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  1. Can anyone give me the address to send my initial letter to claim charges I have occurred form Lloyds:p
  2. What happens to my original claim cobblers only have two more weeks from tomorrow to file their defence. Do the district judge contact them over the amendment. I have not heard from cobblers at all yet:cool:
  3. I ammended my original claim to MCOL on 5th feb received a letter today saying that my case is being referred to a district judge today. Anyone else had this and what does it mean They say it can take 3-4 weeks to receive a response. When my file is returned from the judge they will contact me.
  4. Hi Lee I was informed by HMCS that the new N1 claim form amenments had to be marked in red ie the new amounts maybe I will phone them tomorrow thanks
  5. Hi did you have to highlight the amended parts in red I did the same as you and included some advantage gold fees if so how did you highlight it
  6. I have just filled a N244 for an amenment I have also filled in a N1 after I print the N1 can I use a highlighter pen in red over the amended parts in the particulars of claim also do I highlight if I can use a red pen over the amendments, on page 1 of N1 ie Value. Amount claimed. Toltal amount.
  7. N244 application notice is this right
  8. Thanks paul form seems really difficult can you help
  9. I filed a claim online but I did not take from charges my advantage gold fees I included it all in my claim + interest cobbetts acknowledged service and are defending it should I do nothing or amend They acknowledged on 26th jan
  10. Thanks michael brown what will happen if I do nothing The form seemed much more difficult than you make it seem is it wise to wait for cobbetts It could mean I suppose another long wait. When I got to the part of the form fees It was £65
  11. I filed my my claim wrong on HMCSOL Just realized I am claiming more than I should cobbetts are defending my claim since 26th jan I have heard nothing from them yet what should I do wait for their reply or contact them will the latter predudice me Help Me
  12. Ive looked on HMCS forms N244 And N1 very complicated should I wait for cobbetts response first as the total claim is £3450 only £122 of service fees wrongly claimed can they use this to their advantage if they proceed further I also have found more charges that i missed totalling a further £230
  13. Thanks NATTIE cobbetts are defending the claim on 26th jan Ive heard nothing from them yet at what stage will I have to pay the £35 and to whom
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