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  1. Received my cheque for £109.87 yesterday. It took just under 6 weeks from posting the compensation form.
  2. Good news. After a long conversation with Thomas Cook on the phone yesterday, spelling out that the proper procedure had not been followed as the updated invoice and e-tickets were sent before the official letter, (effectively TC jumping the gun and assuming that I would accept the change), the manager of the shop called today to offer a full refund of the deposit. I wonder whether they realised that by sending the official letter advising of the change and outlining my options after they had sent the changed invoice and e-tickets, they had made a huge mistake as the had not adhered to th
  3. Thanks for the advice. I am trying to get someone from Thomas Cook to discuss the issue, however it is near on impossible to get any callbacks from their representatives. The only problem with doing a chargeback is that the deposit was paid nearly 10 months ago.
  4. Yes I have the original brochure which shows superior room as £NIL supplement and a photocopy of the new brochure showing £7 pppn. What actually started this was I received an email on Sunday with an invoice/e-tickets attached. It was only when I looked closely at the invoice/e-tickets that I noticed the change of room type. No other notices/letters had been received at that point advising of the issues.Yesterday I received the official notification from Thomas Cook advising of the issue with the swim up rooms. However the letter states that if I accept the alternative room, then I am do
  5. I have booked a 2 week stay at a new Egypt hotel for August 2014. The booking was made at a Thomas Cook store in May 2013 and the brochure states that the new hotel will be open in January 2013 (which it was). The room type booked was a swim up room which attracted a £7 pppn supplement. The other room type we could have booked was a superior room (slightly larger than a standard room and has a sofa) which did not have a supplement. It was one of the stipulations that we advised Thomas cook that I booked the hotel on the understading that I paid the supplement for the swim up room (the swi
  6. Unfortunately ACS Law and others do have to permission from the client to pursue alleged copyright downloaders/uploaders so therefore they have a legitimate claim. Sending letters demanding payment is not illegal in the UK and this is why the speculative invoicing industry has sprung up in recent years.
  7. Just a quick note for those whom still have outstanding letters to reply to. There has been a test case where the duty of care was tested in a court of law and found that one person can not be held responsible for the actions or losses by third parties. The case was Smith v Littlewoods Organisation Ltd in 1987. The judge residing on that case said "The law does not recognise a general duty of care to prevent others from suffering loss or damage caused by the deliberate wrongdoing of third parties. A closer relationship between claimant and the wrongdoer is required to establish such a duty"
  8. There's actually more microwaves leaking from your domestic microwave oven compared to the actual power that the satellite dish would receive.
  9. Yep I've done 6 surveys in the last 3 weeks (although 4 of them had already the amount of participants required and therefore just got 50 points), which has pushed my points over the 2000 mark for the 3rd time. I do find that once you have accured the qualifying points, they convert them to airmiles very quickly.
  10. I threatend them with Breach of Contract and the Unfair Terms Act. My argument with them was even though they breached their own T&C regarding the none-payment of commission, I couldn't impose a "late-payment" fee of my own, whereas Kays could. This situation is in breach of the Unfair Terms Act. It took about 10 phone calls, 20-odd emails and 6 different people before someone with an once of brain worked out that I could take them to court over the Unfair Terms. Pam Read is very good. She is from the CEO's office, in Skyways House, Speke, Liverpool. Their contact number is: 0844
  11. This is very weird. Last night I received a e-rewards survey, the first for 3 months.
  12. We need to find out whether ACS Law have used individual IP addresses in their court orders, or have they used blocks/range of IP addresses. It maybe that they have seen an IP address using p2p, but then used whois utilities to target the whole range of IP addresses in that subnet.
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