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  1. Strangerica...how did you get on at the end? compensated? we want to know how it was left
  2. Wheresmyhairgone,buzby and kraken thanks very much for your help!!!! Please allow me to tell you what I think about all this. At the moment it looks like I will have to give the van back to the claimant and then I will have to try to get my money back from the dealer that dose not exist ( apparently police is still in touch with him so there is hope ). So the whole process after the van goes back to the claimant might take months if not longer. The small business I run doesn’t do well at present, so I can’t afford to pay the many back to the claimant, keep the van and then start the case against the dealer. My questions are: - can I start the case against the dealer ,hold on to the van until I get my money from the dealer and then pay the claimant, or - transfer this case from me onto the dealer I bought the van from, or maybe there is a third way of which I don’t now about.. ANY SUGESTIONS?
  3. Thanks very much for the explanation and your coments guys. Buzby my business is a partnership and I am one of the partners. In the registration certificate under the registered keeper is my business company name. I bought the van using business account.
  4. Buzby Thanks for your reply. I forgot to write under which section I.m being sued. In the court claim is written as follow: Particulars of claim 1., 2.,3.,.... 6. It is averred that the Defendant does not have title to the vehicle as in accordance with section 21(1) Sale of goods Act 1979 as amended and the Court of Appeal decision of Shogun Finance Limited v Hudson (2004) 1 All ER 215. And today someone send me this link, http://www.publications.parliament.u...9/shogun-1.htm which I tried to read it my self. And the truth is that I don't understand most of it. Can someone explain in plain english what that means. Is there any hope for me. And I forgot to mention that, that the van belongs to my business not to me. But they suing me,hmm...................
  5. Thanks to everyone for your coments. As I wrote before, the police said that I'm the new owner of the van and then one of you wrote that the van is still a stolen vehicle, I decided, to run the HPI check on the van again. And to my surpries, there is no record of registration being stolen & recoverd. How is this possible????
  6. Thanks Haggis ...I paid for the van partly by bank transfer partly cash, but the guy that bougth it from the first owner paid with a stolen card.
  7. Haggis1984, what do you mean OP and s75 claim? sorry but notso familiar with these terms
  8. Thanks Busby... the letter from the police reads as: The vehicle is currently under dispute between yourself the new owner and the original looserMr XXXX. Both parties have issued rival claims to the vehicle above.
  9. Thanks martin3030, you are right... this is such a mess and the police agrees on that. where do you think it would be the right place for this thread?
  10. The police stopedme and because all the papers were in order they let me keep the van and they refer to me as "the new owner". The DC in charge of this case does expresed that this case is rare and have let the court to deal with it..
  11. Dear All... please help!! I bought a van from a dealer and it turned out to have an owner, the first owner (the claimant) has filed a cliam at the courts claiming for the van back. 1. The claimant sold the van to Mr X for £xxxx, PAYMENT WAS MADE BY CREDIT CARD. 2. The claimant was informed by his bank that the genuine card holder was denying that the transaction took place. 3. At this point the matter was reported to the police by the claimant. Summary: Someone bought the van from the claimant with a stolen credit card, the van then was sold to a car dealer and then i bought it. The claimant wants his van... what can i do? Do i have any rights to this van? Thanks for your responses.
  12. THANKS!!! I'll be making my donation to this site now then... Hope I understood well and wil try NOT TO GET IN TOUCH!!
  13. Thanks for your responses, after reading them and other similar threads I wonder how this people can still exist. Should I totally ignore these unscrupulous masked individuals even if there is a very narrow chance of overstay?? I know your answers but seeking reassurance. The fact is that this people have done everything possible to extort money from me but if there is a fault of mine I would pay the right amount… not £100.
  14. Hi everyone, I would appreciate any help on this one. Just got an intent to issue court proceedings from EXCEL, apparently I overstayed (code 80) back on the first week of December. I never saw a ticket in my car or was aware of any notices until today, they are now demanding £100 and my right to appeal is now VOIDED. This notice has now expired because letter was sent late by them so the amount could now be higher or court proceedings. I didn’t have any knowledge of this until today, do I have to pay £100 on demand from this thieves and play their game? This is an abuse, extortion and day light robery!! Please help
  15. Thanks alot for your responses, the contravention ocurred in Camden NW5 and issued uder TMA 2004. 1.The Vehicle is double park 2.The vehicle is not an emmergency service Sounds like exception 3 is the best tool for my appeal. I really appreciate the time taken for your replies.
  16. Hello, please help me on this one... I received a PCN for double parking for no more than 2 mins while unloading building materials. Am I entitled for some waiting allowance before a PCN can be issued?? I think is very unfair that there was nowhere to park and within a blink of an eye I get to be penalised. Do I have any grounds for representation?
  17. We managed to make some adjustments to my buildings insurance premium and now I'll pay £266 from £326... the sum insured was higher than requiered. The new thing is, can claim back the overpayments made for the past 3 years on this policy?
  18. I wrote to them asking for a detail breakdown and information of any previous claims or concerns, lets wait and see. If i get no where i'll be back to you all... thanks for your replies.
  19. But how do I start this... I can not pay this amount without knowing why I have to pay more. Surely the property above rests on mine and if there are concerns of risk, why the others pay less? What can i do?? I can't afford this premium
  20. Hi All, Just got my buildings insurance renewal quote for £326.40 :o. I checked with my neighbours and they all pay around £216 for exactly the same cover, broker and type of property. We are all obliged to insure with the landlord's nominated insurer (leasehold properties). I checked with the broker and they want me to speak to my landlord, my lanlords are not interested and either way they want me to pay that amount for the same construction. Any views on this please?? HELP!!!
  21. I went to pick upa friend at Stansted last Friday and he was waiting for me just outside the airport, a bunch a parking staff with the usual antimidating look were telling off drivers to go to the lower area " 15mins FREE ". Don't be fooled, you will have to pay £1 at the barrier. Its only £1 but the tactics of sending every car to this part which is signaled several times as free in not. Want to complain but to who?? they are making thousands and noone will claim back £1.
  22. Sorry Bernie but i've tried manythings to paste the attachment and can't think of how to do it.
  23. Hi People, I've been given a PCN for a 1min overstay, can anyone advice on any minimun time allowance or tolerance in this kind of maters? I'd really appreciate any ideas on this. Thanks
  24. Thankg again, that's all i need to know. I'll write my letter now.
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