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  1. thanks for your advice.im in the process of writing another letter to fairfax tonight. they have copies of the dodgy default and termination letter. (i included them in my last letter i sent to them). as the defaults are worthless where does that leave me regarding the o/d debts?
  2. yeah they are the only 2 chasing me for the 2 hbos overdrafts. moorcroft being nice and accepting. fairfax ignoring all my letters and threatening me with all sorts. they are even aware of the dodgy defaults and termination by hbos on both accounts and still they get nasty
  3. another wee update. got a letter from moorcroft accepting a £25 pcm payment to one of the accounts. very nice letter which is strange lol. also today i get another letter form fairfax, they recieved the same letter as moorcroft and all i got from them was more threats of ccj and wages arrestment,home visits etc etc, nothing at all to acknoledge the letter is sent them offering a solution to this debt. how do i go about dealing with them?? my girlfriend is worrying now that they seize our bank account which is in joint names. they will not play fair with me at all. do i go back to hbos and try make an arrangement with them and complain about fairfaxes letters?? any help would be great guys
  4. hi, recieved a letter from fairfax solicitors today regarding the second account i had with hbos, which was also ended before the remedy date on the default notice. the are demanding repayment in full or correspondence by the 23rd of march. they say they have the authority to instruct a debt collection agent to visit my home or to seek a decree for payment which could be enforced by way of earnings arrestment, letters of inhibition or sequestration. has anyone had dealings with these guys. there is alot of strong words in this letter and i am tempted to write to them and inform them of the unlawfull default notice served by hbos on this account. but also i am not disputing being in debt to hbos and should i offer £25 a month like i offered albion? earnings arrestment would be really embarrasing and not financially viable. i would rather try and sort this out. but failed with the non compliance from albion. any advice or suggestions?
  5. hi guys, quick update. any offers of repayment of £25 a month to albion was refused. so i gave up with contacting them, they would not give me the details i needed to det up a standing order. had no contact for 4 months now. until a letter from moorcroft arrived asking me to contact them regarding the hbos accounts. considering the unlawfull termination of both accounts im a bit confused on what to do next. do i contact moorcroft or just sit tight? could anyone give me advice on a letter to send?
  6. hey bigyeti, i see the fight is still on. my situation is a bit strange now. 2 letter sent to albion offering 25 bucks on each account and they are still asking me to call them to discuss my income and expenditure, i dont see why i have to discuss my finances. they are not giving me details of how i can pay money into these accounts at the figure i offered evry month, and i will not call them, no chance. two dodgy defaults and early terminations so the balls in my court and im making an offer of what i can afford each month and they are not willing to get the ball rolling and accept my payment. any ideas?? or just sight tight. no letters for 2 weeks, definatly going to hear before the end of the week
  7. hi all. quick update. albion have now sent me quite a nice letter asking me to contact them to talk over my income and expenditure in more detail. i have not provided them with a i&e form so i dont know what details they want to discuss. they also reccomend i review the direct debits and standing orders on the accounts and keep a close eye on them to not get charges ( both accounts are terminated by hbos ) and do downgrade i im paying an account fee for the reward account (they also closed that months ago but on reading the latest statement yesterday i see they are still taking a monthly fee from a closed account.) they are a mighty strange lot. i have already made a offer of what i can afford and they want to talk now. i have told them the defaults they sent out are crap. do i just tell them thats all i can give them for the arrears every month and thats final? within a week they have threatened door collector, possible legal action then changed their tune and sent a nice letter lol. classic
  8. thanks for peoples opinions on this. anymore peeps got a view on what i should be doing? many thanks guys.
  9. yes i have sent the letter accepting the termination and copies of the default and termination letters from hbos to avoid any doubt
  10. plus they are asking for the full amounts in the demands, not just the arrears they are entitled to since they ended my contract unlawfully
  11. hi again. i have sent letters accepting the early termination to hbos. been getting the weekly albion demand letters through. i have also offered what i think i can afford every month but they are ignoring that. today i recieved a letter telling me that if i do not call them within 24 hours of recieving the letter they will start legal proccedings against me and send collectors round to my house to collect the debt. I find this quite good since they 1- never gave me enough time to remedy the breach and 2- they terminated the accounts before the 14 days were up. i have all the copies of the letters. They are that silly they even sent me a letter the other week telling me that from xx/xx2010 your over draft will remain at £xxxx. the accounts are closed by themselves. are they just being really thick on purpose? I have already told them that if they take me to court i will file a counter claim for unlawfull rescission. have i said the correct thing?
  12. thetletters say ended my agreement. what agreement lol. as you say they will have no agreement to send you, i hope thats the case about it being unenforcable. that would be interesting. are hbos only allowed arrears if they unlawfully ended my agreement before the remedy date?? and not the overdraft.
  13. you know what i hope your right lol. im getting shafted by albion at the moment. after hbos terminating my accounts before remedy date on the default etc. hbos have added near a grand of charges on the two accounts. be intersting to see if they add more on end of this month, even after closing both acounts lol
  14. thanks for the reply. so am i correct in saying they have just made a fool of themselves and not eligible for the overdrafts? only the arrears. ihave been reading as much as i can about default notices and early terminations etc but i am still a bit unclear as to where the bank stands regarding getting the money back since they terminated early etc. sorry for being a bit thick lol
  15. hi guys, just to update. sent letter to hbos accepting thier early termination. i got two letters to today from albion asking for the whole balance on both accounts, (over 2k). i see they added charges on at the end of the month even though they had terminated the account by then, annd got two statements as well. do i reply to albion or sit tight and see what the banks next move is regarding the early termination etc?? i assume the bank is only entitled to the arrears since they made an ass of the default notice and termination?
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