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  1. Dear tomtubby I have just paid £10 and sent all my documentation to your website, if you can please take a look and advise me further I would be most grateful.
  2. ok many thanks..................appreciate it so much
  3. there is one more page and will type this if you want....................not fast and will take about an hour but will type it if you want to see it Thank you so much
  4. letter received last week from City of Westminster Before a court officer Sitting at Northampton County Court On reading the papers IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. Under Rule 23.8 of the Civil Procedure Rules the Court will deal with the application for leave to file a Statutory Declaration out of time/Witness Statement without a hearing because the Court does not consider a hearing in Northampton would be appropriate 2. The application for leave to file the Statutory Declaration out of time/ Witness Statement to be refused NOTE A party affested by this order may request a review of the decision by a Disrict Judge at a hearing at the respondent's local court under 75.5 (2) Such a request must be made within 14 days of the date of service. Date order made 22.06.2010 Date order drawn 22.06.2010
  5. Letter received today from Westminster Council Dear Ms P Thank you for your correspondence regarding the above Penality Charge Notice (PCN) This PCN previously had an out of time witness statement submitted which was refused by the Court and as the PCN is now paid the City Council consider the matter closed.
  6. I only received the letter from Westminster council today saying case is closed, out of time and as pcn had been paid there is nothing more they can do. Not even bothered to give me the breakdown
  7. do I need to see a solicitor with the N244 form? If so will try and go tomorrow, they are just fobbing me off as they do with everyone. I can send you copy of the letter I wrote which they have not taken into account at all.
  8. Because the letters crossed in the post and thought I needed to get the breakdown first. What I don't understand is the date on the letter received Date order made 22nd June Date order drawn 22nd June This letter didn't arrive until 29th June which means I still have one day to make the application but another 40 or 75 is a lot right now, especially after 800.00 I thought by law they had to send me a breakdown which they have not, neither the council or bailiffs
  9. Sent the letters registered to both council and bailiffs, received letter from council saying the case is closed, nothing from bailiffs. Also received letter from county court saying I would have to pay 40.00 for it to be reviewed or 75 to have it heard in court. There is something about a 14 day period only to request this which is now about a week overdue as was waiting the 14 days to get the breakdown. Anything I can do?
  10. Sorry just to add that the reason I was put into bed and breakfast was because my flat was broken into by a neighbour and we being my two daughters and myself were living in fear of our lives. If I put all this info down do you think there is a good chance we would win an appeal? Many thanks
  11. I have read post 4 again and am I to understand that the fact that I was housed into temporary accomodation by Westminster homeless unit and my daughter was also waiting for me to be rehoused with me that this would be enough evidence? If I have not understood what you are telling me please be kind enough to explain. I have looked at the N244 form and it looks very complicated so I will print it and take to CAB for some help. Thank you so much
  12. Hi lamma No she was not contactable at any address as she was staying on peoples sofas so to speak and although the court say none of her mail was sent back, who bothers to write RTS these days, and she did go round in the early stages to collect post but there was none So am sitting here now with letter from Northampton Court not giving me any direction of what the next move is!!!!!!! Plase can you tell me where I go next, get a solicitor or try to deal with it myself? Thank you so much
  13. Hi to everyone and hope you can help......................... My daughter had her car clamped the other morning and had to pay £800 to have it released. Apparently there was an outstanding parking ticket that was issued by cctv that we knew nothing about. From February 09- Aungust 09 she was in staying in temporary accomodation and therefore did not change the details or notify DVL She has paid the outstanding amount and appealed but has now received a witness statement from the council stating that they are within their rights. Can we take this further and appeal again and can I proceed myself even though the car is in her name as I must of been the person who was driving the car at the time of the ticket being issued even though we were all unaware of this ticket? Any advice would be really appreciated as I am claiming DLA and this is such a lot of money to fork out. Thank you
  14. oops soz lattie it wasn't you who pmed me, you must of been wondering what I was on about. Girl friend came over last night and we shared a couple of bottles of wine, omg felt so relaxed and got a bit confused, lol, is easy for me to do. Anyway you and nettyg please keep up the good work you make a really good team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! babyashxoxox
  15. Edgbaston, is that where you are nettyg? Wow what a small world, when I came back to England in November I rented a house in Olive Lane, Halesowen because my flat wasn't ready to move into in London. If only we had made contact b4 I could of met you for lunch and you could have filled me in on everything and all your knowledge. That would have been so nice. babyxoxox
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