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  1. update, they have sent me a copy of the terms and conditions, no signiture or ticked ppi box or personal details. surely they are able to supply an original copy with my details on it if i request it? they keep on rabbiting on about they have removed all my details etc as permitted under reg 3 of the the consumer credit regs 1983. i specifically asked for a document proving i ticked the ppi box, god they are either thick or they think they are being funny.
  2. i have not done a sar request. i cca"d them to get the proof i signed the relevant document, but they are sending me terms and conditions so the lady on the phone told me, i will have to write again asking for the copy of credit agreement, i told her thats not what i asked for but she just said you will have to write again, i will be getting the £10 postal order sorted i think, cant be bothered with them fobbing me off, i really should of got all the documents first eh:confused:
  3. hi, cap one are giving me the run around regarding my ppi claim, they insist i was sent a document to sign for the ppi when i applied for the card sep 2004. as far as im concerned i never signed for the ppi, i certainly did not tick the box when making the online application. ellie sent me a letter telling me i signed for the ppi and was sent the terms and conditions so they are not responsible, also she said they are not authorised to provide advice on insurance products. so they would therefore not have made a reccomendation or advised that i taken the ppi, WHY WERE THEY SELLING IT THEN?? I cca"d them last week and called them tonight to see what was happening and she said they have sent the terms and conditions which i never asked for, i asked for proof that i had ticked and signed the document for ppi. what do i do now??? they dont make it easy do they.
  4. thanks for your reply, i had two loans that were settled in full early. is the remaining ppi taken off the final settlement figure??? or does the insurance keep it?? i never got much back on them, £1300 refunded on a £3200 plus interest ppi that ran for 9 months before being settled And £452 refunded on A £951 policy that ran for 6 months.
  5. well i called customer services regarding the money offset to the loan and was told that i would not be getting the money back as i have not paid for it. The refund i got of £500 odd pounds was what i had paid so far towards the ppi so the remaining amount is taken off the loan, is this what usually happens???? im a bit lost now.
  6. thats good news then, my account does not have any arrears, its up to date, so ill be on the phone to the nice guy that done my redress and ask for it back, many thanks,
  7. i recently won all 3 of my ppi claims against hbos. 1 of the loans is still active and i recieved a cheque for £546 for ppi paid. then i got the redress letter from hbos saying that i have got a cheque for £546 and the remaining £1467 has been used to offset my loan, it states in the letter i got from the bank that they will use refunds if the account is in arrears as to reduce charges and interest etc, my account is not in arrears and is in good order and up to date. do i have the right to ask for the £1467 to be returned to me??? i thought there was certain criteria the account had to meet before the refund can be used to offset? any advice would be great
  8. the oldest being feb 2004, newest one is nov 2007 and still running. why you ask?
  9. lets hope they dont be funny buggers lol. it states in the letter that if you are in arrears then the redress will be used to reduce or clear the arrears, my loan aint in arrears so hopefully its going to come my way. they say that they anticipate the payment will be within the next month but knowing hbos i dont believe that, it was a long 8 weeks but the outcome was sound.
  10. hi, recieved a letter from hbos today regarding 3 loans, 1 present and 2 settled. they are going to pay an amount and put me back in a position i would have been in had i not taken out the insurance. The total including interest is £7159. sorry for bein a dumb ass but does this mean i get it all back or do they alter the amount depending on how long the loan was active before being settled? all 3 were single premiums by the way, i am not in arrears in the current loan so hopefully all the pennies will get put into my bank:)
  11. many thanks, ill get onto them in the morning, see what they say regarding not having a signed agreement stating interest, ill get the cca sent asap, cheers guys
  12. sorry, but i assume it would be apex i send a request to? not bank of scotland
  13. thanks for all your help. i will get on to them first thing, silly thing is i never signed or recieved any credit agreement, just a agreement over the phone that i would pay £30 a month, so i take it they have done wrong then eh?
  14. hi, i had a 960 debt on my business visa once my business folded in 2004, it was passed to apex credit managment, i have been paying £30 a month since then direct debit, when i contacted them the balance is still £300. the guy on the phone said it was because of interest? i was never made aware by them that interest would be applied to the £960 is it normal for them to apply interest? i thought they just buy the debt, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  15. hi, as my attatchments were to small to view on my other thread i will simplify things, i have a 2009 cca from hbos with no right to cancel on the credit agreement. is there any grounds for a claim?? and also is it possible to claim on any loans that have been completed either fully or by early settlement? Or is it just outstanding loans.
  16. sorry about the small images. how would i get them to appear bigger? not great on the pc. thanks
  17. hi, would someone be so kind as to check this agreement, i have another one too but it is a pre contract information sheet, i dont seem to have a credit agreement, would that be it or would there be a seperate agreement i have mis- placed. any help would be great
  18. hi, if i post up a copy of a old loan agreement is it possible for anyone on the site to check it out? there is no right to cancel and a few other things i think is not right
  19. i have not used my credit card for 3 years, i moved house 3 years ago and completly forgot to tell capital one, before i moved i was 60 quid over my limit and when i call today to change the details thinking i would have credit again i am now 250 over the limit despite having paid 3300 quid since i used it last in june 2005. the lady on the phone explained that because i was over the limit i recieved a charge of £20, £8 ppi and £12 interest monthly( i have had 36 of these now). so i have paid 3300 to them over 3 years and ended up being 200 quid more in debt to them, the monthly payment they take off me doesnt even cover what they were adding on each month. i pay £33-£35 a month direct debit the adviser said because i had moved address all the mail was returned to them and they had no way of contacting me to resolve this. also she told me in some of the letters there was an offer to call them up and get the account blocked for a few months until i got it within the limit again, should they of not taken more from me through direct debit to get it into credit?? did they not have a obligation to block the account since there was no existing contact details etc?? i think its [EDIT] wrong that they have taken over £3000 and just sat there grinning rubbing there hands do i have a case against them or am i just going to have feel an idiot for not telling them my details,
  20. i got a letter from them today saying "sorry you are not happy with our service mr rae.We are currently investigating your account and will recieve a full response shortly" i sent my second letter yesterday to the senior customer relations manager giving 14 days to return my charges etc in full or i will be filing a claim. im due £600 plus since dec to present, i was out of work for 2 months and every week since i got a new job i have put all my money into my account and im still battling to catch up due to my bills and the charges i get constantly from BOS. cant wait to get my money back and get out the overdraft. thieves
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