeptical but there were some good reviews online so I thought I would sign up. Basically, it works by company's advertising through freebiejeebies. For each person that signs up to an offer through the website, freebiejeebies gets paid a sum of money. As an incentive to get customers to sign up with them they offer fairly decent rewards. I recently received a PS3 slim through the post from them, so I can confirm that it works. I am actually ecstatic as my old PS3 broke recently and I didn't have enough money to buy a new one. To get the PS3 I had to register with freebiejeebies and then complete one of their offers. There are numerous offers on the site, many of which cost money, however, there are 2 free trials (LoveFilms and a Website building application) that you can sign up for under a free trial. I signed up for a 14 day free trial with LoveFilms, ordered some free dvd's to watch, and then cancelled the trial after about 12 days. I did have to give my bank details to LoveFilms when I registered (as you would expect - they are sending you dvd's after all) however, because I cancelled before the trial was up I was never charged anything. Alternatively, if you are thinking of changing banks, you could click on the Alliance & Leicester link as they are offering £100 cash back to switch your current account to them, but I didn't personally want the hassle of moving banks. Once you have completed your offer you need to get some friends to sign up too. I managed to get 13 friends to sign up, which was the amount needed to get a PS3 slim. There are numerous other rewards you can get with less friends signing up, for example you can get £100 worth of amazon vouchers for getting just 6 friends to sign up. It's definitely worth a look, even if you only get one or two friends to sign up with you, you should be able to at least £20 or £50 worth of Amazon Vouchers!
  2. I will probably claim one of my credit cards fees (I had 3 cards with MBNA) as a trial run to keep the court costs low just in case I should happen to lose. If all goes well I can then chase them for the remainder. I'm just glad I completed my Nationwide claim a couple of months ago!
  3. Thanks, I hoped that that would be the case, however, I am still a bit apprehensive about filing a claim with MCOL as I can't help but feel that the likes of MBNA are going to start becoming more difficult to get money out of in light of this.
  4. I'm currently at the LBA stage. Now having heard today that repayments are no longer going to be made by Nationwide, Barclays, Bank of Scotland, HBSC etc.. until the OFT have proceeded with their test case against the 6 major banking institutes, I am unsure where I stand with my claim. As it is credit cards I am claiming for and not a current a/c, and MBNA are not included amongst those who are battling it out with the OFT, is it worth me continuing my claim all the way, or should I put a halt on everything until the case has gone to court and a decision has finally been made?
  5. i have today received a final notice from Buchanan Clarke + Wells, regarding a debt of £305.53 which MBNA has sold to them. This "debt" is made up almost solely (except for a few pounds) of unlawful charges. Can anyone advise what my best course of action would be? Should i see if i can pay them in instalments and add this onto the sum I am claiming from MBNA?
  6. Thanks once again!! I think I have sussed the CCI now. Have looked throught the site and read a few threads and can not seem to find the address I need to send the Prelim letter to. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful!!
  7. thanks for the prompt reply and the link. Sorry I did mean CCI, not Statutory. If I am calculating CCI do I need to base this on what MBNA have been charging me as interest which, according to my statement is 1.8735%, or 22.482% pcm, or can i just use 24.9%
  8. hol40017302

    Kev Vs MBNA

    I sent off my SAR about 3 weeks ago, copy of my passport enclosed, having read on here that MBNA can be awkward. Shortly after I had handed this in to the Post Office I realised I had not included the £10.00 cheque. Was quite suprised therefore when I received a full list of my transactions through the post today with a covering letter stating they had decided to waive the charge this time. Am thinking about charging 24.9% statutory interest. Can anyone tell me which of the spreadsheets I need to use, does it have to be the complex one, or can I just use the simple one? Many thanks
  9. Not sure what you can do re. the account no. you may be able to amend the claim but this might cost a little bit of money. Read the MCOl FAQ's or defendant guide. You will need to forward a schedule of charges to MCOL and Nationwides sols. p.s just found out i have won, Nationwide paid in full, so there is hope!!!
  10. Me too!! Nationwide filed their defence today after 28 days and there's no money in my account yet. Am starting to get a little worried!! i'm sure it will all be fine though......
  11. If your claim has only just been issued then sit back and do nothing for now. Nationwide have 14 days from when the claim is served to acknowledge the claim, and if/when they do, they get another 14 days to enter a defense. If they have not acknowledged your claim 14 days after it has been served then you can enter for a judgements. Alternatively, if they send back the acknowledgement of service and then do not issue a defense 28 days after it was served, you can enter for a judgement. Try not to be too hasty when entering for judgement though, sit back and read the FAQ's, read some other threads etc... this should help clarify everything for you
  12. 28 days are up today, and at midday MCOL stated a defence has been filed (on the 27th April 07???) Checked my account at 4.30 and no money has been paid in yet. Getting very anxious now!!
  13. MTM, I had chewed away all my finger nails already, without seriously considering I might have to go to court, what are you trying to do to us? In all seriousness though, I agree, I have done some background reading when I get an opportunity, just to get an idea of what might be. Doesn't leave me feeling any more confident though!
  14. It appears nationwide are not closing accounts anymore, instead they advise claimants who win that if they are naughty again then they will close their accounts.
  15. Theoretically they should defend it within 28 days, however, it seems Nationwide like to take it to the wire.Some people get paid around 21 days after the Nationwide are served, others 28-30 days. As I said earlier, mine was acknowledged on the 2nd as well, and I can't help but feel that mine will be one of the ones that drags out to eleventh hour!! Am chewing my nails just thinking about it! Best of luck
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